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This page is for all GMPR rescued pugs and for their owners to share their stories on their furry children. Listed below are previous stories that were posted on our homepage and Facebook page.

Please send any stories and photos on your GMPR rescued pug to Amy Rothenberger, GMPR Website Manager at pugmama7@yahoo.com. We would love to know how your pug is doing.

Pugsley Update in his forever home:

We have absolutely fallen in love with Pugsley and couldn't imagine not having him around! He's doing well. We did start him on an antibiotic for the head tilt and circling. The circling has gotten better and it's only been 3 days on the meds. He's galloping around the yard like a pup, he's so happy and when he's wandering around Harley will go get him and bring him back to the house. - Holly

One year ago today, Munchkin was adopted by GMPR board member, Kelli Mazzella and her husband Mike Mazzella. It has been quite a year for him. He started out a bit anxious in his new home and meeting new people but with training and medication, he is a new dog. He loves to snuggle with his humans and his cat sibling, Chloe (pictured). He loves spending time with his pug cousins, Wally and Stewie.

We at GMPR are so happy that Munchkin has a loving forever family that treats him the way all pugs should be treated with lots of love and snuggles!

We think of GMPR often ... Zoe, Tater and Candy have all become best of friends and we adore them!!! - Wendy Darragh

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