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This page is dedicated to all the pugs we have rescued. Their adoption photos and stories will be placed here as well.

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On August 24, 2023, Zeus, was adopted by Linda and Rick.

Just what the doctor ordered, another Hannipug!

Zeus came into GMPR and was thought to be a touch older than he really is. With his new mom (Hospice foster extraordinaire) being an experienced "elder care provider", she raised her hand and accepted this little man into her heart and home as a foster without question. Well, Zeus did his due diligence and smuggled his way into everyone's heart, paving the way for foster failure. Resident pug, Pig (GMPR Alumni), approved.

Thank you, Linda & Rick for being amazing advocates of rescue, lifelong friends of GMPR and giving Zeus (and Pig) their happy ever after!

On August 18, 2023, Nabi was adopted by Ron and Marco.

Nabi's dreams of America came true with her Pug-nificent new family and she cannot contain her enthusiasm (neither can we).

Nabi was placed in a forever home and it just didn't work out, that happens sometimes. No one's fault, just personalities colliding. After only one night without her, her foster family knew she was the one who got away. Her foster dad flew into full dad mode and raced to get her to bring her home. They were a family from that fated day at the airport when she arrived from Korea, it just took them a minute to realize. Reunited and it feels so good, Nabi and Nico get to spend their days smooching and holding hands, taking long walk on the beach, talking about their forever after.

Thank you Ron & Marco for being the amazing people you are and giving Nabi the life every pup dreams of.....

On August 12, 2023, Butters was adopted by Judy and Brian.

Butters made the long hard trip from China with hopes of finding his American dream and a home of his very own. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he'd have a FARM to call his very own! Cats, Dogs, Chickens, Sheep, Holy Alpaca! From the streets to the sheeps, Butters is a legit farmer and is living THE American Dream!

Thank you, Judy & Brian for being serial adopters and giving Butters his beyond happy ever after!

On August 11, 2023, after a long and heartwarming journey, we are overjoyed to share the most wonderful news - Lilla (now Agnes) has found their forever home with Sue! Agnes has been patiently waiting for the perfect family, and Sue for her next pug family member, their patience has finally paid off!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Agnes' incredible foster family who loved and cared for her during her time with GMPR. To Sue specifically, we'd like to say...Thank you for choosing adoption...again...Thank you for patiently waiting for Agnes to come home... And thank you for making Agnes' dreams come true.

To those who have been following Agnes' journey and supporting our rescue efforts, your love and dedication are what make these happy endings possible. Thank you! Remember, there are many more pugs and pets still waiting for their forever homes. Your love and support can help make their dreams come true too! Thank you for being a part of our rescue community. Together, we're changing lives, one adoption at a time.

On August 6, 2023, Lucy was adopted by Christine.

Lucy the ShihTzu came to GMPR by way of mill release to a shelter who reached out for help when they became overwhelmed. She certainly did not have the best of beginnings, to what extent we can only imagine. Given her fear of humans, it was not ideal. As a result, she spent way too long in our foster care being overlooked, she didn't "show well". But behind her non-Pug, shaggy and disheveled appearance was a scared little girl dreaming of the day she would have a family to call her own. A home with a soft voice, kind human hands and all the love and patience Lucy needed to learn trust. With those very gentle hands and soothing voices, Christine & Darren scooped up Lucy and promised her a life filled with love, care, and happiness where she would never have to feel scared again. No rookies to mill dog rescue, they looked past her fear and saw Lucy for the beautiful soul she is.

Leaving the puppy mill behind, Lucy's tail wagged timidly, as if sensing that her life was about to change in the most wonderful of ways. Unsure but eager, Lucy has moved on to greener pastures. Her brother, Simba, can't wait to show her that there is a whole new world after the mill life. We're beyond thrilled to have met you Christine & Darren and thank you for giving Lucy that happy ever after she thought was just a dream.
On July 17, 2023, Archie was adopted by Charlie and Erin.

