In Tribute

This tribute page is to all of you, may you find peace at Rainbow Bridge. May loving hands and lots of treats and toys await every one of you as you enter. Please send any entries to Amy Frye, GMPR Website Manager at

On September 14, 2020, Milo DaBica, GMPR alumni, Velcro pug, and friend of the world, crossed the rainbow bridge on his own terms and in the arms of his adoring family. Milo was adopted in July of 2019 after spending a few great months as a GMPR foster. He arrived with his own bed, a penguin blanket, a sassy gait, and many mysteries regarding his life prior to arriving in Vermont. He loved a constant cycle of walks, food, lap time, and nap time, and besides being attached at the hip (and ankle, and any other body part,) of his mom, he wouldn’t hesitate to sing you the song of his people whenever attention was required. In addition to his unique strut, Milo made everyone swoon with his toothy (toothless, really) grin and a tail so amazing it earned him second place in the Curliest Tail contest at the 2019 GMPR Pug Social. Despite being diagnosed with Myelopathy and subsequently losing the ability to bear any of his own weight on his legs, he loved going for walks in a harness and a stroller multiple times a day, and would bask in the cheers of people who lived and walked on his favorite routes. He was a devoted brother to Francesco, a work companion to his dad, and the best snuggle pug his mom could ever ask for. To Milo: a kind and handsome gentleman from the moment he arrived, right to the very end. We love you!

- Alison and family

On September 12, 2020, Beau crossed the rainbow bridge.

Beau was adopted by Joanna and her family 5 years ago from GMPR. He was 13 years old and had the best golden years with his forever family. They loved him so much and are devastated with his loss. He was a typical velcro pug and followed his mommy everywhere.

RIP Beau

On July 2, 2020, Guardian Angel Pug, Panchito, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Panchito was one of the GMPR's long time fosters that was loved by his foster family greatly! GMPR originally rescued him from a kill shelter in NYC over 7 years ago. We found that he needed to stay with us as a Guardian Angel due to his unpredictable behavior. Even as an old man, he still had some spunk to him. He will be greatly missed by his foster mom. Thank you Lorraine for all that you did for him. You gave him the best golden years!

Rest in peace Panchito

On June 26, 2020, Guardian Angel pug, Emily, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Emily had been with GMPR for 10 years! She was originally diagnosed with bladder cancer which is why she became a guardian angel. By some miracle, she went into remission! She lived a long happy life with her permanent foster family! She loved taking boat rides and camping! This strong little girl lived life to the fullest! <3 thank you so much Valerie and Larry for giving this beautiful girl the best life a pug could ask for! <3 <3

In 2010 our family adopted Chaney from GMPR. The first 3 years of his life was spent in a puppy mill, where he sustained injuries to both eyes leaving him almost completely blind. His foster mother Bonnie Smith took great care of Chaney for the 6 months that he spent with her as a GMPR foster.

On June 24, 2020, we said goodbye to the best pug we could ask for, our sweet, loyal Chaney. Chaney was our best bud for 10 years. We will miss sleeping with him attached to us every single night. He will always be a part of us. His brother and sister pugs, Daisy and Brody miss him so much.

We are forever grateful to GMPR for allowing us the opportunity to have such a great pug for almost 10 years.

Kathy Moran and Tom Fera

On May 20, 2020, Bogart, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Bogart was adopted by Judy and Brian of Vermont in July 2018. Bogart came to GMPR with an unknown history and had some special needs. But he was a happy, spunky lil pug with a big personality that loved to be the center of attention. Judy and Brian had lots of experience taking care of special needs pugs and were more than happy to welcome Bogart as part of their loving family.

Bogart loved spending time with his bulldog brother, Jax and having swim sessions with his momma in their pool.

GMPR is so happy that Bogart was able to spend his golden years being loved by his forever family. He will be greatly missed! Rest In Peace

On May 19, 2020, Desi, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Desi, along with his sister Lucy were transported to Vt from a volunteer in PA in Sept 2019.

Desi came to GMPR in early stages of kidney failure so they decided to have the bonded pair stay in hospice care with their foster parents, Patti & Jeremy. He did well with some medication for about 9 months until his illness just got to advanced for his little body to take.

He was such a sweet little soul and was Patti’s constant shadow, following her everywhere.

Patti & Jeremy truly enjoy helping the special needs Pugs and will continue to take care of little Lucy (a Wheelie Pug) till her final days.

In the Fall of 2014, Marcus and I adopted two 9 year old Pugs, Sissy and Odessa, from Green Mountain Pug Rescue in Vermont. You can see us with them on adoption day in the photo below. I am holding Sissy. We are very sad to tell you that we lost our dear little Sissy on April 21, 2020. Her first 7 or 8 years were in a Puppy Mill before being rescued and fostered for two years by a very kind Green Mountain Pug Rescue volunteer, Lorraine. I remember Lorraine telling us that Sissy had the sweetest soul despite the background she had suffered. In our five plus years with her, we found that to be a definite truth! She was the dearest little girl.

I have also enclosed below a photo of Sissy taken by my son Jeff a couple of years ago, as a Christmas gift to Marcus and me. It was the best photo ever taken of her. As you can see, as a result of her early background, she lost one eye and was virtually blind in the other. That never stopped her from getting around. She had a map in her head which consisted of all the familiar "bump" spots around the house and outdoors. Also, she was a champion eater and if Odessa didn't get right to her own bowl, it could disappear in seconds!

We loved her so and this is a very hurtful time for us, but we are happy we had her as long as we did.

Thanks for "listening" and "looking at" our little girl.

Lois and Marcus

I'm sorry to have to write and tell you that on April 15, 2020, we lost Plum. She was able to be helped out of the body that just finally gave out on her while my husband held her, which she greatly appreciated, having been unashamedly biased in favor of never being more than three feet from said husband at any point in time.

She was so vibrant and present and opinionated about her role in this world, and we enjoyed every single day spent with her organizing this household. Even when her hind end started to wander beyond her control, she still enjoyed rolling balls, shaking toys, taking naps, demanding treats and snuggling feet.

Thank you ever so much for letting her be part of our family. Her crooked little gremlin ears, her sweet disapproving jowls and her unforgettable voice will stay with us always.

- Audrey

We adopted both Patriot and Princess on 2/12/18 they were a bonded pair. Patriot earned his wings on 2/5/2020. It was a very heartbreaking decision to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge. Patriot was a very sweet boy and we fell head over heels in love with this special boy. He had hindend issues and was a trooper during his hydrotherapy appointments. He made us proud for such a golden oldie. He loved his special spot on his daddy's lap an often watched his daddy when working outside. Of course he tolerated so many kisses from his mom. We traveled a lot with our babies and he loved eating out having pizza and ice cream. He's even been to multiple pug socials. We will miss him terribly he left such an impression on us both.

RIP Patriot love mom and dad

On January 5, 2020, Guardian Angel Pug, Duke, Pug #44-15, crossed the rainbow bridge.

We said Good Bye to our beloved hospice foster Pug, Duke, last evening. It was unexpected and has left me heartbroken. Duke came to GMPR in June of 2015. He had been taken to the vet by his family to be euthanized. He was suffering from untreated diabetes. After several touch and go days, Duke's health turned around. His diabetes was difficult to regulate, but we got it under control for the most part. In 2016 he had an eye removed due to retinal detachment which was very painful. Duke was always stoic and brave as he faced his challenges. I don't think I've ever known a happier dog. Incredibly loving, he demanded petting and attention from every visitor to our home. Duke was our Goofball Boy. This sweet dog will always hold a special place in my heart. RIP Dukey Doo

- Judy and Phil Douglas

Mia a GMPR alum we adopted in April 2014 crossed the rainbow bridge this November. She brought so much joy to our lives with her many antics while trying to get all the food she could. Very much loved and missed.

