Rescued Pugs

This page is dedicated to all the pugs we have rescued. Their adoption photos and stories will be placed here as well.

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On November 26, 2022, Lou Lou (now Celia), Pug #22-64, found her happy ever after with Esther & Ann!

This lovely lady came into GMPR by way of owner surrender and brought a mangy skin issue along with her.

Esther & Ann are avid rescuers going back many years, but have been ‘pug-less’ for some time. They were patiently waiting for a “walking, hearing, non-visually impaired pug” to join their family after many years of rescuing the tough ones.. Celia chose Esther & Ann and we couldn’t be happier for them. Quote from her new mom…” We’re enchanted with Celia…She was an easy fit into our family…She charms everyone she meets. We’re very lucky!”

Celia joins her BUGG rescue sister, Alice and is living her best life!

Thank you Esther & Ann for choosing rescue (again)…

On October 30, 2022, Bandit, Pug #22-59 was adopted by Leah and Kara.

Bandit (now Archie) found his happy ever after with Leah & Kara!

This little nugget came in and turned GMPR upside down, it was even suggested we photoshopped his picture because he is just too cute!

Nope, just a bad haircut, but he pulled it off so well…..

Leah & Kara were looking to bring the pitter patter of new little feet into their home after the passing of their beloved Lincoln.

As you can imagine we had a tremendous outpouring of interested applicants for this little treasure. Archie chose Leah & Kara and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Quote from his new mom…” Thank you so much for bringing him to us. No one can replace Lincoln, but our home is full of laughter again….”

Archie gets to hang with new big sis, Tess, and is living the life every rescue dog dreams of.

Thanks for being serial adopters Leah & Kara, and we need more pics of Archie in our lives, please keep them coming!!

On October 30, 2022, Millie #22-31, was adopted by Mike.

Miss Millie took her sweet time, waiting for just the right person.

Mike is that special guy who so eagerly and patiently waited for Miss Millie to be ready. Millie came with her fair share of challenges, behavioral and others based on her time in the puppy mill. Her dedicated foster mom(s) gave her all the space and time she needed to flourish into a more confident dog, ready to be placed in her forever home. Mike and Millie found their happy ever after together, quote from Mike “My little Princess is home, no one could be happier than I”..

Thank you Mike for taking a chance on an underdog and giving her all your love, your time and a home to call her own! One of my favorite happy ever after stories..

On October 30, 2022, Buddy, Pug #22-58, was adopted by Cathy and Mike.

Buddy has found his happy ever after with Cathy & Mike.

Little Mr. Buddy came into GMPR and it was love at first sight for Cathy. She couldn’t wait to get him home, she sent us pics regularly of beds and toys and collars, etc…all awaiting little Buddy’s arrival.

Buddy gets to spend his days with Zippie & Peanut (GMMPR Alumni) clowning around and living the life every rescue dog dreams of.

Thanks for being serial adopters Cathy & Mike!

And congratulations to all!

On October 29, 2022, Wilbur, Pug #22-51, was adopted by Charles and Erin.

Wilbur found his happy ever after with Charles & Erin.

Charles & Erin were looking to again adopt after the loss of their sweet Oliver (GMPR Alum Squishy). They patiently waited for the perfect pug to join their family.

Wilbur came into GMPR along with fellow Pinkie Pug, Arnie, as a result of a multi-rescue effort. We knew he had some health issues to be addressed and we were ready, but of course….there’s always more…

In addition to poor overall health and a bum eye, Wilbur also required double patella surgery. This little champ handled any issue that came his way like a rockstar, remaining that sweet and cuddly, grumpy cat faced pug that stole the hearts of everyone he met.

Congrats to Charles, Eric, Linc and Wilbur!

Thanks for being serial adopters Charles & Erin!

On October 23, 2022, Mulan, Pug #22-46, was adopted by Bridgette and family.

Mulan has found her happy ever after with Bridgette and family!

This little sweetheart was one of the Manchester 16 bunch and has a new brother, Boss, to teach her the ropes on all things dog.

She is getting the treatment from her new family with daily walks, play time in the yard, sweaters from grandma! The works.

She will live the life every dog dreams of….