Archie made the long hard trip from China with hopes of finding his American dream. Imagining a family to call his very own, a full belly, a lap to nap on, a brother or sister to play with, and a bed made just for him. Kisses for no reason, no cages, just love. He's living proof that if you leave room for nothing but love in your heart and believe in miracles, your wildest dreams are possible! Archie got every wish he wished for and more with his new Mom, Erin, and new dad, Charlie. And BONUS, he gets GMPR Alumni Wilbur (now Scout) to show him the ropes, sharing in all the spoils of what is possible if you just BELIEVE..

Thank you, Charlie & Erin for being serial adopters and giving Archie his dream of a happy ever after!

On July 1, 2023, Tuffy was adopted by Ellen and Dan.

Tuffy took her sweet time picking just the right family, and she's a great picker! Ellen & Dan lost their beloved pug last year and missed the pitter patter of pug'ish feet. Both agreeing it was time to add to the family, and after meeting Miss Tuffy, they felt she was the one for them. Miss Tuffy agreed. Tuffy gets to be their one and only spending her days with all of their undivided attention, which is exactly what she was holding out for.

Thank you, Ellen & Dan for choosing rescue and giving Tuffy her happy ever after!

On June 8, 2023, Khan was adopted by Sue.

After his big trip to America and taking his time to see all the sights and sounds of this new world, Khan found a place to hang his leash choosing Sue and her pack to set down some roots. He's got a home to call his very own and gets to spend his days pugging around with his brother Draco and big sister Paisley.

Thank you, Sue, for choosing rescue and helping Khan find his American dream of a happy ever after!

On June 4, 2023, Levi found his happy ever after with GMPR Alumni Stephanie and her pack!

Stephanie is an Alumni and has been a Foster & Volunteer for GMPR for many years.

Far too few dogs get to live the life that Stephanie’s pups do. Lucky Levi of the Long Island IV fame truly lives up to his namesake by getting to live out his happy ever after with Stephanie and her furry family. We’re beyond thrilled with this placement and so happy that we will get to watch Levi enjoying his new life by way of Stephanie’s social media posts, displaying the pack’s daily adventures and all the spoils bestowed upon them by their mom..

Thank you, Stephanie, for always choosing rescue!

On June 3, 2023, Midge found her happy ever after with Alumni Gary & Mary!

Midge came all the way from Korea to America, the land of hopes and dreams, to begin her new life.

Gary & Mary patiently waited a long, long time for that perfect little puglet to join their family.

Well, Midge got that family of her very own and is living that life she once only dreamed of…. and gets to rule the roost as their one and only, living every day to its fullest.

Thank you, Gary & Mary, for choosing rescue (again), welcome back to the GMPR family!

On May 31, 2023, Pascal found his happy ever after with Daniel!

Our little Pirate, Pascal, was a lucky little Frenchie to have been sprung from a puppy mill at such a young age.

He was let go due to an eye condition that caused blindness in his one eye that required removal.

Daniel has a huge heart and a lot of land with goats that required tending! Pascal, the goatherder, to the rescue…

Pascal is now living the life with a home of his very own, the life all rescue dogs dream of..

Thank you, Daniel, for choosing rescue, welcome to the GMPR family!

On May 25, 2023 Cody & Spitfire found their happy ever after TOGETHER with GMPR Alumni Melissa & Ernie!

Melissa & Ernie initially reached out to learn more another GMPR available rescue but quickly flipped their script once they were introduced to this ham of a pair. Having no other pets in the home was too quiet, so adding 2/3 of an instant grumble was like a dream come true and they jumped at the opportunity. Adding a new pet to the home is always an adjustment, adding two can either be crazy talk, or is it just that kind of crazy that us pug folk live by.. We’re over the moon ecstatic that we were able to keep this pair together and thrilled that Melissa & Ernie were not only up for the challenge, but enthusiastically welcomed it!

Thank you Melissa & Ernie for choosing rescue & GMPR (again), there’s a special place in our hearts for serial adopters like you!