- Mindy and Chris Brown

Mugsy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 1, 2019. He was adopted from GMPR in January of 2011. He was loved and spoiled every day and we are lost without him.

- Vicky and family

In mid-October 2019, Guardian Angel Pug, Skittles, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Skittles was a crazy, bossy diva, hell on a wheelchair pug that was loved by her foster family. She lost use of her back legs over time and needed to use a wheelchair which made her quirky personality shine that much more. Thank you to her foster family that took such great care of her during her golden years.

On March 19, 2019, held in the arms of her momma and surrounded in the love of her daddy and her human brother, our sweet Oval bravely crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Oval quickly stole our hearts when we first met her on her adoption day, April 18, 2010. She was so very cute and we couldn’t wait to bring her home. She always had a lot to say on any given day but was most vocal in the kitchen. She loved being on the couch snuggled up with her momma and taking naps. She had the most remarkable tail that was so fluffy, curly and in constant motion. Oval was very agile and would bounce around the house looking for her humans or Rivet, her canine brother. Miss Oval loved to sit and lay on Rivet. Rivet was her best friend. She loved laying on her back with the sunshine in her face. Belly rubs, going on walks, napping and kisses were all things she loved so much. In her last weeks, she still continued to greet each day with a bark, a hungry tummy and a wagging tail. She was always so very excited for the morning and what adventure was in store for her…our sweet Oval is on to new adventures now.

We had eight years and 11 months with our loyal and lovely girl. Although we are broken hearted, there are endless memories of our sweet girl and we are so happy that she was ours. And we were hers.

We love you, Oval.

4/18/2005- 3/19/19
Oval DaBica

On September 1, 2019, Tiffany and her family had to say a tearful goodbye as their boy, Lorenzo, crossed the rainbow bridge. Lorenzo arrived at GMPR in 2011 when he was 3 years old and found his forever home with Tiffany and her family. He had a lot of years playing with his human siblings and his pug siblings. He was the best little boy and they loved him dearly and he loved them back unconditionally. They will miss him so much. We know that he is flying high along with his fur siblings Bella and Spanky.

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell everyone that Syd has crossed the rainbow bridge and is pulling up to the Taco Bell drive thru window for his Tuesday Taco treats. He was one amazing little pug who loved everyone he met. As chillax-master, he taught us all about living and loving large, with an easy going attitude and a fierce loyalty. He came from a rough start of being in a crate for the first 8 years of his life in a puppy mill. I've been blessed for the past 8 1/2 years of being his Mamma after adopting him from GMPR (5th puggie rescue).. This little guy has touched more hearts and loved more people than most humans. Syd therapy could heal in miraculous ways. My 4-footed fur baby will never be forgotten and will be missed until my last breath. Syd, Mamma loves you and wants to thank you for being "Syd" my puggie son. The sunshine of my life, my rock and my source of never-ending love. Miss you little buddy! - Angela Mahoney

We are heartbroken to inform GMPR that Pickles Terwilliger Sled, né GMPR Bosco (class of 2007) passed away in January 2019.

Pickles brought us so much joy in his tenure in our household, being kind, supportive and slightly confused for 12 wonderful years. He cuddled well and with everything in his being, and taught us so much about the value of rescuing puppy mill survivors. We feel truly honored that he chose to spend his one wild and amazing life with us, playing straight man to his high-strung canine sisters.

And we will never forget how much he loved being outside, enjoying the wide blue sky.

Thank you for choosing us for his family. He was absolutely everything.

Audrey Homan
On January 19, 2019, Maya crosses the rainbow bridge. She was such a sweet girl and we were so happy we could adopt her. She will be missed.

- Johanna and Dale Sanborn

On December 31, 2018, Diggy crossed the rainbow bridge. A vet came to the house to administer his mercy. My neighbor Mika was with us and he went peacefully. Diggy was such a good boy and I was grateful to have him not cough from his collapsing trachea once at the Pug Social and to have him be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you for all you have done to save him, bring him into my life and support us through the years. Thank you again for all the many kindness' you have shown over the years.

Love from Diggy and I,

On December 26, 2018, Yogi went over the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is heavy but I have to remember the joy this little fellow brought into my life for 11 years. I still remember picking him up the end of January 2008 at his foster home in NH and from the moment I met this little guy we made such a deep connection. He was such a grateful pug and was always trying to teach me life lessons. Last year was the first Social we missed, since I felt the weather was too warm for his declining health.

I know how fortunate I have been to have adopted from GMPR and I have the highest of praise for this wonderful organization.

My Best,

Peg Widmeier

Portia (was Paris) was with us for only 5 1/2 months before she died on September 30, 2018 due to complications from treatment for urethral cancer. Our poor nugget couldn't catch a break as she had near constant UTIs before the cancer was diagnosed.

But Portia wormed herself into our hearts in that short time. She loved belly rubs and "crumb patrol" in the kitchen and sidling her way next to Hamlet on his pillow. She loved to snuggle in bed and was a little furnace at night as she snored away.

Ours hearts are broken.

- Heather Coon and family

On September 19, 2018, it’s with a heavy heart that I tell you folks that our sweet boy Yoda, adopted as Tanner went to heaven yesterday. He was so full of love and life but his little body was failing and he was losing the ability to walk and go potty. He was so loved and tolerant of our human baby.

Thank you for saving these wonderful pups. Ryan mallory, Krystle mallory and Abigail mallory.

On April 19, 2018, Archie, Pug #16-40, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Archie was a 14 year old fawn pug that was returned to GMPR due to medical issues with a family member that was keeping them from being able to give the attention that Archie needed. Archie came into GMPR in 2016 and became a GMPR hospice (guardian angel) due to a cancer diagnosis and multiple tumors found in his body.

Archie was a snuggler with humans by nature, loved playing with his toys and enjoyed receiving treats from his family.

We want to thank Susan for taking such great care of this sweet pug. He knew what happiness and love felt like in his golden years with you.

Rest in peace sweet Archie <3

On April 4, 2018, Bo, crossed the rainbow bridge due to a cancerous tumor.

On December 1, 2012, Bo came to GMPR and was welcomed in Debra's home as her foster pug. Debra quickly fell in love with Bo and knew he found his forever home. He was best little companion and he will be missed. He was the greatest travel companion and loved his forever family.

Rest in peace Bo

Crash Hanley
April 18, 2006 - March 22, 2018

Crash was everyone's best friend. He never met a human he did not like. When he greeted visitors to our home they really felt welcome. He enjoyed long meandering walks and outings of all kinds. Everywhere he went he drew a crowd. Everyone wanted to pet him and fuss over him and he loved every minute of it.

He enjoyed the outdoors year round and made sure to stay close to his family at all times. When it was hot, he enjoyed watching his people garden from the comfort of a beach chair under a shady tree. When it was cold he donned a hoodie and joined his family in the snow. Crash was completely deaf, but he taught us sign language and watched us continuously to see what we wanted him to do.

He was the best dog ever and we are so sorry that he passed away recently from a seizure disorder only three months after his first seizure. His wonderful Vet, Dr Heather Christian and her team provided him with the very best care, but alas, God wanted him back. I completely understand why. He was an angel.

Sincerely and with gratitude to GMPR for matching our family with Crash,

Bonnie, Terry, Will and Abi Hanley

It is with sadness that we learned of the passing of Jolie, a very special GMPR Alum. We send our condolences to Gayle Grady and family who opened their hearts and home to a senior pug on July 16, 2015. They gave her a wonderful and love filled 2 1/2 years of adventures in camping, lying by the pool and being treated like a Princess. They miss her greatly and are thankful she came into their lives.