Congratulations and thanks Bridgette, Devin, Christopher, Boss & of course little Miss Mulan.

And please keep the sweater pics coming!!!

On October 23, 2022, Moana, Pug #22-47 was adopted by Kelly and Steve.

Moana has found her happy ever after with Kelly & Steve.

This little nugget is just the sweetest thing. The wee one of the Manchester 16 bunch, Moana gets to spend her days being queen of the castle with Kelly & Steve catering to her every desire..

Congrats Kelly, Steve & Moana!

On October 17, 2022, Minka, Pug #22-61 was adopted by Kathy and Brodie.

Minka came into GMPR and caused quite the stir…..

Everyone wanted them some Minka, Kathy was the lucky mom to get to bring her home..

Kathy has been looking for that perfect pug for some time and Minka fit the bill perfectly.

Minka has a new little brother, Brodie, to spend her days with.

Congrats Kathy, Brodie & Minka!!

On October 15, 2022, Arnie, Pug #22-52, was adopted by Michelle and family.

Arnie (now Axl a.k.a. Axl Rose) has found his happy ever after with Michelle & family!

Axl came into GMPR with his fair share of baggage from his previous life. He came into GMPR along with Wilbur and was supposed to be the “healthy and ready to go” one of the pair.

Axl required double patella surgery and lots of recovery time and follow-ups, but he was such a pleasure to have around his foster mom didn’t mind his extended stay one bit.

Arnie’s new family comes complete with a whole gang of canine brothers and sisters to spend his days with playing and general pugging around.

Congrats Matthew & Michelle and welcome to the GMPR Family!

On October 15, 2022, Simba, Pug #22-50 was adopted by Jenn and her family.

Simba found his happy ever after!!

Jenn and Family were looking to add to their family as their family pet, Poochie, grew bored with only Jenn home for company during the day. He and asked for a playmate, Jenn agreed, saw Simba’s pic, game over……

Simba & Poochie spend their days playing and napping and dogging around..

And as you can see, Simba has chosen his person (Brian Jr). Love, Love, Love…

Congrats to Jenn, Brian, Brian Jr, Joey, Poochie and of course Simba!!!!

On October 11, 2022, Max, Pug # 22-43 was adopted by Lois and Marcus.

Max (aka Mac, the Macster) found his happy ever after with Lois & Marcus!

Max spends his days running errands with mom, greeting the FedEx driver, world watching from the window, etc…

His mom relayed he is just the best dog ever, so great she wants another one just like him!

Congrats to Lois, Marcus and of course Max!!

On October 2, 2022, Olaf, Pug #22-49, was adopted by Mandi and Derek.

Olaf found his happy ever after with GMPR Supporter’s Mandi & Derek.

Olaf gets to go to work with Mom and pug around all day with his two dog siblings. You were highly sought after, Olaf. We’re so happy for you and your new life ahead.

Congrats Mandi, Derek and of course Olaf!

On October 1, 2022, Maui, Pug #22-48, was adopted by Jason and his family.

Maui found his happy ever after with GMPR Alumni Jason and family.

Maui’s new mom is a vet technician so not only can she kiss the boo boos, but she can treat and prevent as well!

Maui gets to pal around all day with his new dog & kitten siblings.

Congrats Jason, Alethea, Cooper, Quinn, Katie-did, Kadekai, and of course Maui-wowy!

Thanks for being serial adopters!

On September 24, 2022, Miss Mae, Pug #22-57 was adopted by Kim and Don.

Little Miss Mae has found her happy ever after with GMPR Alumni Kim & Don. They lost their Mya after an extended illness leaving that void we all know too well.

Mae so wanted a family to call her very own. Enter Kim & Don who were looking to give all that love to another deserving rescue, as well as find a companion for their Zeke who was lonely and heartbroken by Mya’s passing.

Adventure awaits Miss Mae with her new pug brother Zeke as they get to pug around all day including a few trips to doggy day care each week!

Congratulations Kim, Don, Zeke and especially Miss Mae!

Thank you for being serial adopters!

On September 21, 2022, Vera, Pug #22-32 was adopted by Lori and Randy.

Miss Vera has found her happy ever after!

