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Dog-Friendly Housing

Are you considering surrendering your pug due to not being able to find housing that allows dogs? Check out these links to find dog-friendly housing for your area:
Order your Pet Food at and Green Mountain Pug Rescue will get a $20 donation!

Links to other pug information pages:

California Gold Small Dog Pet Food a healthy pug food.

The Magic Zoo creates unique pug jewelry that almost seem alive!

Grizzly Pet Products Dedicated to helping improve your pet's quality and length of life through our all-natural brand of pet products:


Don't miss out on this special opportunity to get some fabulous products from the Current catalogue AND help GMPR's pugs in need while you shop. How to help?
1. Go to 2. Choose your items 3. Go to the checkout 4. Select A 5. Select Green Mtn Pug Rescue 6. Give yourself a pat on the back for helping GMPR

It's simple, fun and 50% of the proceeds of your order go to help a little pug in need. Have fun shopping and thanks for helping!

Submit your secure order (using your credit card for payment). Your purchase will be shipped directly to you.

Love is Give and Take Pugs - By Stephen Huneck (

HAPPY FANTASTIC DESIGNS is a collection of original and unique apparel and accessories for women, children, and dogs created in Burlington Vermont by Joanne Kalisz. Happy Fantastic Designs offers many fun pug items from Buddha Pug tee shirts and tote bags, pug-tastic baby onesies, pug change purses, and pugalicious magnets and pins. Happy Fantastic Designs also participates in the Pug Social each year and donates 50% of her Pug Social profits to GMPR. :) Please shop at to 27% of purchases made after clicking the below link will come back to GMPR!

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