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Please welcome Goldie, #22-68, to the GMPR Family! Goldie is a 3 year old Blue Frenchie puppy mill survivor.

Goldie is a bit shy, understandably so given that she just got sprung from the mill. She is very curious and tends to follow the pack as far as learning the ropes. She engages in play time with her foster pack and learned the doggy door right away. We have every hope that housebreaking will go smoothly given that she’s already picked up on this concept. She accepts petting and attention, but picking her up is a work in progress. Her preference is definitely of the canine persuasion at this time. But she has come a long way in her short time with GMPR. We believe she’ll get there as she continues to learn that human touch is friendly and to be welcomed. She loves to play and definitely seeks the guidance of the other dogs in the home, so we’re looking for a home with another dog companion. She has not been kid/cat tested, but given her calm manner we expect she would do just fine. Her foster mom has relayed she is simply a great dog! She really wants to be part of the pack and loves her play time. When its downtime, she likes being comfortable on a blanket on the couch and does seem to be very comfortable in her bed in the crate as well, she keeps it breezy.

We will continue to monitor her progress and post updates as she flourishes into her new self. Goldie’s spay has been scheduled for a date after the holidays, stay tuned for more updates.

Goldie is only being offered to those with an approved application on file, her adoption fee is $400.


Please welcome Charlie to the GMPR Family!

Charlie, Pug #22-70, is a 1 year old Puggle that found his way to GMPR by way of owner surrender.

Charlie is a super playful and energetic little guy, no couch potatoes need apply. #playallday is his motto, he will need regular walks and stimulation to burn off all his little Puggle energy. He can be too playful for some of the older dogs in his foster home but he minds his manners once they ask him to take it down a notch. He is very accepting of love and affection and allows grooming without issue. He has shown no aggression over toys or food and is happy to share his toys with the other dogs in the home. He learned the doggie door at his foster home within a few days and his housetraining is coming along very well. He wore a belly band for the first few days for safe measure, but now his foster mom is confident enough to leave it off. He has not been introduced to kids or cats in his foster home, but his surrendering owner said he was fine with both. Charlie had his initial vetting and did great, all the staff at the vet fell in love. He is scheduled for his neuter in January, he will be available for adoption soon afterwards. Charlies ideal home would be one with someone to offer him plenty of exercise, walks and play time and a dog that can keep up for companionship.

Charlie is only being offered to those with an approved application on file, his adoption fee is $450.

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