Vera has 2 new pug brothers, Max & Jax to pug around with all day. Zoomies and toys to play with, a warm bed to cuddle in at night with her new mom and dad…From her dire beginnings to her new and wonderful world, Vera is truly living her best life.

Quote from her new mom “She is perfect in every way! We are already so in love with her!”

Congrats Lori, Randy, Max, Jax and of course Miss Vera!!!

On September 1, 2022, Hammy, Pug #22-54 was adopted by Andy and Beth.

Hammy hit the jackpot! Andy & Beth took a chance on a rescue (again) and boy are we happy they did!

It was love at first site and we knew Hammy was right where he needed to be. Hammy is just the right combination of funny and weird and loving and goofy and weird Andy & Beth were looking for.

Hammy gets to ham it up with his new sisters all day, GMPR alums Lily & Qui Qui.

Thank you, Andy, Beth & Sonny for once again offering a recue their happy ever after..

On September 10, 2022, Miss Piggy, Pug #22-53, was adopted by Linda.

Miss Piggy is an 8 year old surrendered in love when one of the other dogs in the home started attacking her.

Piggy’s sweet and saucy manner makes her the perfect match to keep up with the one, the only, the Dolch…

Stay tuned for updates from Piggy Pot Pie on social media.

Congratulations Linda, Rick, Dolch, Purrcilla and of course Miss Piggy.

On September 6, 2022, Tess, #22-30, was adopted by Samantha and family.

Miss Tess, now known as Miss Maggie McGee, came into GMPR as a puppy mill survivor. She spent a long time in foster care waiting for that special someone to ‘see’ her for what she is, a beautiful soul.

Samantha is a GMPR alumni with Boston experience and is ready, willing and eager to put forth the time and effort required to help Miss Maggie McGee become her best self.

Miss Maggie McGee has found her happy ever after where she has her very own brother (mini-schnauzer), a kitten (who thinks she’s a puppy) and two little people to call her very own (2 and 4 year old dog savvy children who read to her to help acclimate her to her new surroundings).

Congratulations to Samantha, Dan, Maverick, Scarlett, Winston, Lola and of course Miss Maggie McGee.

On August 31, 2022, Snooki, Pug #22-36, was adopted by Cindi.

At the drop of a hat when we needed fosters most, Cindi answered the call without question… Cindi took in one of the more medically challenged of the bunch from the famed Manchester 16 and it was easy to see from the start, Snooki was right where she needed to be. Snooki gets to go to work with her new mom as an office mascot, she’s truly living the life.

Welcome to Pugdome, Cindi! Happy to have you aboard.

Thank you for giving Miss Snooki her happy ever after!

On August 24, 2022, Maggie #22-11, was adopted by Mary.

Miss Maggie took her sweet time in selecting the perfect forever home, and boy are we happy she did!

She waited for just the right applicant at just the right time, she knew that her new Mom was out there waiting to meet her.

Mary (Kim) was seeking out the company of a furry little rescue and came upon Maggie’s picture and it was love at first site.

Thank you, Mary, for choosing to rescue and helping Miss Maggie to her happy ever after!

On August 17, 2022, Cleo, Pug #22-27, was adopted by Jeff and Yvonne.

Cleo joined the GMPR ranks back in May and has been very patiently awaiting her perfect forever family…Enter Jeff & Yvonne.

Jeff & Yvonne were looking for that perfect addition to their family, Cleo answered the call. Cleo will spend her days living the good life with her pug sister Chloe, snacking, napping, playing, doing whatever the day may bring.

Congratulations Jeff, Yvonne, Becca , Chloe and of course Cleo!

On August 15, 2022, Penny, Pug #22-40 was adopted by Lynn and her family.

Miss Penny joined the GMPR ranks with the Manchester group and brought along with her a little secret.

Ok, so five little secrets. Lynn & Vic were looking to add to their family and Penny was the perfect match.

Congratulations Lynn, Vic, Willie and of course Miss Penny!

On August 13, 2022, Aaron, Pug #22-42, was adopted by Shannon and her family.

Aaron is a strapping young lad of a puggle who joined the GMPR ranks with the Manchester group.

