Rescued Pugs

This page is dedicated to all the pugs we have rescued. Their adoption photos and stories will be placed here as well.

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On November 17, 2021 Rufus, pug #21-42 went to his forever home with Frank of Vermont.

Rufus is a 4 year old fawn male pug … sweet, affectionate and lovable. Rufus was not enjoying the activity in his household with small children and craved a quieter space. Even so, he was a gentleman in his foster home with several other active dogs. Although Rufus goes outside to do his business, he is an incorrigible marker and requires a bellyband. I think this is why he did not get as much interest as most of our younger boys. But there is always that special someone and this time it is Frank. Frank was looking for a new companion, having lost his pug a few months ago. He was hoping for an older pug but Rufus “spoke” to him. Frank has adopted 5 other GMPR pugs beginning in the 90’s and is a former foster dad. Rufus will find a calm and loving constant companion with Frank.

Best wishes for a long and happy partnership.

On October 21, 2021, our Super Senior, Talulahbelle, Pug #21-36 found her forever home with April of New York.

Talulahbelle's senior owner felt she could no longer properly care for this sweet pug and did the loving thing and surrendered her to GMPR. At 11 years old, Talulah is mostly blind, has compromised breathing and sensitive skin. She fits in well with April’s pugs, enjoys camping and is a very happy girl in her new home. As always, we love and are grateful for our adopters of Seniors.

Congratulations Talulah and April.

On October 16, 2021, our Pug Social star, Bella, was adopted by Mera of New York.

Bella is a 5-6 year old pug mix. Bella is a very sweet girl when she is comfortable in her environment. When confined, Bella barks and becomes agitated towards other dogs and strangers, but once allowed to meet and greet other dogs on leash she is fine. Bella attended our Annual Pug Social and paraded her way around the grounds all day; meeting kids and dogs alike. Bella had a history of dominant behavior towards other dogs so we were looking for a home where she can reign supreme. Pug mixes can be hard to place and we worked our way through our waitlist with no luck. Then to our delight we heard from Mera who had visited our booth at Pet-A-Palooza. Mera has pug mix experience, lives in a quiet and rural neighborhood and is home during the day. Can we say PERFECT!! It wasn’t long before Bella was on her way to NY to a wonderful future.

On October 7, 2021, Tabitha, #21-028, was adopted by Jenn of New York.

Tabitha is one lucky girl that we discovered at a “Flea Market” in Ohio. Tabitha was being sold by a breeder and was said to be 5 years old. One look into her cloudy eyes and a peek at her rotting teeth and we knew she was at least 10 years old. This girl needed to be saved!!! So we paid the price and brought her back East. Serendipitously, GMPR’s foster mom who is a Japanese Chin lover was able to meet us as we drove back through New York. As a senior with heart issues, it was going to be a challenge to find her the right home. But after weeks of loving care, dental surgery and a spay, it was obvious Tabitha was just where she needed to be. We couldn’t be happier for Tabitha and Jenn.

On September 18, 2021, Muffin, Pug #21-37 was adopted by Pamela of Maine.

Muffin was listed for sale on Craigslist to be sold as a “pet only”. She had delivered her babies and decided her job was done! Muffin is a 3 year old fawn female with itchy skin and a need for a high quality limited ingredient diet. After spay and stenotic nares surgery, Muffin was ready for her new home. Muffin is very much a Velcro pug and is also very vocal so apartment living was not for her. Pam works from home on a rural road (distance from others is key) and can give Muffin all of the attention Muffin believes she is entitled to have. Have a happy life Muffin!

On September 14, 2021, Frank, Pug #21-39 was adopted by Jodi of Massachusetts.

Frank’s owner was off to college and Frank was left alone all day due to the remaining family’s work schedule. He is a sociable and lovable 5 year old black pug, experiencing a bad case of atopic dermatitis. Frank is practically perfect in every way, great with other dogs, friendly to all people, housebroken and mannerly. After a few weeks on a high quality and limited diet, Frank’s coat has come back in healthy and glossy. Jodi has a habit of rescuing senior and disabled pugs. She inquired about the China pugs but there were just not enough to go around. After being on the waitlist for several months, we offered Frank to Jodi because we knew he would be the ultimate gentleman with her seniors.