We are also joyful that Jolie has been reunited with her former owner, our own Jleigh Howard, our GMPR President who passed much too soon. They shall rule the Heavens together as our Guardian Angels in fabulous hats.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must announce the passing of our Violet.

On July 31, 2017, the world lost this gentle soul. She started life in a puppy mill, abused and broken. Somehow she ended up in a swap meet where GMPR rescued her. We took her in and gave her a life of freedom and love 11 years ago. She was always a bit skittish, which is to be expected, but came out of her shell enough to show us the happiness she felt from being ours.

When seizures became part of her world, she still acted happy and grateful. As she became blind, the skittishness became far more prevalent. The last few months have been tough as she dealt with cancer, which sapped her energy and appetite.

I will always miss your howl, sweet pug. I tried to give you the best life ever, and I can't thank you enough for all the life lessons you taught me. The hole that you've left will be impossible to fill. - Michelle Thayer

On June 29, 2017, Bubbalouie crossed the rainbow bridge.

Bubbalouie was adopted by Dianne of New York back in November 2016. Even though she did not have him long, he gave her so much love and she loved him so much! Bubbalouie will now be able to join his pug brother, Spunky, who passed away in July 2016.

Thank you Dianne for giving him so much love!

On April 28, 2017, Taco crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully. Taco started as a foster with Dawn DeBois of Maine in April 2014. Taco and Dawn's pug, Rocky, had an instant bond. After months of working with him on his behavior issues, Dawn was in love with his puggle personality and Rocky had become his best buddy. There was no way to let him go so Dawn adopted Taco. Thanks to Dawn he became a "Pug with a Giggle" and everyone who met Taco loved him. Taco has a worldwide following on Puggle Mania on #TacoTuesday when Dawn would share the latest pics of his silliness.

Taco won this year's GMPR calendar contest and will be our December dog which will be a great memorial of him for his family.

Thank you Dawn for giving him the loving home he deserved!

On April 24, 2017, Pugsley crossed the rainbow bridge. Pugsley was adopted by Holly and Paolo of Connecticut in January 2017. Although he was only with them for a short time, he was very much loved by his humans and furry siblings. He enjoyed running around in the backyard with his furry siblings and also snuggling with them for naps!

Most of us at GMPR were able to meet Pugsley and loved him dearly upon meeting him. He was also a star on Fox44 while he was with us and the news team adored him! Thank you Holly and Paolo for giving him the wonderful final months full of love!

On March 11, 2017, Tia headed over the rainbow bridge. I did as much as I could to keep her with us, but her quality of life had gone way down in the past couple of months. My heart is broken, however her spirit will be with us forever. Thank you GMPR for bringing us together :) - Jennifer Cavacas

On March 26, 2017, Henry, crossed the rainbow bridge when he lost his battle to cancer. He was 11 years old. He was adopted by Paul and Marsha Hoffman back in May 2011. He was very much loved by his forever family and will be greatly missed.

Fly free Henry!

On January 21, 2017, Guardian Angel Pug, Molly, Pug #018-16, passed away.

Molly came to GMPR from a shelter in NY. She was found as a stray and has been in the shelter since September 2015. The shelter rehabilitated her medically and tried to find a home for her. Molly was a senior gal, approximately 10-12 years old. Because of her age, she had been overlooked time and time again. She had developed a tumor on her foot that required surgery that they couldn't afford. GMPR paid for the removal of the tumor and had it tested for cancer. Molly was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer. She was moved into hospice care due to her diagnosis.

Molly was given 4 months to live but thanks to her foster, he was able to give her an additional 4 months on top of that. If you attended last year's pug social, you would have seen her there with her foster family.

Run free Molly. Thank you Steve Ritchie for all that you did for her.

On Sept. 13th 2008 we adopted our beautiful baby girl Isabella from GMPR. Everyday that we had with her was a wonderful and loving day. Isabella passed away on December 29 2016 and has left a big hole in our hearts.

- Henry & Marlene Pinto

I am writing with some very sad news that we lost our Monty on December 31, 2016. We adopted him from GMPR 5 years ago.

He really was the best and MOST SPECIAL dog ever. He taught us a lot about resilience and perseverance. When we got Monty he had significant issues with his back legs and rear end. As the degeneration process went on over the years we got him a cart and he did well with that. He became ill on Friday and uncomfortable yesterday. The vet explained that the degeneration was not allowing him to empty his bladder which was full and was pressing on his back discs. He fought until the end. He will be very sadly missed and our hearts are broken.

We appreciate you bringing him into our lives and all that you do for all the pugs at the rescue!

Take Care!
Bridgette and Chris Havens

It is with great sadness we share that Scrappy crossed over the rainbow bridge on October 25. The doctor called to say that he had an episode this morning and passed away . Scrappy came to us from the NYC ACC where he was dumped with untreated diabetes and had developed a respiratory illness. He was never able to shake the pneumonia completely and his blood work numbers were never completely restored to where they should be. He was good on some days and not so good on others. We pulled out all of the stops and invested over $2000 for Scrappy's care. He received a lot of TLC and was loved during his last days. RIP Scrappy.

Joseph (Joe) Napoleon Vezina passed away on July 19, 2016, at the University of Vermont Medical Center following a brief illness.

Joe leaves behind his loving wife of 34 years, Jackie Lambert-Vezina; three children - Cindy Vezina-Notaro, and her husband Steve; Lindsay Vezina, and his partner, Galandrial, and Rhona Vezina-Chase, and her husband Ken; his four stepchildren - Kelly Lambert; Tracy Simmons, and her husband Rich; Frank Lambert, and his wife Pam, and Jay Lambert and his wife Lori; his special sister, Barbara Plunkett; his grandchildren - Matt, Nick, Eric, Kevin, Ashley, Rebekkah, and Kayley; several nieces and nephews; great nieces and nephews, and his beloved pug, Angel.

Joe was predeceased by his first wife, Patricia Fitzgerald Vezina, as well as his brother and sisters, Henry, Pauline, Norma, and Norman.

Joe was born to a large family in Burlington, Vermont, on March 10, 1932, the son of Joseph N. Vezina, Sr., and Bertha Bessette Vezina. He was a veteran of the US Air Force, and a faithful member of the VFW for 66 years.

Joe loved to work and didn't retire until the age of 84. After leaving Bailey's Music Rooms (where he was known as "Mr. Church Street" and "Music Man"), he then worked at Tempo, Tools of the Trade, and he retired from IBM. He then worked part-time for Healthcare Direct.

Joe was an avid volunteer. He was a board member at Chittenden County Court Diversion for 33 years; Ronald McDonald House Charities for 32 years; Family Room at University of Vermont Medical Center for 15 years; COTS for many years with varied events; Green Mountain Pug Rescue for eight years, and Santa Night for 11 years.

Though he was a master griller and bartender, gourmet food to Joe was hot dogs and ice cream. During his final days, he was sustained by his favorite vegetable, Al's French Fries, with Creemees for dessert.

He was an avid collector of old meat grinders, brass candlesticks, and copper teakettles. He never saw a wristwatch he didn't love, and had a vast collection of shoes that still look brand new due to his great polishing skills.

He proudly drove around town in his white Mustang convertible, "The Pony," and had a Mustang tattooed on his arm. He was in his late 70's when he tried parasailing in the Caribbean, and 83 when he took his first zip line ride.

As a final act of generosity, Joe has donated his body to medical science.

A Memorial Service to celebrate Joe's life will be held on Saturday, July 23, at the Windjammer Inn and Conference Center in South Burlington in the Montreal Room at 10 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to any of the following organizations: Ronald McDonald House Charities, COTS or Green Mountain Pug Rescue.