Shannon was looking to add to her family and offer Senior Pugs Pippin & Milo a new buddy. It was love at first sight and Aaron has found his happy ever after!

Congratulations Shannon, Bill, Nicholas, Pippin, Milo and of course Aaron!

On August 6, 2022, Corky #22-38 found his forever home with Theresa and Bonnie.

Corky is a sweet natured 3 year old pug who came to us with the Manchester Group. Although he appears to see shadows, Corky is considered blind and will need eye medications for life. He quickly adjusted to his foster home and it was a happy day when he discovered toys! Theresa and Bonnie were looking for a young pug with a Velcro personality. His blindness and need for housetraining were not a deterrent to bringing this loving boy home.

We hope to see you all at our Pug Social in September.

On August 1, 2022, Pearl the Bichon #22-24 found her forever home with Bethany!

Pearl came to us from Ohio where she was a commercial breeder. When these dogs hit a certain age, they are “retired” because they don’t produce enough for their owners. Pearl has the typical shyness and lack of socialization that comes from living her life in a cage. Happily for Pearl, she had two foster mom’s that let her develop at her own pace. Although she is far from a typical “pet” she has found a loving and supportive forever home where she can take as much time to blossom as she needs. Bethany was impressed with Pearl’s inherent sweet nature and completely understands what to expect from a puppymill momma.

Thank you Bethany and family for seeing the beautiful in Pearl.

On July 29, 2022, Mr. Magoo #22-37 is a three year old fawn pug and was adopted by Paula.

Mr. Magoo came to us with the odd name of Two Shoes! With his blindness, Mr. Magoo seemed to be a better fit. Magoo is one of the Manchester pugs, needing plenty of medical care. After vaccinations and neutering, his eyes became our “focus”. Magoo is one of four pugs from that rescue event that required specialty care with the Opthalmalogist. It needs to be said that although these pugs came to us with serious medical issues, they all love people and win over hearts wherever they go. Paula loves pugs regardless of their medical needs and was eager to give Mr. Magoo a forever home. Mr. Magoo has joined her grumble and will have the comfort of his sibling pugs.

Congratulations Mr Magoo and Paula!

On July 25, 2022, Bitsy was adopted by April and Jason.

Bitsy #22-10 is a 3 year old Boston Terrier who was retired as a commercial breeder. Bitsy was extremely shy upon arrival but with lots of patience, she is now accepting petting and is playful in her new home. Bitsy needed to be spayed, which was delayed because she came into rescue in heat. No more puppies for Bitsy. Only fun and companionship from the other dogs in the home and wonderful calm parents to give her the love she never had before.

Congratulations April, Jason and Bitsy!

On July 24, 2022, Ashley and her family adopted Cash pug #22-45.

Ashley had an approved application on file for a very long time while waiting for the right pug for her family. When Cash arrived, we thought they might be a great match. Cash is young and healthy, a big and sturdy boy who has a lot of anxiety. Ashley has experience with dogs with anxiety and will continue to work on his needs. She and her husband work opposite shifts so Cash will always have someone home and a wonderful human playmate to snuggle with.

Congratulations Ashley, her family and Cash!

On July 17, 2022, Tucker, Pug #22-20, was adopted by Jennifer.

Tucker is a 5 month old pug that was a product of some poor backyard breeding. He came into the rescue unable to walk on his front legs and an eye ulcer. His foster mom went right to work in rehabbing his legs with a healthy diet and lots of exercise. Over time he is now able to walk, run and jump like a normal pug puppy! His eye ulcer cleared up but does need regular eye lubricant for the rest of his life. Jennifer is an experienced pug mom who has had pugs before with dry eye issues. Tucker will be able to look forward to daily play time with his 3 year old pug sister and a farm dog sister in their fenced in yard.

Congratulations Jennifer and Tucker!

On July 8, 2022, Ed and Mary adopted Sweet Tart, now known as Olive.

Olive is a 6 year old fawn pug who came in as part of the Manchester group. Like many of the others, she was underweight, needed eye medications and needed all vaccinations. Her foster mom says she is like a toddler- has to get into everything and be in the middle of all interactions. When she is awake, she is ON and when she falls asleep, the switch is off. Getting the wonderful care she had never experienced prior to her foster home, she is now healthy and seems very happy. Olive has gained a pound since arriving and has recently been spayed. Olive will have the company of GMPR Alum Charlie who Mary and Ed adopted in 2016.