Congratulations Jodi and Frank, enjoy your new life on the Cape!

On September 8, 2021, Irene of New Hampshire took home Charlie pug #21-35 just one day after his father Sully was adopted.

When their elderly owner passed away, Sully and Charlie were surrendered to GMPR by a family member who was unable to care for them. Charlie, is a gorgeous 7 year old red Pug/Japanese Chin/Shih Tzu mix. These boys were isolated in the owner's home and needed socialization. We decided that Sully and Charlie would do better as individuals due to their behavior when together. Charlie is a sweet natured snuggle bug who loves spending quiet time with his person. Irene is a lovely senior who lost her long term companion pug of 17 years. Charlie will do his best to fill Irene’s home and life with love and companionship.

Wishing you a happy life Irene and Charlie.

On September 7, 2021, Sully, pug #21-34 was adopted by Duncan and Millesaint of New Hampshire.

Sully, is an 8 year old fawn male pug who was surrendered due to his owner’s death. He was not well socialized and needed lots of positive interaction. Sully enjoyed the attention of his foster mom but did not like to share her with the other pug in the house. We found Sully a wonderful quiet home with a lovely retired couple who can give him lots of love and attention. Duncan was missing his last pug terribly and has been waiting for a year for another pug companion.

Congratulations Duncan and Sully on finding each other.

On August 31, 2021, Paxton, Pug #21-33, was adopted by Cindy of New York.

Paxton is a typical one year old boy, full of life and fun but with a life threatening liver shunt discovered when his owner took him in for neutering. The cost of liver shunt surgery was beyond the capability of his family and we want to thank those of you who donated towards his care. Paxton is well on the road to recovery. His bile liver salts are still high and the vet wants to retest again in 4-6 weeks; if they are still high he will need a follow up ultrasound. He will be kept on a KD diet, antibiotics and lactulose!

With Paxton’s future health and continued medical expenses still uncertain, it was an easy decision to place him with Cindy. Cindy is a vet tech who met Paxton during his care. She has access to reduced medical costs and experience with medical challenges. Paxton will be joining her in the workplace with his pug siblings.

On July 18, 2021, Bella, French Bulldog #21-32, was adopted.

If you have never met Angels on Earth, let us introduce you to Judy and Brian of Vermont. This lovely couple specialize in the care of special needs dogs. Judy and Brian fostered for GMPR for years and have created a home centered around dogs with disabilities. Bella is a beautiful, sweet and loving 2 year old blue French Bulldog. Bella had been a backyard breeding momma and suffered a serious back injury. No care was given and by the time we were able to bring Bella into rescue, she was paralyzed. After extensive medical evaluations, a specialist determined that due to the weeks of delay, Bella was not a good candidate for surgery and her paralysis is permanent. Once we received this diagnosis we were hopeful she would join the “Rafferty Outlaws”. I can’t say for sure who reached out first, them or us, but it wasn’t long before Bella was on her way to an incredible forever home.

Congratulations Bella, you will be surrounded by love and care for life.

Independence Day was a day of celebration for our lovely Marsha, Pug #21-05 when she was adopted by Keegan of Massachusetts.

Marsha is the sweetest 10 year old fawn pug, full of personality. She arrived with a multitude of medical concerns, including a troublesome hernia in her abdomen and serious dental disease. Marsha enjoyed living with several foster siblings and reigning as Queen of the couch in her foster home. She is a Velcro pug and can be very vocal when left alone. Keegan has a wonderfully full house with enough family members that Marsha should never be without company. Keegan has been waiting for some time for a match with her family. We think Marsha is just the right pug for them.

