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Available Dogs


GMPR Welcomes #23-07 Geno, a 5 year old male Boston Terrier (approx.. 15 lbs).

Hello everyone, I’m Geno! I’m new to this whole loving home environment thing, but it’s pretty great! I have a couple other dogs in my new home and while I love their company, I’m still trying to figure out “appropriate play” as my foster mom would call it. Listen, I like to hump. I feel it’s a compliment, others disagree. Toys and treats are amazing and I’ll do anything for them. I’ve been wearing a wrap around my belly while in the house, apparently you’re not supposed to pee indoors? Lots of new rules here, but I’m trying to fit in. I have been sleeping in one of those crates at night and while my foster mom is away. I’m working on my social skills and I am trying real hard to nail this whole outside = potty thing. Meal time is a breeze and I don’t mind sharing space with others while I eat. All in all, this new home has been pretty cool and I love the idea of a place to hang my leash and call my own. Speaking of leashes, I’m currently not a fan per se, but again, all new things here and I’m trying. I’m going to work the program, follow the rules and try to impress the heck out of my new foster mom. I promise to apply myself and I WILL get there. All you have to do is give me the chance. Oh, and a fenced in yard would be preferred.

Geno has been evaluated for a potential seizure condition. His bloodwork came back great and he is not currently on any seizure preventive medication, he has had at least one confirmed seizure. We will continue to monitor and update his bio as/if we learn more. Geno is new to our rescue and his personality is still developing, but we think he would do well as the only dog in the home, or, with a submissive canine for companionship. This is based on our evaluation of his doggy social skills up to this point. Geno is doing better on a leash, although not 100% leash trained, there is definite progress. His potty training is improving, but not without accidents. Geno is a sweetheart to humans, he wants nothing more than to be loved and given attention. He has learned to appreciate toys and treats and with the proper direction, this will be very helpful in his training. Geno is a great dog and is looking for a quiet home where he can gain the confidence to be his best self. He is a cat chaser, and has not been tested with children. But we’re confident he would do just fine in a home with older, dog savvy kids that are not easily knocked over due to his excited jumping. He’s learning his manners, but tends to try and take what he wants, even if you’re holding it. This could lead to unintended knockdowns or nips to a toddler. He is scheduled for a neuter in late March.

Geno’s adoption fee is $375.


GMPR Welcomes Tuffy, not your average Pug. Tuffy is an approximately 5 year old female Pug/Chihuahua mix weighing in at only 10 little lbs. Tiny Tuffy made her way to GMPR by way of a Good Samaritan who found her abandoned and reached out to GMPR for help.

If you’re looking for that pocket-sized, carry along, fluffy teddy bear, look no further, Tuffy is your girl. She’s so over this being abandoned nonsense and has gotten used to the finer things in life. She wants to be your everything and treated like the princess she is. You can touch her ears, feet, face folds, anything. So long as you’re showing her love and affection. She approaches other dogs with appropriate caution, but warms up quickly after evaluating them for their worthiness, she has no time for aggression. She is currently in a foster home with an alpha-male who offered her the rules day one, she accepted without issue and they’ve been living together harmoniously ever since. She could care less about cats and has not been kid tested. She is sensitive to loud noises and could become anxious in an overly active setting. Based on this we will only place her in a home with older, dog savvy kids. She loves her treats and food, she’s highly motivated by both. She knows what it means to be hungry so she’s not interested in sharing her food with other dogs. Out of an abundance of caution, ample space is offered for all canine siblings during feeding time (which is good practice anyways), but her person is her one and only and she’s always gentle, kind and mindful of her manners. Knowing what it means to be abandoned, she has a new lease on life and she’s up for anything. As long as its time with you, she’s game. She loves car rides, she is your ride or die girl. She’s happy to be your copilot looking out the window or napping, she is the ideal travel companion. And Tuffy is a true lady, If kept to a schedule we would consider her housetrained.