On July 7, 2022, Jasmine #22-23 was adopted by Kimberly.

Jasmine has been waiting for someone who loves Bichons to offer her a home. It’s been a challenge for her as a retired breeder, with few social skills and landing in a Pug Rescue of all things. But I always say, there is someone for everybody and Jasmine’s prayers were finally answered. Kimberly has experience with the breed and with challenging dogs. We want to thank Free To Be Me Rescue for helping us find a match for Jasmine. Sometimes it takes a rescue village.

On July 5, 2022, Minnie Chug #22-44 was adopted by Lisa.

We all fell in love with Minnie when she arrived at our Board meeting. Minnie is said to be 6 years old. Minnie is the sweetest little Chihuahua Pug mix you will ever meet. She is out going and social and completely housebroken. She was spayed recently and had some tumors removed that turned out to be benign adenomas. Her maybe only flaw is that she is a bit of a barker reacting to cars going by and people in their yards. Lisa adopted from GMPR about 10 years ago and recently lost one of her GMPR pugs. A big plus is that Lisa lives in a quiet neighborhood so Minnie can relax and just enjoy being spoiled in her new home. Congratulations Lisa and Minnie, we hope to see you at GMPR’s Pug Social in September.

Midnight #22-41 is a young puggle and one of the Manchester Bunch. He was adopted by Shawn on June 30, 2022. Midnight came to us with very little in the way of medical issues, only needing to be neutered. Is he the mystery father of Penny’s babies? Maybe, but he won’t be going down that route again. Shawn stepped up to foster when we issued the emergency call. Midnight showed Shawn just how much he loves to go camping and the foster home soon became a forever home.

We wish you lots of happy camping trips this summer and hope you will come see us at our Social in the fall.

On June 29, 2022, Lily #22-28 was adopted by Sarah.

Lily is a 5 year old tan and white Shih Tzu and a retired breeder. Like a lot of “commercial” dogs, Lily is very shy with people and terrific with other dogs. Lily arrived in great need of medical updates and a haircut! After her spay, dental and a bit of a trim, she was ready for her new home. Sarah is the type of adopter that we love. Her only requirement was that the dog be good with cats. After chatting about several of our available dogs, Sarah chose the one that was most in need of a new home. She adopted Lily the very next day! Thank you so much Sarah for giving this little girl a safe and quiet home to start her new life.

Kiki #22-35 is the first of our “Manchester” pugs to be officially adopted. Kiki is just one year old and already has some minor eye damage. With daily treatment, she will retain her sight for years to come. Kiki was a delight in her foster home, overcoming her initial fear of people so much so that she took right to her adoptive family. Kiki is playful, wonderful with other dogs and cats, and just the cutest petite pug you can imagine. Patty and family adopted one of our China pugs and recently lost their senior pug. Luna (fka Hua Hua) was missing her companion and Kiki really needs the company of another pug, having come from a pug family of 12.

Kiki was adopted on June 26, 2022 by Patty, Michael and their daughter who is hoping Kiki will decide she is Kiki’s favorite person.

On June 24, 2022, Sissy #22-22 was adopted by Linda.

Sissy (now Berta) is a 9 year old black pug who was surrendered due to a move where her owner could not take her along. Sissy was timid at first but warmed up in her foster home and over the weeks became quite a member of the family. Sissy was spayed and then had to wait for a major dental. Linda has been on the waitlist for months while waiting for the right fit with her household. Linda needed a quiet and calm pug to live with her and her 93 year old mother who uses a walker. Sissy is just what they needed and they waited patiently for Sissy to finish her medical procedures.

Congratulations Linda and Berta (fka Sissy)

On June 18, 2022, Zeus #22-07 was adopted by Cindi of New York, the day after his medical clearance finally came through.