On July 3, 2021, our senior bonded pair of pugs, Lana (pug #21-029) and Weston (pug #21-030) were adopted by Erin and Kevin of New York.

Lana and Weston are owner surrenders due to a family move. These pugs were well taken care of by their former owner. Lana is a dominate pug, she likes to keep Weston in line and protects him from other dogs. This meant that we needed to find a home with no other dogs, which is a hard task with pug owners! Weston is much more active than Lana, he can play all day and they both love to lounge on a lap or hang outdoors in the grass. Erin and Kevin are experienced owners of senior and special needs pugs. They have been wanting another pug since their last GMPR alum passed in 2019 and have waited a long time for this wonderful pair to come into their lives.

Thank you for loving our seniors

On June 19, 2021, Bella, Pug #21-026 has found her forever home with Joanne of Vermont.

Isabella “Bella” is a 5 year old black pug that was surrendered due to a move in the family. Bella had to be left behind and we are thankful one of our foster mom’s was able to bring her into GMPR. It took some time for Bella to be medically cleared for adoption … she had a major dental and nares surgery. She needed all of her vaccinations and treatment for a skin infection. We believe she had been living outside. Bella does not tolerate most large dogs and is an alpha female. Joanne has an older submissive dog that will not try to usurp Bella’s need to be Queen and Joanne has experience with the “diva” pug attitude.

Thank you Joanne for taking a chance on Bella. We hope to see you at our Pug Social in the Fall.

On June 10, 2021, Daisy, “pug” #21-027, was adopted by Helen of Vermont.

Finally, after fostering for Green Mountain Pug Rescue for just under 10 years, rotating dozens of pugs through our home and handling adoptions for the last several years, I have become a "foster failure". Daisy - not a pug - but a rescue from our recent trip to the Amish countryside in Ohio, has become a permanent member of our family. She is kid tested, dog and cat tested and camper tested. She just passes all of the tests! She sought out the grandkids for cuddles and travels like a champ. I hope to be forgiven for keeping her, I have passed on so many other wonderful pugs that I have truly loved and let go to our adopters over the years.

Welcome to your forever home Daisy!

On May 30, 2021, Blue, Pug 21-31, was adopted by Stephanie of Maine.

Blue is a 2 year old female Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug mix). Blue’s family surrendered her because they have 3 small children and she was too high strung around the kids. Blue had her spay and was quickly ready for her new home. Stephanie has two senior pugs at home; Muck is 15 ½ years old and Maisy is 13 ½. It’s been a long time since Stephanie has had a young dog. She has been on our waitlist for two years patiently waiting for the right one. We are sure Blue will bring joy and energy to this sweet family.

Congratulations Blue and Stephanie!

All of the China Pugs rescued by GMPR have been adopted. Last but not Least is Jo, pug #21-11, adopted by Patience of ME on May 30, 2021.

Jo is a fawn 5 year old female pug with a playful and loving nature. She came to us with luxating patellas scarred into place so surgery is not an option. She can do a few stairs and is quite mobile. Jo is good with dogs and older children but can be mouthy when playing. As soon as Jo had a full dental she was ready for adoption. Patience and her daughter both wanted to give a home to one of the China pugs. A Zoom visit let us know this was the perfect place for this special girl. Jo will be joining Maisy, a pug sister.

Congratulations Patience and Jo on your new family.

On May 26, 2021, Kiti, now known as Hope, pug #21-13 was adopted by Deb of NY.

Hope is one of the China pugs that came to New York on the cross-country van ride from LA. Hope arrived with a large surgical scar from emergency abdominal surgery she had in China shortly before coming to America. Like the other girls, she had a luxating patella; but unlike her China pug sisters, Hope was a candidate for surgery and we were able to have it repaired. Deb is an experienced pug owner and is in a perfect position to help with Hope’s long term recovery. Although she has had a rough beginning, Hope is headed into a happy and secure future.

Congratulations Deb and Hope!