On May 20, 2023, Geno finally found his happy ever after with Adeline & Raymond!

Adeline & Raymond were looking to fill that void we all know too well after the passing of a beloved pet. Geno didn’t have the best of beginnings and finding that perfect home for him took some time.

Having Boston experience, huge hearts, extreme patience and the desire to give an underdog a second chance, Adeline & Raymond opened their home to our little Geno and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Geno gets to spend his days with his mom and dad and gets their full attention (no other pets to compete with).

Since his adoption, Adeline has sent us regular updates of Geno’s adventures and outings to show us how happy he is in his new home……..happy tears….

Thank you Adeline & Raymond for choosing GMPR and Geno!

Welcome to the GMPR Family!

On May 14, 2023, Tanker found his happy ever after with John & Cara!

John & Cara are seasoned pug rescuers and the addition of Tanker officiates their grumble.

Tanker has a great dad at home all day to shower him with love and attention, AND a new older pug brother AND younger pug sister to spend his days with playing, napping, wherever the day may take him, life really is good….

Thank you John & Cara for choosing rescue (again), welcome to the GMPR family!

On April 18, 2023, Sonny flat out won the lottery and found his forever home with Shawn! Shawn is now Sonny’s person and we couldn’t be happier.

Sonny was surrendered in love to GMPR when his previous owner’s cancer became too much for them to continue to care for him. Enter Shawn… let me tell you. The most amazing adoption application I have ever received. He was completely unconcerned with health issues, age, no medical condition was too grim or too intimidating. The older or more “broken” the better. He wanted in his heart of hearts to adopt that dog that wasn’t the youngest or sought after by most, the true underdog. He wanted to save a dog in need and flip his world around to give him the best of everything. We were truly touched by Shawn’s sincerity and willingness to make a difference by giving his all to a pug who so deserved it.

Thank you Shawn for choosing GMPR and Sonny to fulfill your desire to make a difference in the life of a dog in need. We’re happy to have met you and couldn’t be more pleased for you both!

Welcome to the GMPR Family!

On April 11, 2023, Ember found her happy ever after with Kristin & Joe!

Ember made her way to GMPR by way of owner surrender. We received so many inquiries for this little lady we had to close down applications! She had her pick of anywhere, any family, an we think she chose very wisely..

From humble to grumble, she now has her own posse (MooMoo and Corbin) and is living the life every rescue dog dreams of..

Thank you Kristin & Joe for choosing rescue (again) and welcome to the GMPR Family! And please post more puppy yoga pics!!!

On April 8, 2023, Gus found a sweet retirement home with Randy and Mollie!

Ole Gus found his way to GMPR by way of owner surrender like far too many seniors do. Randy was looking for a companion for his sweet Mollie. The recent passing of his beloved pug, Max, left her lonely and they were both looking for that companionship she had grown to love and depend on.

Being no stranger to rescue having several adoptions under his belt, Randy’s got a soft spot for the seniors. He fell in love with Mr. Gus, we knew we had to get Gus and Mollie together. Gus is now living the life all rescue dogs dream of with a beautiful lady by his side, comfy beds everywhere, and a dad that loves him to the moon and back (and who prepares all Gus and Mollie’s meals homemade, jackpot!).

Thank you Randy & Mollie for choosing rescue (again) and welcome to the GMPR Family!

On March 27, 2023, #23-06 Gretchen (now Gigi) was adopted by Cindy!

Gigi came into GMPR by way of mill release and wanted nothing more than a home to call her very own. Cindy reached out to GMPR to foster initially, wanting to help out another dog in need after the passing of her beloved Dozer, but not sure she was emotionally ready for pet of her own. Well, she quickly flipped her script when she saw Gigi and was ready to open her heart and home once again to the pitter patter of permanent paws. When we met Cindy, we fell in love with her too! Not only did we find that perfect match for Gretchen, we quickly onboarded her to assist with Fostering, Transport, you name it!

Miss Gigi is living her best life and soon to get those stamps on her passport, first stop to her second home in Italy! If the girls at the mill could see you know!

