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This page is dedicated to all the pugs we have rescued. Their adoption photos and stories will be placed here as well.

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Toby & Lelu found their happy ever after with Janis & Paul on February 17, 2024!

Alumnus many times over, Janis & Paul just lost their beloved Bart and were beside themselves with grief. But as any true rescuer knows, as sad as you are and no matter how much you're grieving, don't say "never again", your pet would want to pay it forward.. Allow another pet in need to feel that love, urging you from the bridge to save another because it matters. Toby & Lelu were looking for a new happy ever after, one stipulation, where there's one...there's two!! It had to be together! Often, finding that perfect forever home for a bonded pair has its challenges, but not for this dynamic duo! We had a tremendous response to this pair! A wonderful dilemma for these two perfect pugs, but not for the many families that were disappointed and hoping for a chance to invite them into their homes.

Thanks Janis & Paul for choosing rescue (again) and opening your hearts and home to not just one, but two dogs in need of their happy ever after!

Happy Tails!! Our little Pearlie Girlie found her happy ever after with Meredith on February 11, 2024!

Our little Pearl was our first rescue of 2024 coming in with a few brothers and sisters. Having lived her life with other dogs up to that point, she just up and decided she did not want to share anymore. She wanted a mom all to herself. Meredith has been a volunteer for GMPR for a sometime and recently lost her beloved GMPR pug of 13 years! It seemed like a match made in heaven at the perfect time, a mom with no pug to love and a pug that wanted to be the only loved pug in the home......

Thanks, Meredith, for all you do for GMPR and giving Pearl her happy ever after!

Happy Tails!! Our little Ralphie found his happy ever after with Maureen & Robert on February 4, 2024!

Ralphie was surrendered to a local shelter only a couple days before Christmas, but no tears, this story has a happy ending....

He had some heath concerns and a previous surgery gone awry causing him pain, but GMPR got him a clean bill of health and his amazing foster mom showed him that life is all about second chances. Ralphie now has a mom and dad that love him to the moon and back, his very own Shih Tzu brother, as well as a Frenchie and two English Bulldog cousins next door for play all day shenanigans! Next Christmas will be epic!

Thank you, Maureen & Robert for giving Ralphie his best happy ever after!

Happy Tails!! Our little Maggie Mag Pie found her happy ever after with Nancie on February 3, 2024!

Maggie was surrendered to a local shelter only a couple days after Christmas when her previous mom realized she overcommitted when buying a puppy. Little Maggie was the picture-perfect pup and sparked lots of interest. Nancie, rescue puggle-mom extraordinaire, was searching for a puggle mate for her Fenway and fell victim to a few scam rescue scenarios. Never giving up hope, her dream came true!

Maggie now has her forever mom and her forever mate and we couldn't be happier for her!

Thanks Nancie & Fenway for never giving up hope and offering Maggie Pie her happy ever after!

Happy Tails!! Our little Winston found his happy ever after with GMPR Alumni Mark & Richard on January 27, 2024! We're thrilled to relay he found the BEST forever home with his two humans AND a brother and sister (Suzy & Rocky) to pal around with, nap on his custom-made welcome home blanket, talk about life and their daydreams of treats and belly rubs. And look, there was an open spot on the couch right there in the middle, the perfect turnkey family...

Thank you, Mark & Richard, for opening your hearts and home (again) by giving our little Winston a family to call his very own..

On January 14, 2024, Dixie was adopted by Matt.

Dixie, a 4-year-old lovely little vixen, was looking to be the only dog in the home. She takes her personal relationship with her human very seriously and did not want to share. Matt, a GMPR Alumni, recently lost his Teddy and was looking to pay it forward by adopting once again. Matt, finding himself pugless and missing the companionship.... Dixie, wanting to be the only lady in her human's life... It was pugmet..err we mean kismet. It was love at first site!

Thank you Matt, for choosing adoption (again) and giving Dixie her happy ever after!

On January 3, 2024, Faith and Kaylee finally found their happy ever after!

We are thrilled to announce the adoption of Faith and Kaylee, our adorable pug duo! These two special souls patiently waited for their perfect family. After spending a considerable amount of time in foster care, these lovable pugs have found their forever home with Dad, Andrew, and Mom, Robin. This dynamic duo met in rescue and were not bonded. Neither "showed well" as their life before rescue wasn't the best. They were fearful of new people and environments, not the typical care-free pug expecting pets and treats from random passersby. Several families came to meet them, but these ladies were very selective, very patient.....cautiously optimistic. Faith's stay was a bit longer than Kaylee's, but both took their time and waited as they knew the perfect family was out there. Full 180 when they met Robin and Andrew, they just knew it was meant to be. No rookies to rescue, Robin & Andrew exuded the traits Faith & Kaylee were seeking in their forever home, and that's a wrap, case closed, need look no further, love at first sight. The household now overflows with joy as Robin, Andrew, Stephen and Maddy, along with numerous furry feline friends, eagerly welcome the newest members to their family. Their journey from foster care to a loving family is a testament to the power of compassion and the importance of giving these underdogs a second chance at happiness.

We invite you to join us in congratulating the entire family on this momentous occasion. Faith and Kaylee can't wait to explore their new surroundings, make new friends, and never be fearful again because they're home. Cheers to new beginnings!

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