As the Adoption Coordinator and almost full-time pug foster mom, there are those that come through our home that we know are truly special. Bai Bai, China Pug 21-07, has been my all time favorite.

Bai Bai is a 2 year old white pug mix who came to us too thin, with too little hair and with an unabiding love for everyone and everything she met. She has ruled this house with her presence and her unflagging spirit. She has recovered from mange and skin infections. This week, she had surgery for hernia repair, stenotic nares and a dental. She was ready so we placed her with a special pug mom who lives close enough for visits and hugs from this sad but happy foster mom, knowing Bai Bai is going to the perfect home for her. That’s all we ever hope for as fosters. There is always another needy pug around the corner waiting for the care and love we provide, but there will only be one Bai Bai.

Bai Bai was adopted by Jane of Vermont on May 20, 2021.

We had a great week of adoptions. Xiao Dou, China pug 21-022 was adopted by Marc and family of New York on May 16, 2021.

Xiao Dou, a 2 year old female, came to us in the second batch of China pugs. Like many of the girls, she has patellas that are scarred into place. This did not slow this dynamo down as she raced around the yard with her foster siblings. Xiao Dou did get a dental and was treated for intestinal issues and will have ongoing drops for her dry eyes. She loves other dogs and is great with cats. This is Marc’s first pug but he has plenty of dog experience and a young family that will love having this little lady in the house.

On May 15, 2021, China Pug 21-024 Yuan Yuan (now Roxy) was adopted by Irene of NH.

Roxy is another petite female pug and is one of our most medically challenged. Patellas, giardia, dental disease and serious arthritis are all part of her package. But with the right foster home, Roxy started on the road to a happier and more comfortable life. Here is what her foster mom said ….

The first thing the vet said was how sweet she is. Roxy is not two as stated in the papers she arrived with. The vet, Dr. Clement, think around seven years old. One of the reasons for the age is the progression of her arthritis. The x rays showed Roxy has arthritis in her shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Her patellas are so damaged they are inoperable. The patellas shifted over the years, possibly from being caged and poor nutrition. The patellas scarred in the wrong position from whatever neglect she received. This is why she is so arthritic. Her body has tried to compensate. She takes Dasuquin prescribed by the vet. I think it helps. I cannot stress how much better her mobility is now…. Her body was getting stronger yet sometimes the arthritis flares up. When this happens, I actually let her rest in a warm bath. I fill the tub up to about her belly. Not too warm, but enough to help her be comfortable. I have jets in my tub and she loves when I turn them on. My version of water therapy! She is so much more mobile. We are conservative. We lift her to the couch and only short walks. She is gaining muscle and this really seems to help. The vet said she has had a very hard life.

Irene asked to be considered for a senior female or a China pug. She got everything she asked for in Roxy and from her reply, you can see why she was picked to be Roxy’s forever home.

She will do well here with all our ramps and no stairs. I think the other girls will show her how to use the doggie door, and take her out with them when they go. I'd like to know everything you can tell me about her. Where is she used to sleeping, what and how much has she been eating, medication schedule, and anything that would help me make her comfortable. Do you have any idea when she can travel? … we'll need a plan for where and when to meet. I make my own schedule, so whatever works for you is ok. There are a few things on my calendar, but give me a date and we can work around it. Thanks for the pictures, can't wait to give her some lovin. Thank you all for taking care of these sweet dogs.

Congratulations Irene and Roxy!

On May 15, 2021, Xiao Yu (Little Jade) China Pug 21-023 was adopted by Cindy of New Hampshire.

Xiao Yu won all of our hearts when he arrived from China. He is a big smooshy handsome 2-5 year old boy who happens to be blind. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, and he joined in on puggy games when his foster siblings were racing around. He saw a specialist who said that his tear production was good and we did not need to remove his big beautiful peepers. Xiao Yu did need a dental and he will need eye medication for life to keep his eyes as healthy as possible. Cindy is a long time GMPR supporter who recently lost her senior pug. Cindy has dealt with everything pug over the years and Xiao Yu’s blindness was not about to keep her from loving on this special boy.