Thank you Cindy for giving Gigi that home of her own she dreamed of, and welcome to the GMPR Family (& Team!).

On March 18, 2023, #22-68 Goldie was released for time served with GMPR to Dhawn and family!

Goldie spent a bit more time in rescue than she should have, but apparently she was holding out for that one special family..

And it was perfect timing because her amazing foster mom was about to cave and adopt her herself! Goldie gets to spend her days with her new canine siblings and nineteen chickens! It’s a whole new world for this gal! Thanks Dhawn for choosing rescue and opening your heart and home to a dog in need of her happy ever after!

Welcome to the GMPR Family!

On March 15, 2023, Charlie Bird #22-67, was adopted by Valerie.

Charlie Bird is only one of our Special Needs fosters who came into GMPR by way of breeder surrender at the young age of only 10 weeks old. An English Bulldog, Pug, Frenchie mix, he was incontinent and mobility challenged. That’s all we knew when we took him into our rescue. But we knew if we could find a home for him, it would have to be a very special one. He was placed with one of our seasoned Hospice fosters as we were not sure of his prognosis, or how much time we would even have with this special little guy, but we knew he needed around the clock care. The kind of care that makes our Hospice program so very special.

We suspected Charlie had Spina Bifida, having experience with Spina Bifida, we proactively placed Charlie with our wonderful Hospice Mom, Valerie. We knew that in Valerie’s capable foster hands, he would receive the very best care until we could medically clear him for adoption, if adoption was even possible. Valerie has fostered for GMPR for many years, always raising her hand to take the hard cases. The blind, deaf, incontinent, mobility challenged, those with only precious time left, the heartbreakers. She’s a premier Hospice home where our fosters get to live out their lives in comfort. Charlie met with a Neurologist to diagnose his condition and sure enough, it was in fact Spina Bifida. His particular spinal location “ground zero” is where the nerves connect to the spine controlling the bladder and bowels. We colorfully nicknamed him ‘Charlie the Chocolate Factory’ as it was constant. Multiple diaper changes per hour, multiple baths per day, little Charlie is quite the handful. But, Charlie is otherwise a happy, healthy pup who is just THE sweetest soul. Carefree, happy-go-lucky, playful and loves everyone he meets, 2 or 4 legged. Charlie’s medical expenses as well as daily cost of care for diapers, wipes, food, etc. is not the most expensive we’ve seen, but still a contributor to our operating budget. But one of those pop-up, necessary expenses that exist when we open our rescue to any dog in need.

Regardless of the level of care, hand washing (and paw washing), and laundry that Charlie’s condition requires, it was love at first sight. Charlie captured Valerie’s heart as well as everyone else’s and we knew he was already home. Valerie could not imagine her life without Charlie in it, so she enthusiastically requested to adopt him and officially become Charlie’s mom. And she STILL has (3) other GMPR Hospice dogs in her home (Molly, Willow & Bella) that she continues to care for like no one else could, which is why we colorfully nicknamed her ‘St. Valerie’. So while Charlie made it out of Hospice Care and has a long life ahead of him, he is just an example of one of these special cases that illustrates our dedication to the animals we serve.

Thank you, Valerie, for being an amazing person and giving Charlie the best possible outlook on life, love, acceptance and his happy ever after. There will be a line waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.

On March 15, 2023, #23-02 Sparky (now Ollie) found his forever home with Cassie & Justin!

Ollie found his way to GMPR via a shelter jailbreak and was looking for a home of his very own. Cassie & Justin had their only canine child, Pepper, who relayed he’s been a good boy and wanted a companion. Ollie and Pepper get to spend their days playing and napping and living the life every dog should.

Thanks Cassie & Justin for choosing rescue and opening your hearts and home to a dog in need of his happy ever after!

Welcome to the GMPR Family!

On March 13, 2023, #23-03 Billy was adopted by Sue!

