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Introducing........ Melody and Bub, two adorable three-year-old pugs in a pod who are looking for their perfect forever home TOGETHER. These little darlings entered GMPR's care through an owner surrender made out of love. Due to changes in their family dynamic, their previous household was no longer the best environment for them, and they were spending too much time alone.

About Melody and Bub:
Melody (fawn female, born July 7, 2020) and Bub (brindle male, born November 1, 2020) come from the same breeder but different litters. They were lovingly raised together in Costa Rica, where they received excellent training and enjoyed a life full of adventure, from playing on white sand beaches to boogie boarding in the surf. Both pugs are well-socialized and trained in commands, making them simply irresistible and bonded for life. Both are housebroken, crate trained (together), good with cats, kids and other dogs. Beyond mobile and have no issues with stairs, long walks or physical play. Both can get vocal if they can't find you, especially if they can't find each other.

Melody (aka Mellow or the Mellow Marshmallow):
Melody is extremely affectionate and fun-loving. She loves connection, cuddling, and play but can also self-entertain and chill with Bub. She’s friendly with new people and other animals and loves the water. Melody is a great adventurer, enjoying walks in the woods and even some Netflix and chill time in your lap. She’s got a wonderful sense of humor and is highly entertaining—a true love pug.

Bub (aka Bartholomew Ulysses Brutus or Bubblicious):
Bub is a sweet and independent boy who craves affection. He loves exploring and has loads of energy, often coercing Melody into games of chase or tug of war. Despite his energetic nature, Bub also enjoys quiet moments on your lap, or retreating to his bed for a nap or alone time with a bone. He’s very sensitive and kind, loves his belly rubs, and is Melody's brave protector and devoted companion.

The Ideal Home for Melody and Bub:
We are seeking a loving home for Melody and Bub offering plenty of space to run free and explore, nature walks in the woods are thoroughly enjoyed, as well as aquatic adventures with access to a pond, lake or water source so they can get their laps in. They thrive on love, attention (preferably from multiple family members, they just can't get enough love), and the ability to explore their surroundings. And while not barky, they can voice their displeasure in your absence, apartment or condo dwellers (any shared wall environment) would not be the ideal home setting. They're looking for a larger space where someone is home all the time, or more often than not so they can stretch their puggy legs and see what the world has in store for them next.

Melody and Bub have brought immense joy to their previous family, and while it is heartbreaking to re-home them, it is done with the best intentions for their happiness and well-being. Both are fully vetted and up to date on all medical; however, we will have them checked out at our vet just for safe measure. If you are ready to open your heart and home to these wonderful pugs, please contact our Adoption Coordinator to learn more about this 2/3's of a grumble.

Melody & Bub's adoption fee is $800.


Meet Sweet Louie: Your New Best Friend!

Louie Louie is a spunky, sweet little guy looking for his forever home. If you're an active person who loves the outdoors, Louie could be the perfect companion for you!

About Louie:
Sweet Lou found his way to GMPR through one of our shelter partnerships. Louie is a high-energy dog with a zest for life, his previous owners just couldn't hang.. But here at GMPR, nobody puts Louie in a corner.... At only 1.5 years-old, he's eager to see the world and savor all it has to offer. His current foster family has that pep in their step, they take him on long walks three times a day to help in properly directing his fervor for life in a more productive manner, as well as preventing any potential for destructive behavior that pinned up energy could promote. Louie is playful and super affectionate. He loves attention and enjoys playing with toys, especially chew toys. He’s very social and likes to interact with people and other dogs, but he can get a little nervous when playtime gets too loud or interactive. Likely because he never had a family give him a chance and introduce him to new things, letting his Lou-flag fly. Louie currently lives with two older Pugs and loves playtime; all are getting along just famously. Louie has met children on walks and is respectful and curious, though he may bark to get their attention, he just wants to make new friends. Speaking of being an attention freeloader, he loves being groomed and handled, no sedatives required for nail trimmings.. Louie prefers to have someone nearby when he eats and has no guarding issues. If you walk away, he tends to stop eating until you come back, he feels no one should eat alone. Louie is HOUSEBROKEN (should have opened with that) and does his business quickly once outside. However, he still wants that walk, so no cheating and cutting the walk short.. Louie can stay in a crate when left alone and settles down after barking for a few minutes. However, at night and if you're home, there will be no crate, he doesn't want to miss a thing.. Louie's good in the car but prefers shotgun on your lap, with time, consistency & training, he'll learn that a seat of his own is comfier and he can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ideal Home:
Louie needs an active person who can take him on long walks several times a day and provide plenty of activity and playtime to spend that puppy power pizazz.