Congratulations on finding each other Cindy and “Jade”.

On May 14, 2021, our extra special MooShu, China pug 21-016 was adopted by Addy of NY.

When we got a call the night before the China pugs were flying to LA, a decision had to be made if we would accept MooShu. He was showing serious neurological symptoms from having survived distemper. We knew if he survived the flight, he would have a better chance of a life here so, of course, we said yes.

His foster mom wrote … MooShu was one sick pup when I picked him up. Besides having permanent central nervous system damage from surviving distemper, MooShu was also positive for roundworms and giardia. He was dehydrated and too skinny …. He was very hungry and would throw himself at any opportunity for food, which would usually come back out much too quickly. He was certainly not housebroken and had a sad mix of scabs and thin spots on his coat. The distemper that could have killed him has left him with a permanent tic. Neither of the meds we tried completely eliminates the tic nor his ataxia (what makes him look like he’s drunk while he’s walking), but they do seem to lessen the severity. As MooShu gets tired, his tic gets worse. Regardless, MooShu doesn’t let this get him down. He runs, does stairs (it’s quite the sight!), and loves to cuddle.

MooShu was recently neutered and had a dental. His skin and coat are improving every day … his coat is coming in so soft! He is getting better at housebreaking, and I think with patience and redirection, MooShu will be pretty much fully trainable. So after all of that, why would you want to adopt MooShu? MooShu is a love. He is such a goofy, happy boy who deserves someone who is going to understand that he needs lots of good food, poop breaks, cuddles, and love. He has so much life in him and he just wants to share that love. He plays with balls and toys, loves his bully stick chews, and wants to twitch his skinny body right on your lap. He has adapted well to living with other pugs and cats but could also adapt to being an only dog since I think it is people he loves more than anything else.

We thought MooShu might be a Hospice pug, we thought he could be with us for a long time. But sometimes you go with your gut and when we interviewed Addy as part of our adoption process, we knew she was THE ONE! Thankfully, Addy knew it too. We can’t thank you enough Addy and family for giving our special MooShu a forever home where he can be himself and know only love. We wish you many happy years together.

From China to Boston, Sasa, China pug 21-21, flew her way into her foster Dad’s arms and was adopted by Mike of New Hampshire on May 12, 2021.

Sasa is a 3-5 year old pug who arrived in LA with the China pugs. Special thanks to Rob from PRoNE who flew with Sasa direct to Boston where she was picked up by her foster dad. It was love at first sight and after her medical clearance, Mike officially adopted Sasa. Sasa does have some sight issues but is otherwise in good health. She is a quiet girl and will be content to keep her Dad company as he works from home. She will have a lovely fenced yard to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and grass under her feet. Congratulations Mike and Sasa.

On May 11, 2021, Olive, pug #21-04, was adopted by Margaret and family of Vermont.

Sweet Olive was never listed as an available pug on our social media while we got a medical expert’s assessment of her future. Olive came to us with a pre-existing heart murmur and severe aortic stenosis. Although Olive is only 7 years old, reality is that there are no guarantees on her longevity. If not for this diagnosis, she would be anyone’s dream pug – adorable, housetrained, mannerly, loves everyone. We considered keeping Olive as a hospice but miracles and good people do exist. Margaret works in cardiac care and is fully aware of what might be, but she and her family made an educated and thoughtful decision to bring Olive home for whatever time she may have.

We are so very grateful to Margaret and wish her family and Olive many happy years together.

On May 9, 2021, Billions, China Pug 08-21 was adopted by Mike and Karen of Maine.

Billions is a sensitive boy who had to get used to the noises of an active household. After time in his foster home, his sweet and silly personality flourished. Like most of the China pugs, Billions came with medical issues including luxating patellas, a need for a lifetime of eye meds and muscle wasting in his legs. With the freedom to exercise, he has made significant improvement in his strength. Billions is good with dogs, playful with cats and loves children. Mike and Karen are experienced pug owners who are prepared for Billions future medical needs. He will be joining a pug brother and enjoy a life in Coastal Maine including camping adventures in their travel trailer. Happy life Billions!