Tuffy would do just fine in a home with or without a pet for companionship. A calm or older (low energy) companion would be ideal for her. She prefers her human above all else, so a home where her person is retired or works from home, any scenario where her human is home more often than not would be preferred. She does miss you while you’re gone, terribly.. While we would not characterize her as a loud lady, she has found her voice. So her owners time away from home, even for a quick errand could create barkyness which might not be compatible with apartment living. She loves snuggles and kisses and lap time and belly rubs (on command), anything that has YOU involved. Tuffy has her spay scheduled for late April where we will also remove and biopsy a bump that shouldn’t be in her lady region. She will remain on medical hold until we receive results from that biopsy. She did come in with an anal gland issue that we have since addressed, she may require some pumpkin added to her meals or special attention to ensure this does not present itself again. Being unaware of the care she received prior to coming into GMPR, this may have been an isolated issue and not a concern for her in the future.

You can submit your interest for Tuffy now to be added to her waitlist, her adoption fee is $375.


GMPR Welcomes Lucy, not your average Pug. Lucy is a 7 year old female ShihTzu (D.O.B. 2016) weighing in at 16 lbs who made her way to GMPR when she was sprung from a puppy mill.

Lucky Lucy is still figuring out this whole indoors, 3 squares, fluffy bed, kind human thing. But she’s come a long way in a short time while in foster care. She’s progressively settling and approaches for petting, but is still weary of sudden movements, loud noises or being picked up. She goes to her “happy place” when being handled or groomed, cooperative just scared. She has a few canine siblings in her foster home, she enjoys their company and seeks their guidance while learning the ropes. She’s rather submissive and will readily surrender food, treats or toys to any of her foster siblings. Lucy is a power chewer, not necessarily her toys, rather a bath mat or slipper. Her foster mom is diligently working to redirect her to one of the thousands of toys offered to her for that very purpose. She is working on her housetraining, she goes to the door (which has a doggy door), but that whole doggy door thing is still terrifying and sometimes she cannot hold it. Work in progress. She rides great in the car, not a peep. She wants to be with her human, she has been sneaking in her foster mom’s bed at night, once her foster mom is asleep and she feels it’s safe to approach. She is still guarded, learning that kindness from humans is possible, she’s proceeding with cautious optimism.

Lucy would do best in a home with another pet for companionship and a home where her person is home more often than not. She’s fresh out of the mill and still gaining her confidence, but she worries when her person is away. While we would not characterize her as loud, she has found her voice. So her owners time away from home could create barkyness which might not be compatible with apartment living. She has not been cat or kid tested, she would likely not pay attention to or notice a cat. She certainly would not give chase or show aggression. She would; however, likely be fearful of young children. As a result we will not be placing her in a home with young children. She will remain on medical hold until fully vetted, her spay/dental is scheduled for early May.

You can submit your interest for Lucy now to be added to her waitlist, her adoption fee is $375.


GMPR welcomes #23-15 Levi to the family.

Levi is a sweet 9 year old boy who found his way to GMPR by way of owner surrender. Levi is a very happy and a very fit pug of 9 years. Don’t let his age fool you, he's got more energy than his 3 year old foster sister. Levi enjoys playtime with his foster siblings, playing with his toys in his own or chewing on a bone in his bed. He's not much for personal space to the other pugs or his humans. If there is space between, he will fill it! Levi is tall when he stands on his hind legs, and based on his excitement level we will not be placing him in a home with children under 10 as he may jump up and inadvertently knock down in excitement. He can do stairs up and down just fine and get on and off the couch on his own accord. He is showing a little bit of joint stiffness in his hind legs, but nothing out of the ordinary, it will be important that he be allowed to let out all his puggy energy to remain fit to prevent worsening. The Vet said he's perfect. He's not food aggressive or even food motivated. We've had to put a little wet food into the dry to be sure he eats at meal time and that has been effective. He does enjoy treats and he's a little pushy with the human food, he is working on his manners. He has learned that potty time is outside and has done pretty well with few accidents. However in any new space that will take positive reinforcement to continue. He does wear a belly band when the humans are out. He's done fine being free in the home with his pug friends. He's not been crated and we don't think he'd love the idea of it. He rides well in the car in a dog bed, with a reminder now and again that he needs to sit but he does listen for the most part. He has not been cat tested, but we think he may get too excited. He has also not been tested with larger dogs, this would be a meet and greet required scenario. He does voice his disapproval when his human leaves the house, because of this he would not be suited for apartment or condo living.

