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NOTE: We are not adding any more applicants to Denver’s wait list due to a lot of interest.

Dazzling Denver has entered the house!

Denver, pug #21-43, is a 10 year old fawn female pug, surrendered because her family could no longer care for her. Denver may be a “senior” but you would never know it. She loves to go outside and run around sniffing in the yard. She is the first pug for this foster mom that doesn’t mind going out in the rain! No Diva here! She does like to snooze on the couch next to people and the big dog. She barks a little when people come in to the house but this quickly turns to butt wiggles. She gets very excited! She comes when called and doesn’t go far from her person. She is perfectly house broken and crate trained. Denver has not yet been vetted although she appears very healthy. She will need a dental before she is available for adoption.

Denver is fostered in Essex, VT and her adoption fee is $200.


NOTE: Pre-approved applicants are those that have completed their home visit, reference checks and have received an approval email from our adoption coordinator.

Marvelous Mia, Pug #21-40 is a 5 year old black female.

Mia was healthy with no medical conditions up until October 2019. At the end of October she developed severe symptoms including paralysis of her back legs, incontinence, and recurrent urinary tract infections. She was seen by a veterinarian and a specialty veterinarian and underwent several diagnostic tests including MRI, spinal tap, labs etc. Mia was diagnosed with FCE. She was treated with antibiotics and home PT and she eventually regained 80% mobility in her back legs but she is still incontinent of urine and poop and will need to wear diapers in her new home. She is a bit weak in the hind legs, but runs, plays, and can do stairs. She uses eye drops in her left eye for recurrent eye drainage. She also needs anal glands expressed often. Otherwise, she is a healthy, happy girl. We do believe she is adoptable to the right home. She is a young pug with lots of life and love to give. She is a sweet dog and adoptable to someone capable of expressing her. Her owner surrendered her in love. She has spent $1000's on Mia and worked with her to get her walking/running again. She’s super sweet, a little reactive to the other dogs but nothing vicious or concerning other than she doesn’t know her weight and jumps on some of the smaller pups. She’s pretty heavy, too, at 28 pounds. If you feel you have the time and experience to work with a pug like Mia, please consider offering her a forever home.

Mia is fostered in Rutland, VT and her adoption fee is $350.

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