As Joe would say, "See you in the movies."

On July 5, 2016, one of our guardian angel pugs, Spunky (on the left), crossed the rainbow bridge. Spunky was surrendered along with Bubbalouie when their owner passed away. Spunky had limited vision but could navigate well and was a happy pug. Spunky loved going on walks with Bubbalouie and cuddle with his foster. Thank you Carol Ballou for seeing him through his golden year with his pug brother.

On June 11, 2016, one of our guardian angel pugs, Laydi, crossed the rainbow bridge while in her foster moms arms. Laydi was an 8 year old female pug who was diabetic and showing some neurological issues. Her owner was unable to provide the care that Laydi needed and decided to surrender her to GMPR. She also needed to have her bladder expressed several times a day. Through it all, Laydi was a sassy gal, and everything that a little lady "Diva" pug should have been! Thank you Valerie Ainsworth for seeing her through her golden years and making them happy!

On May 29, 2016, Mickey crossed the rainbow bridge. Mickey came to GMPR back in 2011 as part of a massive effort to save numerous pugs from a Missouri puppy mill. He was adopted by Jodie Lanning of West Chazy, NY in March 2011. He was very loved by Jodie and will be greatly missed.

In March 2009 I got an email asking if I could foster a female puppymill survivor. Never did I expect that within three months she would have wormed her way so deep into my heart that I couldn't bear to lose her and the adoption papers were signed,. It seemed very appropriate that her name was Heart.

Fast forward just one month and a rush trip to the closest emergency vet - 3 hours away in Massachusetts - and she was diagnosed with SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) and became totally blind. That didn't slow her down a bit. She may have bumped into things a bit more than usual but it didn't seem to bother her. They use the term pugnacious for Pugs and it fit her. Didn't matter that she couldn't see... she was always ready to "rumble" if someone got pushy and she gave as good as she got. But time took its toll and over the years the poor breeding practices of the puppymill showed more and more.

Her non existant hip joints caused more and more pain necessitating being on painkillers but she found that she enjoyed sitting in my lap as much as she used to enjoy running around. Then my poor little girl developed breathing issues and liver disease as well and on April 7 we let her pass quietly over the Rainbow Bridge where she joined her adopted Pug, Peke and Terrier brothers and sisters. The house is empty and quiet but I know she's enjoying herself, running around in the sun and seeing the flowers that were kept from her for so many years. 7 Years wasn't anywhere near long enough to have her in our lives. Rest in Peace, dear Heart. - Carol Bushway

On May 3, 2016, Lady Bug crossed the rainbow bridge. She was found as a stray in upstate NY wandering around with another pug, Fergus. Both dogs dumped on a rural road. Fergus was blind and she was his guide. Both in terrible shape but tough cookies. When she first arrived at GMPR she had a baseball sized tumor. She was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and we had it removed. The vet gave her a clean bill of health. Heather Smith fostered her initially and fell in love with her sweet personality. She was originally adopted on December 16, 2015, and then returned because they didn't think she was a good fit. She was then fostered by Larisa Demos. On February 21, 2016, she found her forever family with Beth Corliss of Middlesex, VT.

Lady Bug's cancer had returned recently and spread to her lungs. GMPR is saddened that Lady Bug didn't get a longer time to enjoy the good life with her family. She was very much loved by her GMPR Foster Moms and her adoptive family.

On April 18, 2016, Molly (fawn pug), crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 16. Molly was adopted by Leslie and David Gibbs in 2009 along with her companion, Joey (black pug). Leslie and David became GMPR alumni when they adopted Eddie around 2003/2004 and they provided him a happy home to live out his golden years. When he passed away they adopted Molly and Joey.

Molly fought hard in the end and was able to say goodbye to her family including Joey before crossing the rainbow bridge. She is greatly missed by her family.

On April 14, 2016, Chris, crossed the rainbow bridge. Chris was one of our hospice pugs that was rescued with a combined effort of GMPR and Pug Rescue of New England when we saved him and several other elderly pugs from a breeder in Long Island, NY. Nancy Zajesky lovingly cared for him since his arrival to GMPR on November 5, 2014. He was in really rough shape when he arrived and he came along well with Nancy's TLC. Nancy fed him a hypo-allergenic cooked diet and treated him with holistic remedies in addition to western medicine. GMPR thanks Nancy for all she has done for Chris and giving him a happy, loving home to live out his golden years.

On April 3, 2016 Asia crossed the rainbow bridge to join all her animal friends. Asia was adopted along with Kimora back in December 2015 by Dennis Eldridge of Rutland, VT. Asia and Kimora were a bonded pair that found their retirement home with Dennis.

Asia fought a good fight and never lost her spirit. She provided her owner with many gifts of faith and perserverance. It was a grateful journey.

On March 10, 2016 Miss Pugsley crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She fought the good fight, but what we thought was an upper respiratory infection, (she had developed a cough - sounded like whooping cough)didn't respond to the various medications prescribed. X-rays taken showed what could be a tumor on/near her lungs. She was having trouble breathing and you could see she was extremely uncomfortable. The vet felt she was heading for congestive heart failure. It was time and she went gently over the bridge, cuddled in my arms while I hummed a Strauss waltz (she loved to be held while I waltzed around the living room. She had great taste in music!) Hospice Foster Mom, Carol Bushway

On January 23, 2016, Bug, aka Baxter pug 125-12, earned his wings. Following is a tribute from his family.

My beautiful, courageous, funny and sometimes frustrating little man earned his wings today. It also marked three years and one month that we had the pleasure of him being part of our family. Bug taught me many things in those three years. Be in the moment- Life is not to be rushed and always take advantage of those "beams".

Persistence - Always keep trying. If you ever saw Bug eat you know that with no teeth and a floppy lower jaw, getting food in his mouth was no small undertaking. For that matter, just getting up a few flights of stairs required a concentrated effort.

Humility - Bug, as a puppy mill survivor, never quite mastered the art of asking to go do his business outside and I actually think, truth be told, that he didn't really care to go out at all. Wearing a diaper was a trademark for him and he carried it off well.

Trust strangers - Bug came to me through a wonderful lady Lorraine, his foster Mom after his first adoption did not work. First he trusted her and then me.

Embrace your uniqueness - Bug never knew he was different. He hung with the big dogs and when being a big dog didn't suit him, he did his own thing.

Humor people - Bug never minded providing a few laughs, even at his expense.

Show off your good side. Handsome is all on the inside.

Puppies are fun - And sleeping on them is really nice.

Dads are fun - And sleeping on them is really nice.

Never take family for granted - and last of all "Speak for those who have no voice."

We will miss our "Little Man" "Mugga Wugga"..... Sweet dreams and I wish for you your teeth back and lots of meaty bones to chew on over the bridge. We'll be together again. -- All the best to everyone at GMPR!!!! Amanda

Odie, pug 88-13, crossed the Rainbow bridge January 22, 2016. I adopted Odie from Green Mountain Pug Rescue in November 2013. My sons had adopted 2 previous pugs from GMPR and they had passed. We adore pugs, and as soon as I saw Odie on the site, I knew I needed to give him a forever home. I soon realized that Odie brought out the best in everyone who got to spend time with him. I work for an ambulance service. Odie did not like being home alone, so he soon became a daily part of our ambulance organization. He loved going to "work". He was the friendly face that kept us all happy through the stress of our days. Everyone enjoyed having him around, and would ask why he was "out" when he didn't come in. He came in costume on holidays and special occasions. Meetings were unpredictable, as we never knew when he would just "let one loose" and stink up the entire office. Since he was a senior pug, we joked with him about being a little old man. Odie was a great companion. I was told he had lost an eye in a car accident. He never seemed to let it slow him down. About 6 months ago he lost sight in the other eye. He got around at home and in our ambulance building by memory. If the Fed Ex delivery person left boxes in the wrong place, he would walk right into them, but recover quickly and find a different route. I am forever grateful for GMPR for choosing me to give him his forever home. The last 2 years with him were very fulfilling and joyful for me. The work you do for these amazing dogs is fantastic. My heart hurts tonight as I write this. When the time is right, and I feel like my heart is ready to grow again, I will look to GMPR to help me heal with a new opportunity to give a pug a new forever home. Thank you for all you do. Lisa Northup, Cornwall Vermont.