We want to thank his adopter for being so patient while Zeus when through unanticipated procedures. Zeus is now a healthy 2 year old pug and has come a long way from his puppy mill life. He has been updated on his vaccinations and neutered and has had many weeks to learn about living in a home. Cindi adopted from GMPR years ago and has been waiting for the right pug to join her 15 year old pug Quincy. We picked Cindi as Zeus’ adopter in late April, and it may have seemed like it would never happen, but Zeus is now happily in his forever home.

On June 14, 2022, Andre/Doodlebug #22-16 was adopted by Gerry and Catherine. Andre, as he is now known, was overlooked by our wonderful pug community for a few weeks. He is a 2 year old pug/chihuahua mix, long on legs and personality. Andre came to foster care shy and skittish. His foster mom has really brought him out of his shell and he is now a lovely young dog. This boy had come so far and he was ready for his forever home. An update on his dating profile brought an immediate match with Gerry and Catherine. Andre’s best buddy Bogie was adopted close by so there is the possibility of playdates in the future. Gerry sent us a quick note and photo the day after Andre’s adoption. He certainly does not look shy now. Congratulations Gerry, Catherine and Andre on finding each other.

On June 12, 2022, Bogie #22-18 was adopted by Josh and Autumn of Vermont. Bogie is a one year old fawn pug.

Bogie arrived at GMPR with his mother Ruby and his best buddy Doodlebug/Andre. They were surrendered together due to a family move to a smaller apartment. These 3 were not well socialized and were fearful when first arriving in foster care. In his foster home, Bogie developed confidence although he can still be shy. Bogie is great with other dogs and enjoyed hard play with his buddy Doodle. He is a big boy, strong and sturdy, healthy and handsome. Josh has been looking for the right pug for two years because Bogie will be joining a large dog sibling. The family was looking for a sturdy pug that can hold his own with his new brother and yet still have the pug affinity for snuggling with family members. In a wonderful twist of fate, Andre was adopted by a family located close enough to Bogie that they can be reunited for playdates! These boys will both have a wonderful life moving forward.

On May 29, 2022, Sassy and petite – Rona was adopted by Kiley of Vermont.

Rona #22-14 is a female fawn pug who will be 2 years old in August. She is a petite girl that didn’t work out in her former home (maybe they recognized that she needed surgery for Brachycephalic Syndrome). In addition to spay surgery, Rona underwent a complete redo of her nasal passages and soft palate. These expensive surgeries remind us at GMPR that the support we receive allows us to give every dog we take in the medical care they need to live a healthy life.

Rona was a very popular pug with our adopters. She is pretty, playful, good with other animals and great with kids. Kiley lost her pug of 11 years last May and has been waiting for the opportunity to adopt. Rona will enjoy the fenced yard and the companionship of a stay at home person. We hope to see Rona and Kiley at our Pug Social in September.

Congratulations Kiley and Rona.

On May 28, 2022, Hannah the Havanese was adopted by Donna of New York.

Hannah #22-08 came to us as a puppy mill survivor. Hannah was the most fearful of the scared six that came from Ohio at the end of March. Although her foster mom did everything possible to make her comfortable, Hannah is still a frightened girl in new situations. This is evident in one of her adoption photos, she immediately went into “hiding” in her car bed. Donna is a wonderful lady who has nothing but time and patience to give to Hannah. We are sure that compassion and love will win the day and Hannah will grow into a more confident girl. Thank you Donna for accepting the challenge of Hannah, may she become a wonderful companion and fill your house with joy.

On May 26, 2022, Buzzby #22-09 was adopted by Judith of Massachusetts.

Buzzby is a breeder surrender from Ohio. A dog like Buzzby has spent most of their life in a pen and once their breeding usefulness is over, they are often placed with Rescues. Our goal is to rehabilitate them and let them learn about love and trust. Shy at first, Buzzby came around quickly in his foster home. Buzzby loved his foster siblings. He is a healthy boy and once he was neutered, he was ready for his forever home. Judi has some Boston Terrier experience and a lovely fenced yard. She was looking for a companion for the resident Cavalier and thought Buzzby would be comfortable in her quiet home. We agreed and Buzzby moved on to his forever. Best wishes Judi and Buzzby for a wonderful life together.

On May 26, 2022, just as he was losing hope, Tank was rescued by Peggy of New Hampshire.

