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Oh, Daisy, Daisy, Doo

Daisy's tale is unfortunately a sad one. 12 year old Daisy was loved dearly by her previous mom for about 11 years. Her mom passed and Daisy found herself alone and in need of a kind hand and home to help mend her broken heart. Daisy got passed around to a couple different family members, none of which were too interested in offering this little lady the helping hand she so desperately needed. For some time, she remained in a home where she was not properly cared for. This fragile little lady was already so broken in spirit, now mistreated. She lost a lot of weight, about 5 lbs now and all hopes for once again finding that bond she once shared with her human. A family friend, we'll call her Good Samaritan, found out about Daisy and was able to remove her from that situation, but could not keep her and asked GMPR for help.

Now, after hearing all of that you're likely thinking that's just too much to take on, Daisy must have suffered some irreparable affects from her experiences. Well, think again! Daisy is the sweetest, most gentle, most loving, silly, steal your heart, amazing little girl. Unscathed from her trauma, she lives life to its fullest and has no time for regrets, only time for love, life and new experiences. While her original mom loved her unconditionally, she did not make Daisy's vetting a priority. She requires full vetting, including all vaccinations, a spay and dental. She has a bump on her tail that we'll have checked when she goes in for her spay and dental. And we believe Daisy is likely deaf in one ear due to an ear infection that was left untreated for too long, but that doesn't stop her. She is quite active, independent and curious, and her favorite past time is napping in your arms or on your lap, oh and belly rubs, she really loves belly rubs. She's a perfect copilot on car trips, housebroken if kept to a schedule, great with other small dogs, she's fearful of bigger dogs. Not cat or kid tested, given her tiny, fragile frame, a home with no or older kids would be ideal.

Daisy should be ready to move on to her forever after in the coming weeks. If you want to let Daisy know that she has a loving home for the rest of her days with you, please complete an application. Her adoption fee is $250. https://www.gmpr.org/adoptionapp.html.

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