Sweet Daisy, pug 43-10, passed away much too young from an aggressive cancer just before Christmas 2015. She came to GMPR as a perfect 2 year old and has loved life with her adoptive mother Jeanie Saari. This photo is of Daisy running to her mom at our Pug Social.

We had to say Goodbye to our sweet, loving Penny aka (Gurda) on 12/19/2015. Penny came to our family in 2010 as one of the Missouri 20 . She and our older pug (Petie) who passed last year , were best of friends from the start. Penny was a puppy mill dog that had at least 2 litters and has spent the majority of her early life in a crate in Missouri. When Penny came to us as a 2 1/2 year old she was not housebroken , could not maneuver stairs or had the slightest idea what a toy was. She learned quickly that being a pug meant you were to be loved and pampered. She loved when my 19 year old son would have friends over and always had to be in the middle of everything. They miss her as much as we do. We were lucky to have her in our life for 5 years. My wife often says Penny rescued us.

Teddy, one of our Hospice pugs, passed on Christmas Eve 2015.

Teddy, pug 82-14 was an elderly male pug who was rescued along with 9 other pugs released from a breeder in Long Island, NY.

GMPR worked closely with Pug Rescue of New England to rescue 10 senior pugs in desperate need of medical care.

Teddy was a very sweet boy who gave lots of kisses and wiggles in delight at just the wee bit of kindness. Teddy had 13 months of TLC with his loving foster mom, Valerie Ainsworth.

Dear Judy, we made the very difficult decision to say goodbye to our dear Princess. We had a terrible scare about a month ago in Lake Placid when Princess almost died from an allergic reaction in the middle of the night. She had many vet visits after that trip to the emergency vet and we discovered that the reaction was probably caused by a new mast cell tumor releasing histamines. During all of the testing that we did, we also discovered that she had COPD, an adrenal tumor, a distended trachea, and Cushing’s. We were hoping that we would be able to heal her so that we could discuss surgery for the mast cell tumor. However, her symptoms continued to get worse and it was clear that her old, little body couldn’t handle this any longer.

We took her out for a nice walk (in her stroller) today, went for a car ride, and made an omelette for her for lunch. Her vet came to our house this afternoon to put her to sleep. I’m relieved that she was able to go peacefully in her home with her family by her side. We had nearly 6 wonderful years with Princess. I remember we were looking to adopt a younger pug, but you convinced us to go and visit Lil and meet Princess. I want to thank you for bringing Princess into our lives. She was the sweetest pug we’ve ever known. She gave us so much joy and happiness over the years, and we’re pleased that we were able to provide her with a caring home. This was one of the most difficult things we have had to do, even knowing that this was best for her. Thank you again for our sweet little Princess. Kabel

GMPR is sad to report that one of their Guardian Angel pugs, Fiona, passed away in mid-2015 from bladder cancer. She was an adorable 10 year old pug that was surrended to GMPR due to her owner not being able to spend the time needed to take care of her. She was small and very lady-like. She had a bit of a diva attitude but she was very much loved by her foster family.

I’m deeply saddened to inform Green Mountain Pug rescue of the passing of our Maggie Mae which we adopted back on 11/22/2014. We are heartbroken, she was playing one minute & the next she was convulsing, foaming at the mouth and eventually went limp. My husband & I rushed her to the closest veterinarian hospital, they got her stabilized with a breathing tube and started to run test. We found out that she had an enlarged heart & collapsed trachea, we were given the advice of surgery to insert a tube into her trachea but they had to get her condition better before any surgery could be done & we were looking into Tuft Veterinary Hospital to have this procedure but after three days of seizures Maggie Mae was too weak & not responding to the medicine and oxygen anymore and the doctor said she would probably not make it another night so my husband & I made the hard decision to let her go. Maggie Mae was so full of life, always playing having fun, our cuddle bug that always had lots of kisses for us, and we know in our hearts that even though her time with us was short, she was LOVED (always will be) more than she probably had in her lifetime and will be missed terribly. 8-(
Susan & Brad Brooks

This little guy is Fez. He came in as part of a group of 5 very sick dogs from a breeder in New York. Fez was fostered and loved by Carol Ballou. It's possible the only time in his life he was loved and cared for was when he was in Carol's expert and gentle care. Thank you Carol for giving Fez a dignified end to his life. RIP Fez.

It's with a heavy heart that I'm emailing to tell you we had to take Hoss to SAVES late Saturday night to have him euthanized. I had already scheduled an appointment for tomorrow (Tuesday) to have it done at Country Animal Hospital but he had a severe downturn late Saturday afternoon. He stopped urinating completely and I was unable to express any except a few drops. I even put him in a tub of warm water and massaged him hoping that it would let the muscles relax. It was almost as if the signal from his brain to "let go" wasn't reaching his bladder. He got very fidgety and uncomfortable and his stomach was so hard, I just couldn't let him suffer. Once he was gone the muscles let go and he just flooded the exam room table. He must have been terribly uncomfortable. He is being cremated and I'll get his ashes back later this week.

He was such a big, beautiful, sweet, loving boy. It's amazing how big a hole he has left in my home. I keep expecting to see him on the dog bed when I walk into the living room. My black cat is wandering around wondering where her buddy is so she can rub against him. It's going to take some time to get used to him not being there.

On December 20, 2014, we said goodbye to our beloved sweet old boy, Spanky (aka SpankNoodle), who we adopted from GMPR on December 30, 2011.

He was truly the best little companion that a family could ask for and he showed us that being a senior dog that was blind and deaf, did not inhibit him from showing those around him how much love he had to give. He made us smile every day and even though our hearts are broken without him, the memories that we made with him will bring smiles to us once again. I was fearful at first that we wouldn’t be able to form a bond with him given his unfortunate disabilities but that fear quickly disappeared. He was such a perfect fit for our family and there is an emptiness in our home without him. Our children, including Spanky’s younger pug brother and sister, Lorenzo (who was also adopted from GMPR) and Bella, miss him terribly.

I wish we had many more years with Spanky but we were truly fortunate and blessed to have him for the time that we did, and my family and I are thankful for that every day. He gave and taught us, and everyone he encountered for that matter, more than he ever knew, and I am happy that we were able to let him go with grace and dignity. We were the luckiest family in the world because we were able to be his forever home.

Rest in peace, my sweet boy. You will always be in our hearts. I know Murray was waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge…

Tiffany Yuille


We've had pudge since 7/2/11 and so loved our time together, but a few weeks ago he started having real bad back pain and when he walked he would wobble and often walk sideways and he'd arch his back. When we tried to pick him up he would scream with pain.

I brought him to thee vet and he was put on meds (Steroids and pain killers). Brought Pudge back in a week later because he wasn't improving and the vet gave him more meds, but every day was different. One day better and next day worse. Today he had another appointment but today Pudge couldn't stand and when we tried to pick him up he would scream with pain. I called the vet and they took us in earlier. Our decision was to euthanize our baby.

I miss and will always miss him soooo much. He was always my shadow and even during these bad times he would still hobble into the room I was in and when I left the room he would hobble after me. But to see him in so much pain today hurt so bad. Now my boy is no longer in pain.