On May 1, 2021, AnQi (Angel), China pug 06-21 was adopted by Darlene and Rob of Vermont.

AnQi is a heartwarming example of how far these pugs have come with good care and a lot of love. Her original photos from China show a damaged little dog. She has blossomed into a beautiful girl under the care of her foster mom.

AnQi’s foster mom posted the following …From China to LA to NYC to Upstate NY to VT, this little model puggie is well-traveled. Miss Angel had a little photo shoot yesterday before completing her journey to her furever home. Good luck, little lady. Thank you for letting me a part of your journey.

On May 1, 2021, JoAnna of New York welcomed Hua (now known as Hula), China pug #09-21 as a permanent member of her family.

Hula is a small 2 year old fawn female. Like all of the female pugs we got from China, Hula has already had puppies. She is working on her housetraining and she has some weakness in one of her rear legs. Even so, JoAnna sees only the beauty in this little gem and will give her a wonderful life.

Congratulations JoAnna and Hula!

May Day is observed every year to pay tribute to the contribution of workers across the world. But this expression is also used as a distress call; “Mayday" is derived from the French word “m'aider" that means “help me" and is a shortened form of “venez m'aider", which means “come and help me". And that’s exactly what all of you did, you answered the distress call of the China pugs. So it is remarkable that 3 of our pugs were adopted on May Day this year. Hua Hua, pug #10-21 was adopted by Patty and her family of New York.

Hua Hua arrived at her foster home with kennel cough from her long journey. Once she recovered, she needed a major dental. Although she is said to be only 3, the previous diet of the China pugs created a lot of dental disease and she lost 12 teeth. Hua Hua will be joining a 15 year old pug sister named Bella. Happy life Hua Hua, we are so happy we were able to answer your call.

On April 27, 2021, Sweet and Petite – Yon Dou, china pug 25-21 was adopted by Suzanna of Vermont.

Yon Dou is a young and playful female pug who left China to enjoy the Green Mountains of Vermont. She escaped the curse of luxating patellas that is plaguing so many of our China pugs and is remarkably healthy. Yon Dou has recovered from mange but has minor skin irritations which may be allergy related. She enjoyed playing with her foster dog siblings and is full of energy. Suzanna has been on our waitlist for some time and was hoping for a younger dog to keep her current pug/boston mix company. There are also 3 older children in the home and Yon Dou will be surrounded with love and comfort. We are grateful there are such wonderful homes waiting to open their hearts to these amazing resilient pugs from China.

We are happy to announce that Kin, China pug 12-21 has found her forever home. Kin is one of the pugs that were held back in LA and traveled to the East by van. Although she arrived late to Vermont, Kin was in better condition than many of the others and was quickly cleared for adoption. Kin was treated for giardia, a common infliction with the China pugs and received a dental. She had mange back in China so her hair is still growing in (particularly on her ears) and her skin is itchy.

Kin is extremely social and she just wants to be loved. Her favorite thing is jumping into your lap and finding her way into your neck for a deep snuggle. She loves anyone that will just love on her - she does not discriminate against kids or adults. She loves her treats and meal time. She definitely needs work on her potty training but once she is finished being treated for her giardia that should improve on its own.

Kin was adopted by Lou and Diane of New Hampshire on April 23, 2021. Lou is wonderfully warm and easygoing and has realistic expectations about what to expect with a China pug. He works from home and will be able to give Kin all of the attention she has been lacking. Lou and Diane last adopted a GMPR pug named Rocco 7 years ago and they are looking forward to Rocco having a fun companion.

On April 22, 2021, China Pug Pu Er, pug #18-21 was adopted by Patricia of New York.

