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GMPR welcomes Faith to the family!

Faith is a 5-year-old female Chug, surrendered in love after the passing of her dad. She is really ambivalent about other dogs but the bigger dogs do intimidate her. She has that Chihuahua little/big dog syndrome and takes a breath to evaluate her surroundings. She needs a home where she is offered the time and space she needs to get acclimated to new people and situations. She's had her fair share of bad luck and just wants a safe, quiet loving place to call her own. But when she decides you're good people, she overwhelms you with all of her love and affections. She loves food and she super loves her walks, she even dropped a couple lbs since being in her amazing foster home (she's counting her steps, trying to keep her girlish figure). Giving her a safe space and allowing her to move at her own pace, patience and lots of walks and of course good food because food is life, you'll win her over in a short time. She's out and about in her foster home, no concerns about misbehaving or accidents, she's housetrained if kept on as schedule. She waits for you and greets you at the door, she just wants a person to call her own. Everyone needs a little Faith, if you're looking for a dedicated, loving, put you above all others life companion, Faith is your girl.

Faith's ideal home would be quiet, preferably a single parent home so she can receive your undivided attention. A patient home with a loving mom or dad, and no large dogs would help her to gain her confidence and become her best self. Faith has found her voice and speaks her mind from time to time, not over the top be she does make herself heard when she feels the need. Therefore, apartment or condo living (any shared wall environment) would not be ideal. Cats would probably be OK, she would most likely bark at them and keep a respectful distance. But since she does scare easily and may be weary of quick-moving, loud younglings, we'll only be placing her in a home with older kids. Faith has been fully vetted and is available to move on to her forever home, is it with you?

To express your interest in adopting Faith, please submit an adoption application, her adoption fee is $375.


GMPR welcomes Frank to the family! Frank is a 9'ish year-old fawn male, owner surrendered in love due to a new baby in the home. He's neutered, crate trained, chill with other dogs, and good with kids. He was a bit out of shape upon intake, so he had some work done. His breathing was labored, he had a mass on his right back knee, a growth on his eye, and a yeast infection in both ears. He had his nares opened up, and a little nip tuck while he was under for the lump and eye growth, ears treated; he's like a whole new man and feeling much better. Being a distinguished gentleman, he has the typical older pug arthritis in his back legs, but wait for it.......Frank is HOUSETRAINED! He has a history of bladder stones and is on a prescription diet to prevent issues and support healthy function.

We need to find a really special family for this little guy, jut look at those soulful eyes... Frank is just a sweetheart and does not deserve the upheaval he's been dealt. He's traumatized by losing his family and has shown signs of separation anxiety. He gets stressed, likely from feeling insecure in a new environment. A nice, quiet home where someone is home more often than not will help him to build his confidence. He needs stability and routine. He does NOT like to be left alone, he starts whining and barking. So, apartment, condo or wall-sharing dwellings are not ideal. He is clearly used to being the only pug and the center of attention. He's very food motivated, NOT food aggressive. He shows interest in other pugs in his foster home, but he clearly prefers his human. And he is a touch partial to the man in the home.

Frank is ready to move on to his forever home, is it with you?

To express your interest in adopting Frank, please submit an adoption application, his adoption fee is $300.


GMPR welcomes Dexter to the family!

Who's a good boy? Dexter is, that's who!

Dexter is a 7-year-old fawn chug, neutered, about 23 lbs. Dexter was surrendered in love when his previous family introduced a baby and he was not a fan (he's not a fan of cats either). He prefers an adult only home, preferably where he's the main attraction. Dexter is crate trained (he actually likes it), up to date on vetting, even HOUSEBROKEN!! Dexter was an only dog previously and was baptized into a multi dog home in foster care, he's adjusted very well. As such, we feel he would do well in a home with or without other pets for companionship. He is a super good dog. He does tend to get attached to people and picks one person. He attached himself to his foster mom's son and follows him around everywhere he goes. He has middle ground energy level; he likes to play with his toys but in true Pug form he likes to snooze just as much. His foster mom claims he's the perfect house guest, no trouble at all and the family and other dogs in the home enjoy having him there.

Dexter is ready to move on to his forever home, to express interest in Dexter please complete an application, his adoption fee is $375.


Here at GMPR we're suckers for the seniors! Senior dogs often have a harder time finding forever homes compared to the younger dogs and puppies, but they make THE BEST companions. Some say they'd prefer not to undertake the emotional commitment that comes along with adopting a senior pet. And yes, senior dogs may have specific health needs and age-related issues and can require more attention than a younger dog. But I'll take a senior over a puppy any day! They've been there, done that. No chewing your shoes or furniture, no housebreaking, just a chill, well-mannered companion who is content to hang out on the couch and watch a movie with you or warm your feet while you're at your desk working.