Levi is a Velcro pug and prefer his human home more often than not as well as another pet in the home for companionship. A fenced yard would be best as he's got legs for days for a pug and he enjoys using them! He does pretty good when he's called in but will sometimes prefer to linger in the yard and smell all the smells. He really is a great pug and has settled into home life well! Levi has a very sweet temperament and is super friendly, he will be fully vetted and ready to move on to his forever home in mid- June.

Levi’s adoption fee is $300.


GMPR welcomes Lilla to the family.

Lilla is a sweet little 8 year old who found her way to GMPR by way of owner surrender. You looking for a Netflix and relax kind of pug, well Lilla is your girl. She is super chill and prefers her downtime to playtime. She’s not a fan of toys, but like all pugs, she’s a fan of all treats and food. Lilla has no time for aggression, she is highly accommodating to kids, cats, and the other dogs in the home. She allows grooming and handling like a champ, no resistance. Lilla has been sleeping in her doggy bed or her crate, wherever she decides to turn in for the night or a nap. She is your shadow following you from room to room, just looking for a comfy spot to hang out in a room where she can see you. She would prefer not too many steps to gain access inside/outside for potty breaks, or to navigate your home when following you. And bonus, she’s HOUSETRAINED!

Based on our observations, we feel Lilla is a bit shut down due to her previous life circumstances. She is going to need patience, gentle hands, and soft voices to help her initiate social interaction and become the pug we know she can be. Lilla is looking for a family with a less active lifestyle that matches her chill demeanor. She likely had infrequent out-of-crate time in her previous home, based on this her back end could stand to gain a bit more muscle mass. Lilla’s ideal would be a home where her person is home more often than not. She would do fine as the only pet in the home, or with a calm companion. Lilla loves her person and wants to be with them at all times. Lilla is a very sweet, very loving, very gentle soul. She will be fully vetted and ready to move on to her forever home at the end of June. You can submit your interest for Lilla now to be added to her waitlist, her adoption fee is $300.


GMPR welcomes Khan to the family!

Khan made his stateside debut in late April all the way from Korea! Khan is a 1.5 year old playful, happy, healthy little boy, approximately 12-16 lbs. He is described by his foster mom as the sweetest, the cutest, the most people loving snuggle bug you’ve ever met. “Simply amazing” to quote her…Khan loves his person and his playtime with his foster siblings. He is a super smart little guy with the perfect puppy-like temperament. He’s is doing fantastic on his housebreaking. Khan has discovered that bones and toys are legit, the best thing ever. Food and treats are the bomb as well, but he’s not aggressive in his approach or guarding at meal time.

Khan has super puppy power energy, he really loves playing with the young pug in his foster home. Based on this, and at his request, we will only be placing him in a home with another young playful pet to match his energy level. Khan is not the “I like to be on my own” kind of pug, he wants to be involved and engaged with whatever and whoever is around him. He would not do well being crated or left alone for periods of time. His ideal home would be an active family with lots of attention, outings, walks, and car rides. He has not been cat or kid tested, but we are confident that a home with older children would likely align with the attention and energy he’s seeking in his forever home. With his energy level, a home with younger children would not be ideal as he may jump in excitement and inadvertently knock over.

Khan is ready for his forever home now, his adoption fee is $500.


GMPR welcomes Midge to the family!

Midge made her stateside debut in late April all the way from Korea! Midge is a 5 year old happy, healthy little girl, approximately 12-16 lbs. She is as a typical Velcro pug, always looking for her person, even when going outside for potty, where she is doing splendidly well. She has quickly adapted to her new western lifestyle and learned that she can expect and receive her person’s full attention. She loves her belly rubs and lap time. Her preference for sleeping is on you, next to you, or at least touching you. Important to note; however, English is not her first language. She’s quickly learning the language of basic commands with treats to help guide her along the way, sitting for treats and meal time. She gets along with the other foster siblings in her home but has a touch of a diva streak. Another alpha in the home would be a recipe you’d prefer not to cook. There is a cat in her foster home as well that she has learned a healthy fear of, maintaining an appropriate distance. Midge has really come out of her shell since arriving at GMPR, she is gaining confidence and learning all about this new American way of life.