He's now up in doggy heaven with Corkie and Peppie, the rest of the apple dumplin gang.

We lost Peppie, the chiwawa mix (20 years old) last February from a stroke and Corkie, the poodle (18 years old) passed away a month ago when he died in his sleep.

This week we lost our special pug, Effie (aka Miss Special Effects). She was an Arizona pug who was with us for 10 years and a very loving and sweet little girl. Born in a household of 17 show pugs, her first year was spent in training and she gave birth to one litter. Since that was difficult, she was available for us to adopt by her family. She missed all her playmates for awhile but we gave her lots of attention and love and she gave us the same in return.

We are very sad and our hearts are heavy. Had planned to come to the pug social with her in Sept. as we always summer in Vermont and she has attended many of the socials (and won the best dressed once) - but not certain our hearts can take attending with all the lovely pugs.

Thanks for all you do for our little pug people.

(Barre, VT and Surprise, Arizona)

Duke was adopted from GMPR in 2003...he was a rambunctious black, `3 year old male without any boundaries.

Re-named Roscoe, he recently died after more than 10 years of joy and companionship.

We moved to Boston in 2005 where he became one of the most loved dogs in the South End; a particularly dog-friendly neighborhood. Often referred to as “Mr. Mayor” , his years in Boston were treasured.

When he died I got the perfect card:

"He was smelly, stubborn, irascible and hid ‘gas’ could clear a room.
Roscoe was a bloody wonderful beast and will be missed by all!

Thanks to GMPR…..

--Barbara Peck

We are overwhelmingly sad to say that our 2 Year old Baby Boy Bronx was hit by a car two weeks ago. We are grieving in the tragic loss of our little man.

He was a huge spark of energy, enthusiasm and love in our lives from the moment we brought him home until he passed away in his daddy’s arms. We are putting in a tree at our home in memory of him and the beauty & love he brought to us in the short time we had him.

Mommy and daddy Love you Bronx!!!

You are forever missed!

Adopted August 29th 2012, as Willie

Died May 7th 2014, loved as Bronx Marlow

~Kandi and David Marlow

You only stayed with us for 2 years, but you gave us the love of 100 years. You proved that being blind and deaf and old does not mean you can't give love and happiness to all around you. All my family and friends who met you, loved you Billy. Thanks for coming to this home through GMPR.

Passed away 4-15-2014



We adopted Chum Lee from GMPR on 2/4/12 and he was the most amazing pet that I have ever care for. He passed away peacefully yesterday and we will sorely miss his wonderful fortitude.



Winnie 3/15/01-5/10/13

China 3/15/01-3/10/14

In September 2004, Winnie and China came into our lives to enrich our family bond. Our “girls” will be sorely missed by the Rhea family.

Today our dear sweet Stewie went to the rainbow bridge. We adopted him from gmpr, he was a sweet happy boy, unfortunately his body was riddled with arthritis and we could no longer have him suffer. We will forever have him in our hearts, he will be missed dearly.

Alisa Belknap

12-04-2013 George died today. This picture was taken a few hours before we took him to the vet. 15 plus years was a good run. We really miss him. Thanks for helping him get into our lives.

Big Al



I regret to inform you that my sweet Raisin went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/16/2013. I adopted Raisin 2 years ago. I want to explain exactly what having her meant to me. On January 9, 2011 my senior pug Nubbles lost his battle with cancer. I was devastated beyond belief and cried often. He was taken from me in 6 short months but he was such a huge part of my life. I spent a lot of time at his oncologist appts and caring for his on-going skin condition. When he passed, I had all this free time and was so lost.

Then my precious Raisin came along with her mellow personality and her signature MOPE face. There, was something about her personality she moved in as if she lived here her whole life. She was such a love bug and wanted to cuddle with my other pugs. Raisin was a senior pug as well there is just something about them. They just want to be loved and I guarantee they will give back so much more. She also had skin and ear issues so I spent a lot of time caring for her as well. I enjoyed every minute she always managed to put a smile on my face.

There was something about her that had a healing quality for my heartache over the loss of Nubbles. I truly believe we were meant to be together to get me through a very difficult time, in my life. Unfortunately, my precious Raisin became ill and I lost her within 5 days of seeking medical attention. The vet believes she had liver cancer and it was aggressive. I will always treasure her. Raisin was a GMPR alumni and it was my hope that she would attend the social this year but she passed unexpectedly the week of. Now my sweet Raisin and Nubbles are together because her work was done here. I will treasure the memories of Raisin. I will love her always, she was such a blessing. I want to thank GMPR for rescuing her and all the other pugs that need care. You are all such amazing people and I want to give you all pug hugs and say pfffffffft to cancer.

Linda Hannibal

With a broken heart I said goodbye to my sweet little baby girl Callie three nights ago.

She came to me in 2009 through GMPR, as pug #67, a two year old, sweet, shy little puppy mill survivor named Aurie. I still recall the 2 hour ride home. I held her tight the whole time, trying to comfort and reassure her, as she quivered with fear and uncertainty. She had no reason to trust me, with so little experience being loved, but in time allowed me to become her best friend, nurse, caretaker, confidant, partner-in-crime, and soul mate, and in turn, she became all those to me, and so much more.

She became my constant companion and my shadow. If I walked into another room, so did she. If I sat on the sofa, so did she, and the bathroom, yep, if I went to the bathroom, she came along too. She went to work with me, she visited me in the hospital, and she moped, howled, and paced -those times I had to leave her at home.

In short order, she stole my heart and became that once-in-a-lifetime dog for me. We shared everything and spent 24/7 together, becoming as devoted and loyal to one another as any two beings could. She was everything to me and I feel like a piece of my is gone. This pain of losing her is devastating but I wouldn't trade one single day I was blessed to have her in my life. I thank the Lord and GMPR for bringing us together to share the past four years. I know, when I am ready, I will adopt again, for there are far too many homeless dogs waiting for a loving forever home, but none will ever take the piece of my heart my sweet baby girl Callie holds. 'Til my dying breath, she'll hold that spot.......see you on the other side baby girl............

In 2006, we adopted Mitch and Maggie, a bonded brother and sister 7 years of age, from GMPR. From that November weekend until May of this year, they were an integral part of our family. So many memories of fun times and adventures. They were fantastic travelers and saw the Pacific Ocean, the Grand Canyon, Mile 0 at Key West, and so many other places. They went everywhere with us. The last two years were a challenge, with breathing issues, incontinence, dementia, and arthritis…but they were troopers and continued to wag their tails. Finally, however, it became clear that it was time. So on May 30th, Mitch and Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge together. They were never apart before birth and they are not apart now.
We miss them terribly.

My boy Odie cross over the Rainbow Bridge 4/18/2013
He was such a joy to have around even though it was for only 18 months I knew when He join Zoey ( pug adopted in 2009) and I he would be with us for a few yrs, due to health problems, but we traveled played and he would sleep on my head at night and I loved it. To see the joy in his eyes and the love he had was speechless. This puppy mill survivor was loved so much and he will be forever in my heart
So thankyou GMPR for bringing this angel into my life.
Zoey is now 11 and acts like a puppy and is my side kick

Love to all
Juliana von Recklinghausen

"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you... I loved you so... 'twas heaven here with you."

