Who We Are

Green Mountain Pug Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non profit rescue group of unpaid volunteers within Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & parts of New York. Pugs come to us from owner surrenders, shelters, other rescues, and from puppymill breeders. They are placed in loving foster homes for their evaluation on their personalities and what home would be best suited for them. They receive vet care too if needed. GMPR covers shots, heartworm and lyme tests, and bloodwork prior to surgery to ensure they are healthy. Spay/neuter and dentals are done if needed. We work to ensure that the pug is as healthy as we can get them prior to adoption. If there is anything wrong long term, we will tell you in their bio.

Founded in 2002, GMPR has grown to include a Board of Directors and approximately 60 volunteers. The Board of Directors is responsible for creating the policies and operating procedures and carrying out the goals of the organization. Since its founding, GMPR has placed more than 1400 rescued pugs with new forever families. Green Mountain Pug Rescue’s motto is “Saving One Pug at a Time.”

The Goals of GMPR:
  • Treat the medical needs of rescued pugs and foster them back to health.
  • Place rescued pugs in the best homes for them.
  • Educate the public about the breed.
  • Make shelters and other rescues aware of GMPR.
  • Assist pug rescues throughout the United States with the transport and placement of rescued pugs.
  • Raise public awareness as to the plight of dogs living in puppy mills.
How Can You Help?
GMPR invites you to help in whatever way you can. Here are some ways you can help:
  • Attend our “family friendly” events and invite you friends to attend.
  • Volunteer to help at our fundraisers and social events.
  • Become a GMPR Foster Family.
  • Transport rescued pugs.
  • Conduct Home Visits and Interviews.
  • Join our Sewing/Crafting team.
  • Make a tax deductible monetary donation!!!
We are only able to help pugs through the generous monetary donations and volunteer time that pug lovers graciously give. If you want to help us with events, fill out a volunteer form on our site here. Thanks to all the volunteers!

Donations to GMPR go for vet care for the pugs, and anything they need while in GMPR. We work closely with other rescues to ensure that all pugs in our area are safe and secure. We educate people on puppymills and backyard breeders. A large percentage of our pugs come from puppymills originally and we are very committed to helping these precious pugs learn love, patience, and trust!

If you would like to donate to GMPR, send your donations to our treasurer or online through Paypal:

Phil Douglas
283 Town Line Rd
Mendon VT 05701
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