Billy found his way to GMPR via a shelter jailbreak and was looking for a home of his very own. Well, Billy just about broke the internet we got so many inquiries for him. Great problem for Billy, not so fun having to let down so many wonderful families. Billy now spends his days as Sue’s one and only true love, the apple of her eye. He is now a working man, singing for his supper with a pep in his step going to work with mom daily. He has become the new office mascot and even had his picture added to their team wall! And the sweaters, I just can’t..

Thank you Sue for giving Billy the BEST happy ever after and welcome to the GMPR Family!

On March 8, 2023, #23-04 Pugs & 23-05 Pugzie (now ZuZu and Lexi) found their forever home with Danny & Shawn!

These ladies came to GMPR via owner surrender and were looking for a new happy ever after, one stipulation, it had to be together! Danny & Shawn recently lost their beloved Bentley and were looking to give all that love to another rescue (or two). Quote from their new family “Ohh my, we’re in total Love….. Thank you for helping bring the joy back after a rough couple of months”.

Thanks Danny & Shawn for choosing rescue and opening your hearts and home to not just one, but two dogs in need of their happy ever after!

Welcome to the GMPR Family!

On January 27, 2023, Charlie the Puggle, Pug #22-70, found his happy ever after Shana and Jason!

Charlie came to GMPR via owner surrender and did not have the best start in life. He never had a real home or family to call his own, but you’d never know it. He still displays all of that sweet, endearing character all us pug and pugger folk have grown to love. Shana and Jason recently lost their beloved Puggle and were looking to give all that love to another rescue. Charlie’s a bit of a lug on the leash but has already had professional puppy training at his new home and is learning his puggle manners. He now has a cat sibling to help him learn the ropes. Quote from his new mom “He is very cuddly and loves attention, he really loves his squeaky toys….” As you can see, Charlie’s very happy with his new family..

Thanks Shana and Jason for choosing rescue and taking a chance on an underdog!

Welcome to the GMPR Family!

On January 11, 2023, Buddy the Pug, #22-72, with the Mug found his happy ever after with Ron & Marco.

Marco & Ron are Alumni and long time supporters of GMPR. They lost their beloved Ruddie some time ago and were ready to open their hearts and home to another special little guy in need, enter Buddy.

Buddy had some skin issues to be addressed before being placed, but that smile was perfect and no dental work was required! Now this little guy, let me tell ya…That face! Love, Love, Love and talk about an easy going, carefree companion. Buddy gets to go to the office with his new dad where he’s already got a fan base (stay tuned for his own TikTok and personal Instagram page) , or run errands, or lounge around, whatever and wherever, Buddy is up for it. He’s just a perfect little pug nugget.

Congratulations Marco, Ron and of course Buddy, the Pug with the Mug!

Thank you for giving Buddy his happy ever after!

On January 8, 2023, Buddha (now Brudis), Pug # 22-71, found his happy ever after with Diana & Chet!

Diana reached out to GMPR when she & Chet lost their beloved 14 year old pug. Their poor little remaining pug, Nighttrain, was beside himself with grief and missing his best friend. Many of our fantastic GMPR folks were interested in learning more about this adorable little snaggle toothed lovepug, but as we all know there is only one rescue for the many wonderful families who want to offer up their homes and hearts. Brudis now gets to spend his days playing and napping with his new brother, living the life every dog should. Quote from his new mom…” My husband and myself are beyond happy! I just wanted to thank you for choosing us. We haven't stop smiling since we picked him up!”

Congratulations Diana, Chet, Nighttrain and of course Brudis!

Thank you for giving Brudis his happy ever after!

On January 3, 2023, Milo, Pug #22-62, found his happy ever after with Linda & Lee!

Linda & Lee are GMPR Alumni and recently lost their beloved Rego (GMPR Alumni). They were hoping to share their home with the pitter patter of pug feet once more. They saw Milo’s posting and it was love at first sight. Milo now has a new Yorkie sister to pal around with all day.

Thank you for being serial adopters and giving Milo his happy ever after!

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