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This page is dedicated to all the pugs we have rescued. Their adoption photos and stories will be placed here as well.

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On January 11, 2023, Buddy the Pug, #22-72, with the Mug found his happy ever after with Ron & Marco.

Marco & Ron are Alumni and long time supporters of GMPR. They lost their beloved Ruddie some time ago and were ready to open their hearts and home to another special little guy in need, enter Buddy.

Buddy had some skin issues to be addressed before being placed, but that smile was perfect and no dental work was required! Now this little guy, let me tell ya…That face! Love, Love, Love and talk about an easy going, carefree companion. Buddy gets to go to the office with his new dad where he’s already got a fan base (stay tuned for his own TikTok and personal Instagram page) , or run errands, or lounge around, whatever and wherever, Buddy is up for it. He’s just a perfect little pug nugget.

Congratulations Marco, Ron and of course Buddy, the Pug with the Mug!

Thank you for giving Buddy his happy ever after!

On January 8, 2023, Buddha (now Brudis), Pug # 22-71, found his happy ever after with Diana & Chet!

Diana reached out to GMPR when she & Chet lost their beloved 14 year old pug. Their poor little remaining pug, Nighttrain, was beside himself with grief and missing his best friend. Many of our fantastic GMPR folks were interested in learning more about this adorable little snaggle toothed lovepug, but as we all know there is only one rescue for the many wonderful families who want to offer up their homes and hearts. Brudis now gets to spend his days playing and napping with his new brother, living the life every dog should. Quote from his new mom…” My husband and myself are beyond happy! I just wanted to thank you for choosing us. We haven't stop smiling since we picked him up!”

Congratulations Diana, Chet, Nighttrain and of course Brudis!

Thank you for giving Brudis his happy ever after!

On January 3, 2023, Milo, Pug #22-62, found his happy ever after with Linda & Lee!

Linda & Lee are GMPR Alumni and recently lost their beloved Rego (GMPR Alumni). They were hoping to share their home with the pitter patter of pug feet once more. They saw Milo’s posting and it was love at first sight. Milo now has a new Yorkie sister to pal around with all day.

Thank you for being serial adopters and giving Milo his happy ever after!

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