We feel Midge would do well in a home with or without another pet for companionship, keeping in mind her tendency to want to rule the roost. Since Midge has come to learn she can expect the finer things in life, we’re seeking a home where her person is home more than not where she can fully embrace her Velcro pug persona. She would not do well being crated or left alone for periods of time. She recently met a young, dog savvy child at a pug meetup and appeared to not only seek her out, but truly enjoyed the soft petting and calm attention. So she’s cat tested, kid approved! Midge will be ready for her forever home at the end of May, her adoption fee is $375.


WARNING……Brace yourself for unbelievable cuteness!

Meet Pascal, a four month old male brindle French Bulldog/Pug mix. His papers say he is a pug mix but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, he looks all Frenchie. This sweet boy was surrendered because he was born with a dermoid on his left eye. When examined by the ophthalmologist, it was discovered that he has an incomplete cornea and no vision in that eye. Rather than remove the dermoid alone, it is recommended that the eye be removed completely. He’s cool with it and readily embraces his soon to be pirate persona. Pascal is extremely sweet and loving to everyone. He is terrific with his foster siblings and holds his own with a Frenchie AND a Border Collie. Pascal is making progress on housetraining but is definitely a work in progress, he’s wearing his heavy weight championship belt (belly band) while training. Pascal spends time in an Xpen or crate when the family is out of the house to protect him from his own proclivities. In typical pug fashion, he is always hungry, famished. Pascal has a tendency to be so blinded by his starvation (or general curiosity), he will eat what he’s not supposed to. If it fits in his mouth, he’ll go for it. Sticks and stones may break your bones, as well as cause an awful tummy ache, chipped tooth or worst case - expensive blockage surgery. He will pick up anything he can find along the way when outside. Stones, sticks, clumps of fresh mown grass, dandelions (especially dandelions) are delish! Because of his curious, adventure-seeking nature, he will need to be supervised anytime he is outside and a rock garden or landscape style might not be best suited for him. Full of puppy energy, Pascal winds down around 7 p.m. and is ready to sleep on his foster mom’s chest until bedtime. He really is the sweetest cuddly boy during quiet times and in the evenings. Pascal would do best in a home with another young, playful pet for companionship. Pascal has not been exposed to cats, but is kid approved. He meets everyone with the same eager “look at me, play with me” level of excitement, so homes with younger children that could be inadvertently knocked over with his greeting would not be ideal.

Pascal is scheduled for his eye removal and neuter in May, you can submit your application now to be added to his wait list. His adoption fee is $550.


GMPR welcomes Cody & Spitfire to the family.

Ask any pug lover and they’ll tell you, the only thing better than one pug is more pugs! Spitfire & Cody found their way to GMPR when their previous owner passed away. Spitfire is a 1.5 year old female & Cody is a 4.5 year old male. While we’re not ready to label them bonded, they are siblings who came into our rescue together and super love each other. They seek out each other’s company and given the choice, we’d prefer to keep them together..

Spitfire never met a treat she didn’t like and truly lives up to her namesake with her playful disposition. She has her own animated personality but is content to let big brother Cody lead the way. She’s extra sweet and loving once she knows she can trust you. Where Cody is just a big lump of love. He loves to be handled by people and seeks out attention from everyone he meets. They are both highly compatible with other dogs, NOT so much cats, and enjoy equal parts playtime and pug pile nap time. They are simply the friendliest cuddle pugs who know how to play, but also enjoy a good movie while snuggling on the couch with their person. Feel free to leave the crate door open, they’re happy to let themselves in for a nap or bedtime so long as it’s a crate built for two. Neither appear to have had much in the way of housetraining prior to coming into our rescue, but both have come a long way while in our care and now know potty = outside. They have not been kid tested while at GMPR, but given their sweet and docile temperaments, we foresee them being a perfect fit for any type of house hold (except cats, did we already say no cats?). Their cat issue is not so much prey drive, rather play drive, and they do not respect boundaries.

Both are fully vetted and ready to move on to their forever home. You can submit your application now for consideration, their adoption fee is $800.

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