Julie Rose our radiant and magnificent pug who enjoyed life to the fullest, one of those blessed and good girls, who were full of dignity and grace, how fortunate we were to share such an extraordinary bond with this GMPR girl … these brief words cannot begin to express the sadness we feel since Julie passed … Little Julie Rose – our pumpkin, my monkey, our sweet comfort – sweetness defined, love unbounded and unconditional, flourishing each day. Julie learned to love and be loved in return, we connected with her. Slowly, on her own terms, she came out of her self-protective shell (puppy mill survivor) and allowed herself to be vulnerable to our love and trust. Julie loved and idolized her GMPR sister Leona who in turn idolized her – they were never apart. Julie cried for mom when she was left down stairs, she always wanted to be touching, cuddling in our arms or lying with Leona – she exuded more love, tenderness and trust than any pug could and she received the same. As Julie learned to love and trust she pursued it with a force like magnets being pulled together, it was all mutual and unspoken defined by whimpers, glances, sighs, touching and literally sleeping on top of us, with us, near us – Julie especially enjoyed cuddling with her dad’s tucked into his neck or in his arms, peering into his eyes as if he were the only being in the world as dad felt her breath of life on his skin. There was excitement for mom’s home comings, putting on her harness, riding in her stroller, getting her treats, sneaking out of sleepy time to cuddle, sweet tender moments when the world was defined by loving souls looking into each other’s eyes while sharing a moment of heavenly comfort and bliss. Julie lavished relaxing in front of the wood stove, lounging on the sofa with mom, needing to be held, falling asleep on the screen porch, positioning in the blue chair with Leona, her little head just visible over the arm rest, gazing adoringly at anyone. Her self-imposed trials to find the absolute perfect place to “piddle” despite the weather. Through her undying love we learned that life is about reaching out with little kindnesses not asked for, not demanded, and not expected, of giving unconditionally in the moment out of pure unspoiled love. Love and devotion defined our Julie, there was no greater gift than being able to relish each tender moment with her sharing these last precious four years with her, we watched and encouraged her to flourish – she exceeded beyond all expectations thriving on our love, and the security and comfort we provided. Julie was taken from us much too soon. May she rest in peace amid flowers and the warm comfort of the sun, where endless treats abound, and unending hugs and kisses are given and received. Julie faced the end with a quiet dignity and strength while in our arms - she lives on in our minds and memories, a dazzling star who shall live eternally in our hearts.

In honor of Julie Rose, my NH license plate reads:

I wanted to let GMPR know of the passing of our beloved Pug Hank on April 11, 2013. Hank was 15 years old. We adopted Hank from GMPR just over two years ago. He enriched our lives so much. We were Foster failures. We fell in love with Hank the minute we agreed to foster him. He became attached to my husband quickly. Since he was a senior and the simple fact that people are not inclined to adopt a senior as quickly, we decided we would keep him. He fit right in with our other dogs and our family. Hank was very spoiled. He will be forever loved and much missed. For anyone thinking of adopting a senior Pug, do it. He brought so much love into our lives and even for a short time it was well worth it and we are so grateful.

Here he is pictured with his adopted sister Pepper (also from GMPR). Pepper is very sad that her brother is gone, but she knows that he will no longer be in pain and now has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. J

Gloria Lamorey

Graniteville, VT

Tribute to my precious baby Eb ( Ebony)

We adopted Ebony when she was approx 4-6 yrs old from a rescue in NY. She had already had 7 families before we adopted her. She had a prolapsed uterus and was always incontinent from then on. We did not care! She also suffered from crystals in her urine. When we adopted her, she had stones and we set out to fix that problem and had her on meds, changed diet and added supplements to help her.

Through it all she was a champ, she did not care about what food she got, just that she was fed:) A typical pug who loved food of any kind! She was a pig when it came to foods of any kind!

Eb was the absolute BEST pug, took her to MANY events and places. She loved getting some of my ice cream whenever we travelled together too! She would tolerate any and all fosters that came through our doors during her time with us. She had been a mom we knew at least a few times, so she even tolerated puppies chewing on her cheeks and hanging from her tail etc. She could sense with the puppymill pugs that they needed more love and would groom them and lay with them to give them all comfort. During the occasional pug fights here she would just stay back and look at me as if to say " why can't we all just get along Mom?"

She loved fleece blankets and was truly my shadow. She had this obsession of licking my legs/feet if exposed lol. She would always be right under my feet or beside me. She was the most devoted of the pugs I have had in my life. Whenever I sat on the couch, she wanted to be picked up and lay touching me or on my lap. I miss her barking at me whenever I got home, as if to say Mom's HOME, Mom's HOME! In nicer weather she would romp around outside and talk to me to let me know how happy she was it was so beautiful out! She would lay on the driveway in the sunshine, yeah not the brightest idea but she loved being hot:)

When she could no longer walk, we carried her everywhere. Upstairs etc. But we always tried to entice to her to walk with treats to keep her circulation going. But when she could no longer hold her bodily functions in, and she knew it and was so depressed looking at me- I knew it was time. While we would have gone on carrying her around and cleaning up us and anything else, she knew it was not right and let us know.

Our last few days with her were special, she was given so many things she was not allowed to have - and her last day was full of lots of wonderful meals, chicken and porterhouse steaks etc.

She is in a special urn we had made and will remain with us forever, until one of us die and then the pugs and their urns will be buried with me. Baby Eb as I called her, was just that. My baby girl and it feels so empty without her. Yes we have other pugs, but each one has their own personality and they just don't have her spunk or spark around here. RIP baby girl, until I see you again!

She left us being estimated 15-16 yrs old and lived that last part of her life surrounded by all the love and devotion any pug could have.

I will love you forever Ebony. Karen Powers & Darin Martell

Graniteville, VT

I wanted to let you know of the passing of our Sweet Gentleman Oswald “Ozzy” Cobblepots Petrikas on January 22, 2013 who now joins his brothers- Peter, Homer, Zeus and sister- Olivia at the Rainbow Bridge. The house has once again gone quiet—Ozzy was my talker……he would greet me at the door barking over and over what sounded like “I Love You “ and he wouldn’t stop until I got down on the floor and nuzzled with him. He greeted everyone the same way from strangers to family!

Ozzy was always independent—he wanted to do it himself. When I adopted Ozzy he had an injury to his back legs (torn ACL’s and blown Patella’s) there was no repairing them, so we did acupuncture and water therapy but as time and age began to effect his mobility even further, he finally conceded to my assistance. When I would pick him up from the yard to carry him into the house, he would lick my face and coo like a dove. I will forever miss the walks around the back yard with my little man!

“So this is where we part, My Friend,
And you'll run on, around the bend.
Gone from sight, but not from mind,
new pleasures there you'll surely find.

I will go on; I'll find the strength,
Life measures quality, not its length.
One long embrace before you leave,
Share one last look, before I grieve.

There are others, that much is true,
But they be they, and they aren't you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
Will remember well all you've taught.

Your place I'll hold, you will be missed,
The fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.
And as you journey to your final rest,
Take with you this...I loved you best.”

~Jim Wilson-2002

Until we meet again my Beloved Oswald……….Forever Loving and Missing you!!!!

Sad news to share about our sweet Ivy Rose... Ivy went into the emergency hospital late Friday night, with unexplained throat and tongue swelling (out of the blue); they discovered she was severely anemic and that an autoimmune disorder was causing her body to destroy her own blood platelets, causing clotting & pooling in different parts of her body :(

She was in the hospital ICU all weekend, had emergency surgery last night, received two transfusions, steroids, etc. & was on a ventilator... The little fighter made it through the night, was removed from the ventilator after 3 hours and was holding her own breathing, and this morning she barked & walked around for the first time since Friday! The vet called me at 9:30 a.m., elated-saying Ivy was still not out of the woods but her progress was wonderful so far... she even drank some water and ate a little wetfood/water they mixed for her. They wanted to keep her until tomorrow morning to make sure she was stable before sending her home...