He favors bro-code and thrives with a male presence, but will do well with anyone who can give him the attention and patience and outlet for his vivacity.

His new home should be ready for a lively dog who loves to run around and needs someone who can handle his puppy-like enthusiasm and charm.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving, energetic companion who will keep you active and entertained, Sweet Lou is the dog for you!

Louie's adoption fee is $500. New applicants please apply at gmpr.org/adoptionapp.html, existing applicants please contact our adoption coordinator to inquire or arrange a meet and greet, he can’t wait to meet you!


Meet Hemi, your Future Snuggle Buddy!

Hemi is a brilliant Leucistic Pug (White Pug), 8-years-old, tipping the scales at a dainty at 15 lbs. This glowy little nugget came to GMPR from one of our shelter partnerships. This poor little guy arrived in pretty rough shape, battling ear, eye, and skin infections. But is still so beautiful, so once he gets all cleaned up....look out ladies.. The white pugs are typically more sensitive and require a bit more attention and care. Unfortunately, we believe Hemi lost his hearing due to untreated ear infections. However, this hasn’t dampened his spirits or his ability to follow his foster mom around the house. But thanks to our dedicated team and his loving foster mom, Hemi is on the road to recovery. With medicated baths, responsible care, a good diet, and lots of love, he’s getting healthier every day. Hemi is a super affectionate little pugger who enjoys being the center of attention. He’s friendly with but not too interested in kids or other dogs. He's perfectly compatible living in his foster home with other pets, he just prefers his human and more treats. He's diligently working to learn his housebreaking, his past life likely lacked consistent care, so he’ll need a patient family to continue this training. Belly bands are strongly recommended, as well as a great learning tool. He's left out and about with his canine siblings while foster mom is away and is described as the perfect houseguest, no trouble to report. Hemi prefers the indoors, not a candidate for daily walks or trail walking. He does his business quickly when outside and then wants to retreat back inside. Because in true pug form, most of a certain age would prefer to chill in a comfy bed. He tolerates handling and grooming well, even while nursing his ear infection which we suspect was pretty painful.

What to expect if you'd like to have Hemi join your family:
Hemi would do well in a home with or without kids and other pets. He’s friendly towards everyone and everything, including cats, as long as they are not demons. He’s great in the car, whether in a crate or car seat. At the vet, he was the Mayor. Happily greeting all and loving the attention, remaining cooperative throughout the full body cavity assault. Hemi would thrive with a dog-savvy family that can accommodate his potential Leucistic Pug needs. But who knows, he was allowed to decline in his previous home as well as during his stay at the shelter, once he's back in tip-top shape he might not require any above average care. He’s scheduled for a dental in July where we’ll get a better understanding of his long-term needs. He may have allergies, so a high quality, limited ingredient diet or regular Cytopoint injections or Apoquel could be necessary. He will need eye lubricants daily due to chronic dry eye. Hemi is a bit wobbly in his back end, his foster mom started him on joint supplements which have helped improve his range of motion, this should be continued in his future home. Hemi is a typical friendly pug who loves everyone he meets. If you’re looking for a love bug who will bring joy and that pugzaz to your home, Hemi is the one for you!

If you'd like to learn more about Hemi, please contact our Adoption Coordinator directly, his adoption fee is $375.

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