Tank, #22-02 was surrendered to GMPR way back in February. Tank had excellent care in his previous life and he was in generally good shape. He did need a dental so we took care of that ASAP.

Although 11 years old, Tank is a very energetic pug. He does have a wee bit of OCD and anxiety. He is healthy, and fit, and loves to go for walks. Tank has great eyes, ears, skin, coat, and personality. Tank arrived with several medications; apoquel, cytopoint, and Prozac. His foster mom upgraded his diet to a top quality kibble with a bit of canned food added and he no longer requires any of these medications. Tank is a good example of the value of buying the best dog food you can afford because it allows the dog to heal from the inside and reduces vet visits and expensive medicines and makes for a happier life for everyone. Peggy saw Tank on our page and immediately fell in love. Peggy is a GMPR Alum and former foster mom who has a way with the seniors. Sometimes it takes a while, but the right match may be just around the corner. We couldn’t be happier for Tank and Peggy.

On May 25, 2022, Ravishing Ruby was adopted by Kathleen of Vermont.

Ruby, #22-17 is an owner surrender and was not well socialized. A younger girl, Ruby came to GMPR severely overweight from being kept in an apartment with no exercise. We believe Ruby tipped the scales around 40 pounds. Her foster mom did a great job getting Ruby out and about and as a result, Ruby lost at least 5 pounds while in foster care. Being a “big boned” girl, Ruby has a lot of strength and energy. Fortunately, Kathleen has a lovely place to go for walks and is surrounded by extended family with plenty of grandkids to help Ruby meet her weight loss goals. Kathleen has been on our approved list for two years. When Ruby came in, we immediately knew she was the perfect pug for Kathleen.

Congratulations Kathleen and Ruby, we hope to see you both at our Annual Pug Social on September 10 in Rutland, VT.

Congratulations Teeny #22-1 on becoming a Celebrity. Teeny joined the Hannipugs on May 12, 2022.

Big things come in small packages, and this girl has a gigantic personality. Teeny, a 10 year old female pug, was surrendered due to the owner’s passing. We did not announce her arrival due to medical concerns. Teeny had a mass on her breast which was surgically removed with clean margins. We are hopeful she has a healthy future ahead. Teeny’s foster mom fell in love with Teeny and would only let her go to the perfect home. Sadly, Linda’s Rosebud passed recently and although Linda wasn’t really looking (we didn’t believe her), she couldn’t resist the tiny Teeny. She knew Teeny was just what she needed to keep Dolce in line.

Honestly, we know that Linda loves the seniors and has been an amazing Hospice home for several of our GMPR pugs. Once Linda met Teeny we knew she would have the best home and there was no need to search further.

Congratulations Teeny on finding your forever.

On May 11, 2022, Dahlia #22-13 was adopted by Ronalee of New Hampshire.

Dahlia is one of those hard to find pugs, young … pretty … healthy … housetrained. She has a lot of admirers and we received a lot of applicants for this cutie. But there are always two sides to the coin and on the flip side, Dahlia has been reactive to other dogs and at times could use an off switch to her bark button. Dahlia has high energy and loves to play. She was very good with her foster mom’s cats. Ronalee lives alone and has always had a dog to keep her company. Her situation is ideal for Dahlia as she lives in a rural area with none of the triggers that brings out Dahlia’s quirky side. This lets Dahlia be the loving and sweet natured girl she wants to be.

Congratulations Ronalee and Dahlia as you enjoy the country life together.

On February 19, 2022, Castle, Pug #21-44 was adopted by Joanne of New York.

Castle, a name fit for a King! Castle is a 6 yr fawn male surrendered to GMPR through no fault of his own. His family went through some big changes and Castle was not comfortable with the new dynamics. Castle spent extra time in foster care as he went through many tests and procedures. We checked for possible eye issues, he had growths removed, and he suffers from allergies. Castle checked in at 35 pounds and is now down to 29 with a few more to lose. This boy loves kids and is good with dogs and cats. He has great manner and is housebroken. He was looking to be someone's constant companion. Joanne was notified on December 7 that Castle was her match. She showed incredible patience and care during this long process and we believe Castle has the forever home he deserves.

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