Here is a perfect description of a Puppy Mill pug and a wonderful foster home – taken from our foster evaluation form for China pug Pu Er (now Muffin)

1. What did the dog do when it came into your house for the first time?

…she peed on all the rugs. After just getting to a new house, it was understandable.

Pu Er had a rocky start as she had no idea about housetraining and was pooping in her crate. But with perseverance, her foster home turned that behavior around. Pu Er also has limited vision so she will need eye meds for life and she also had a dental.

Our experience with the China pugs is that these dogs come with big hearts and lots of love. Many seem to prefer the company of people over other dogs. This made Pu Er a wonderful choice for her adopter Patricia of New York. Pat is a senior lady who lives alone in an in-law apartment. Pat’s family has dogs of their own so Pu Er will have access to playmates and a loving mom who plans to cook all of her food.

Congratulations Pat on your adoption of this petite girl, may you have many happy years together.

On April 15, 2021, Qi Zai, China Pug #19-21, was adopted by Mike & Melissa of New York.

Qi Zai arrived from China with a neck skin infection and an ear infection. Overall, he was in good condition and very playful and loving. Qi Zai is a play biter and left his foster mom with bruises! Mike and Melissa have real life experience with this type of play and believe they will be successful in “nipping” this behavior in the bud. Qi Zai will have a spry 12 year old dog companion and a lovely fenced yard to work off that energy. Mike and Melissa are an ideal family because they have had years of pug experience from puppyhood to seniors.

Thank you Mike and Melissa for accepting Qi Zai into your home.

On April 12, 2021, China Pug 20-21, Qiu Qiu, was adopted by Andy & Beth of New Hampshire.

Qiu Qiu is a two year old fawn female and is one of the healthier and least complicated of the China pugs. Qiu Qiu needed a spay which was a surprise to us since all the China pugs were supposed to be neutered/spay prior to arrival but we are glad we caught it. Like most of the China pugs, she will need daily eye meds. Qiu Qiu is a total sweetheart and adapted quickly to her foster home. Andy & Beth have always adopted older pugs and had an application on file for over a year. Qiu Qiu will be a wonderful companion for their senior GMPR alum Lily.

Thank you Andy & Beth for giving this girl a forever, safe and loving home.

On April 11, 2021, China Pug, Leo, Pug #15-21 was adopted by Stephanie of Maine.

Leo, now named Enzo, is a sweet little fawn pug who came to us special delivery from China. Leo arrived with limited vision and back end weakness, but with freedom comes strength. Stephanie adopted from GMPR in 2011 and still has her lovely boy Mac. Like so many, she wanted to give a China pug a new life. She says Enzo is a little ball of energy and fun. He runs around the backyard and has been caught cuddling with Mac in the sun. He watches things going on in the field and listening to all the birds.

Watching Enzo and knowing he came all the way from a hard existence in China to a pampered life in Maine is what makes rescue so sweet. It’s beyond heartwarming to see these China pugs start to find their way to new homes.

Congratulations Stephanie, Mac and Enzo!

On April 2, 2021, China Pug, Lan, Pug #14-21 was adopted by Cathy and Michael of Maine.

Lan is a tiny and shy pug from China who is just the sweetest thing ever. When she first arrived, she would hide and shy away from being touched. Once in her foster home, she really opened up and did so well. She also had so few medical issues that she was ready for adoption quickly. As you can see, one thing she isn’t shy about is with the camera. Cathy and Mike have the perfect quiet home for such a shy girl with a big fenced yard and a pug sister for company. They couldn’t say no to this pocket-sized pug that we all fell in love with when she arrived in Vermont.

Congratulations Cathy, Mike and Lan!

On March 30, 2021, China Pug Pao Fu, Pug #21-17, was adopted by Jessica of New York.

Pao Fu is about 1 year old when she arrived to GMPR from China. She has some orthopaedic issues but that doesn’t stop her from chasing her pug siblings around the house. She is incredibly petite for a pug which makes her all the more adorable! As you can see, she hates the camera LOL! Her momma is going to have so much fun with her and having photo shoots with cute outfits.