Meet Reeses! Reeses is a distinguished gentleman at 10'ish-years-old. He was surrendered when his previous owner's home dynamic changed and it was no longer feasible for him to stay. Reeses is an elderly pug that is just looking for a place to call home, a lap to snuggle, and someone who will care for his elderly needs. He mostly lounges around and naps the day away. But wait for it......Reeses is HOUSEBROKEN if kept to a schedule. His new owner will need to be patient with him when he goes to the bathroom because he does take his time. He has typical old man pug arthritis in his back end, so no stairs for Reeses. He isn’t really interested in toys, but he is food motivated and loves him some treats. He enjoys the company of the other dogs in his foster home, snuggling with them for nap time starting day one. When he gets excited, he will howl and cry in celebration. He is a super sweet and loving little man, a typical velcro pug that wants to be with his person all the time.

We think Reeses would do best in a home with or without another calm dog for companionship, maybe even a non-lethal cat could be great company. He does seek out his person when he cannot see them, he's looking for a caregiver who's home more often than not. And he has learned to howl in disapproval of his person's absence, as such he would not be ideal for apartment/condo living (any shared wall environment). He has an upcoming dental, so he probably won’t have enough teeth left to eat hard food. A wet diet and soft treats will likely be his go-to moving forward. He will need to remain on joint supplements and may need something more as his arthritis progresses.

Reeses will be fully vetted and ready to move on to his forever home mid-late October, his adoption fee is $250.


GMPR welcomes Pipin to the family!

Pippin is a 1-year-old Fawn female, DOB 4/15/22. She was surrendered when her previous owners were moving and could not take her with them. She' leggy, trim and fit, weighing in about 20 lbs. She had a litter of puppies ‘accidentally’ with another dog in the home about 3 months ago. Little Pippin needed some TLC to put that Pip back in her step. After some basic care (bath, flea meds, good food, etc..) She's much more comfortable and her hair is starting to fill back in. Not sure if it was the fleas or a food allergy? She’s doing very well on her house training if kept to a schedule. Pippin is a typical puppy, full of energy, full on zoomies around the house, over the chair, off the back of the couch… She is learning her lady manners - not to jump on people all the time. Learning basic commands like come, stay, no, leave it. She is very food driven, which helps in her training. She loves eating, and is grasping concept that people's food is not her food while working to mind her table manners. She shows no food aggression and shares willingly with the other pets in her foster home. She is still figuring out the whole leash thing. She super loves going for walks and riding in the car, just being in the action and with her person.

We think Pippin would do best in a home with another playful pet for companionship, she's got puppy power energy for days. Pippin spent more time than she should have in a crate in her previous home, so NO CRATES for this little lady ever again! She hasn't been tested with cats, she has been introduced to older children (7 years-old and up). She was very excited and playful, she definitely sought out their attention. But she is puppy-like and jumps up, so she could inadvertently knock over a toddler. As such, we'll only place her in a home with older children.

Pippin is fully vetted and ready to move on to her new home, her adoption fee is $500.

To express your interest or learn more about Pippin, please submit an application.


Hello gorgeous! GMPR welcomes Squash to the family!

Squash was surrendered in love; her previous owner made the heartbreaking decision to put Squash's needs above her own desires in an effort to give her the best life possible. Squash is a 7-year-old fawn female, her preference is for treats over toys (who's isn't). She knows to alert you about potty time and goes to the door, but cannot hold it if you don't let her our quickly enough. She shows a tendency for a touch of separation anxiety, not destructive, rather anxious and concerned over your whereabouts. And is not a fan of thunder or fireworks. Squash is offered free roam when her foster mom is not home. She loves to snuggle and nap with you; extra credit for belly rubs. She's good with other dogs and kids, and is a perfect copilot in the car. She took a long road trip with her foster mom and handled it like a champ. She allows grooming without issue except her nails, don't touch her nails! As is the case with most puggies, she's not a fan of manicures, but every other type of grooming is on the table. She's had a history with her bottom, she has had a few anal gland issues. But you know what they say, a good diet and a finger up your bum keeps those anal gland infections away!!

Squash is looking for a home where her person is home more often than not. Someone who's willing to share their heart and bed for snuggles. Someone who will love her for the beautiful being she is.

Squash is medically cleared and available for adoption, her adoption fee is $375.

To learn more about Squash or to express your interest in adopting her, please submit an adoption application.

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