Not even 3 hours later, we got an emergency call that Ivy's heart had stopped - they re-intubated her and were working very hard to resuscitate her, doing CPR/chest compressions, injecting epinephrine, etc. We got over there in 10 minutes, they had continued chest compressions & let us be with her while they worked on her, but they could not save her... :(( The vet thought with all the recent blood issues, a blood clot traveled to her heart or lungs suddenly, and took her life :(( We held her and loved on her... we are sick and sad and devastated to lose our Ivy Rose :(

These photos were taken in the last few weeks, and this is how she looked right up until she went to the emergency vet on Friday night :(
She will always be our feisty, beautiful girl who took the lemons life gave her and made them into lemonade, every time. She was funny, smart, sweet, demanding, adorable, independent, and such a strong girl, dealing with life in a puppy mill til she came to us at 5 years old; then nasal surgery; eye surgery; dental surgery; and eye conditions which took mostof her eyesight, requiring her unending patience with eye medications/drops being given throughout every single day... She did it all without complaining, taking each new curveball life threw her & seamlessly incorporating it into her life, always moving forward with her sassy, confident Ivy style :)

Ivy made it clear to all that despite any of her physical disadvantages, she was "The PUG", "The Princess", and was not to be ignored. Woe to anyone who failed to provide her with adequate attention, or her meals when she was ready for them! She would bestow a series of sharp barks, giving voice to her displeasure with such enthusiasm that her two front paws would jump off the floor in punctuation :) She was also very snuggly, always wanting to feel the presence of her family by sitting with her butt up against one of her siblings or on a reassuring human foot; or cuddling up behind her dad's knees when sleeping. Ivy also loved to go for long walks, but *only* with her mom :) And oh, how she loved to nap in the square, striped bed you see above! We love & miss her desperately, and her siblings do too :(

Thanks to everyone who knew Ivy, loved her, and sent blessings and prayers for her. Please say one more prayer for her now, at Rainbow Bridge...

Sheri, Glen, Vaughn, Angelina & Sawyer Stuart & Maggie Jane

hay karen. im writing to you to let you know that abby has passed on. 10-3-2012 we will miss our beloved dog . she died of a genetic disorder of the spine. she suffered alot but never let on . she was the best friend we could of ever came to know.i think that abby was an angel sent to us direct from god. she was always happy , always hungry, and always willing to do. what ever we were doing. i am so glad i called you that day. thank you for helping not only for abby, but helping me too. my dog helped me through tough times in my life just by being herself and loving me back in her own way. there will always be hole in our hearts for her and someday we will see each other peace fully abby girl. love to all of you and the folks who saved on of the best friends i ever had.
cynthia and james fields

In memory of Tai.

September 2005, my first pug social. What a wonderful gathering of pugs and their people! I had been in touch with Karen about adopting my first pug and she said she had found the perfect one for me. Tai was an owner surrender and 8 years old. At first I questioned gettingan "older" dog but I went to the Social to meet him and immediately fell in love. That "love affair" went on for almost 7 years. He was the perfect First Pug....happy, charming, a boy who could look like he was descended from ancient Chinese emperors one minute and related to Goofy the next. Over the years we walked, rode, knitted and read together. His two favorite places in our early years were sprawled beside me in bed or wedged between my legs on the footstool. In later years, as his eyesight waned, he preferred to be on his cushy dog bed right beside my chair or the one by the bed. He was a trooper who loved anything in the food line...even if that "food" was his medication. He looked forward to a syringe of liquid just as much as he did his pill pockets. He filled the house with his love and energy and it's amazing now much emptier the house feels now. He was "Tai", "Tai Tai" and "Momma's Boy" and now he's romping with some of his old friends, lounging in the sun, rolling in the green grass and thoroughly enjoying himself without aches and pains.
R.I.P Tai Tai. We think about you every day.

I am very sad to say that Yoda passed away on 3/16/12 and to this day its very hard for me to even write this. Our family has not been the same since that day. He was very special to us and a great big brother to Isabella. We will never forget him.

Henry Pinto

It is with heavy heart that I have to inform you that Mojo passed last night - 2 months short of 16 years old. He was the best dog a family could ever ask for. He was our boys' first dog and a loving companion to them through the years. Although age had affected him in his later years, we could remember all the good times when he ruled the roost. Thank you for allowing us to have Mojo in our lives as he made us happy and proud to be our family member.

We will always love and remember you, Mojo!
~Dave, Beth, Connor, Ethan, and Spencer.

R.I.P. Mojo (9/4/1996 - 6/29/2012)

My most loved Lilly passed this morning...gratefully in her favorite place, my arms and at home at 10:10 am. We had the help of Ann Craig, DVM. She let me know that it was time for her to go to Moe after taking a definitive turn yesterday. It was a long night...we both made the best of the time we had left. Everyone knows what Lilly has meant to me...the love and connection we had defies description.

Thank you to all who are with us in thought and care. Pray for her safe passage straight to Moe's outstretched arms.

Mary, "Patty", "Bea" and "Grover"

In loving memory of my Olivia Louise, our time together mere weeks but the magnitude of your presence and devotion will remain with me for the rest of my life. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you and have cherished every moment of our short time together- You brought Sunshine, Smiles, Laughter, Peace, Companionship, Love and Hope back to my life……

“I may have lived most of my life with another, but you outshine them with a love so much stronger. And I promise to return all the love I can give, to you, my dear person, as long as I live. I may be with you for a week, or for years, we will share many smiles, you will no doubt shed tears. And when the time comes that God deems I must leave, I know you will cry and your heart, it will grieve. And when I arrive at the Bridge, all brand new, my thoughts and my heart will still be with you. And I will brag to all who will hear, of the person who made my last days so dear”

Until we meet again, I will be Missing and Loving you my sweet little “Olli Oop”

It is with great sorrow and a broken heart that I tell you of the passing on my Sweet-Pete Petrikas. On November 16th we could no longer fight the effects of time and his aging body. I made the painful decision to let my beloved companion leave this world with his dignity intact. The process was peaceful and within moments he took his last breath, wrapped in a blanket in my arms…..On my way back home I asked God for a sign that my Peter was safe and when I got home the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

Throughout the past month, I have struggled with the human condition of letting go and being selfless and on the ride to the vets it hit me and I was transported back to that day in June of 2006—It was love at first site when I met my Peter, a bond so strong, as if two old friends had met again after years of separation. The following weeks and months would find me being taught life lessons-after all Peter had been through (11 years in a puppy mill), he was not mean, he harbored no ill will….he approached each new day as an adventure, appreciated the little things in life! I watched in amazement most days as he discovered the smell of grass and peonies, the taste of vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day, the joy of snuggling in bed at night…….My Peter gave me so many gifts!

People always tell me how lucky Peter was to have me but truth be told I was the lucky one ……my ever constant companion either at my feet or next to me in bed he never left my side and always followed me from room to room. After my Dad passed away, it was Peter who comforted me, gentle licking away the tears and snuggling with me and through-out nursing school he would place his head on my nursing books through the late hours of studying just to let me know he was supporting me. I could not have asked for a more devoted, loving and loyal companion.

Since June of 2006, I have not been separated from my Peter… was a promise I made that we would always be together. Last night was the first night in five and a half years that I slept alone…..the landscape of my life forever changed. My Peter did not go alone for he took a part of my heart with him and I know one day we will be together again…..

“I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.

I think of you in silence. I often speak your name.

Now all I have is memories, and your picture in a frame.

Your memory is my keepsake, with which I’ll never part.

God has you in his keeping.

I have you in my heart.

Thank you to Karen and all the people at GMPR for bringing this sweet soul into my life, for the gift of my Peter……..and to the people who question the adoption of an elderly pug the rewards far outweigh the loss-adopt an elderly pug and keep Peter’s Legacy alive. I will forever Love you my Sweet Peter Petrikas until we meet again my ever faithful companion……………..

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