Congratulations to our first China pug to be adopted and we look forward to seeing her at future GMPR events! Thank you Jessica for being her forever momma!

On March 14, 2021, Trixie, Pug 2-21, was adopted by Christy of Vermont.

Trixie is said to be 15 years old. She belonged to a homeless owner and we believe she spent many years living in a shopping cart. Trixie has been treated for eye, ear and skin infections and had a dental. She is a happy and loving girl. Trixie needs someone who is home with her, and if taken outside frequently, she is housetrained. Christy saw Trixie on our website and fell in love. It’s wonderful when one of our Super Seniors finds a home where they can be pampered and adored.

On March 7, 2021, Timmy, Pug 03-21 was adopted by Heather of New Hampshire.

Timmy is a 7 year old fawn neutered male who was surrendered as his family was not able to properly care for him. Timmy has a history of bladder stones and had a perineal urethrostomy completed. This means he urinates through a small hole in his abdomen. Timmy will need to remain on a prescription urinary diet for the remainder of his life to avoid a blockage in the future. Timmy truly LOVES human affection. One of Timmy's favorite things to do is to protect his area. He is proud to report there have been zero squirrel attacks since he arrived at his foster home. Heather came into Timmy’s life at the right time. She has experience with pugs that have significant urinary issues and can provide the type of care he needs. Timmy will have two pug siblings and a wonderful forever home.

On February 27, 2021 Rocco, Pug #16-20 and Gus, Pug #32-20 were adopted by Jennifer of New York.

We had our very own February miracle here at Green Mountain Pug Rescue. Our wonderful GMPR Alum, Jennifer experienced a recent change in her life and wanted to fill the void with not one, but two of our senior pugs. Rocco has been with us since May. He is a sweet boy who is most likely a Peke-a-Pug. We believe him to be around 10 years old. Gus also has the look of a Peke-a-Pug. Gus is a 12 year old male who was living in an uninhabitable home. He suffered from years of neglect, but after spending several months with his foster mom and undergoing some serious surgery, he is now in wonderful health. Jennifer adopted these two great guys from two wonderful foster homes.

Thank you Jennifer for caring about the seniors enough to make a Grumble.

On January 29, 2021, Ortiz Pug 1-21 was adopted by Kiley of Vermont.

Ortiz, a 5 year old fawn male, was surrendered because of his owner’s medical condition. He was much loved and well cared for. He was treated for ear infections and requires daily eye meds. He loves to be loved on and loves to play. He is very energetic - healthy, happy and housebroken. Kiley is a former GMPR foster mom and alum. Her last pug passed in 2018 and Kiley has been on our waitlist for over a year, patiently waiting for a pug like Ortiz.

Congratulations to Kiley and Ortiz, we hope to see them at our Pug Social in the fall.

On January 23, 2021, Lola, Pug 38-20 was adopted by Dave of Vermont.

Lola is a sweet 16 year old fawn female pug who was placed with GMPR by a local shelter to ensure she got a pug experienced home. Lola has a history of ear infections which has caused hearing loss and will require ongoing treatment. She is active and enjoys walks. Dave loves the seniors (okay, he loves all pugs) and made room for one more in his grumble and in his heart.

May Dave and Lola share some wonderful times ahead.

On January 13, 2021, Mikey, Pug 40-20 was adopted by Lori and Andrew of New Hampshire.

Mikey is a 12 year old fawn male pug who was surrendered due to his elderly owner’s deteriorating health. Mikey arrived with fleas, a severe respiratory infection, underweight and dehydrated, having had no medical care for years. His foster mom got him an emergency vet appointment and had him on antibiotics and flea free within hours of his arrival. He had his first bath in years and settled in to the security of a loving home. Lori loves the seniors and it was obvious that Mikey had found the comfort he so sorely needed. We are always awestruck when our fosters go above and beyond for the love of pugs.

Thank you Lori and family for giving Mikey his best possible retirement years.

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