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Meet Hydro, Pug #22-56

Hydro is a 10 year old Pug/Pom mix and described as quite a hoot. He's very sweet and affectionate giving kisses with or without request. He’s mostly quiet, shy at first but warms up quickly. He gets so excited when his foster mom returns home that he runs to the living room rug and throws himself onto his back and kicks all 4 feet around in the air. He's 100% potty trained and has been known to let himself outside for potty or play, so make sure the door is securely closed. He’s a good leash walker and is crate trained but prefers your lap or a comfy dog bed. He’s great with other dogs, cat tested and kid approved. He’s a bigger boy at 31 lbs (approx.) and can knock a toddler over in excitement, so he would need some reminders in good manners. He lives for belly rubs, he’s very much a pug personality and full of joy to bring to his new forever family. Hydro needs a general check up at the vet and likely a dental, he’ll be available for his forever home shortly thereafter.

Hydro’s adoption fee is $200.


Meet Milo, Pug #22-62

Please welcome Milo to the GMPR Family! Milo is a 9 year old Black Male surrendered in love as his previous family felt they could no longer give him the care he deserves.

Milo is a spry 9 year old, very happy and playful who loves to be loved on. Playing fetch with balls and small toys is his jam. He’s more toy/play motivated than treat motivated if you can believe that! He enjoys the company of his canine foster brothers and sisters, but prefers his human over all others. Milo can get “concerned” when you’re not in plain sight. He has displayed signs of separation anxiety in his new foster home, but this is all still very new to him. We’ll continue to monitor his behavior and work with him to make him feel more confident in his new surroundings. Milo is HOUSEBROKEN, with any new home environment reminders and consistency will be required to help him maintain that status. Milo’s previous owner stated he’s good with kids and cats but that has not yet been verified in his foster home. Milo is crate trained but would prefer your lap, anywhere he can be with you. Milo had his initial exam and all checked out great. He still needs a neuter and dental before being available for placement with his new family, scheduled for December.

Milo is only being offered to those with an approved application on file.

Milo’s adoption fee is $250, if you have an approved application on file and you’d like to learn more about Milo please submit an inquiry.


GMPR welcomes Levi to the family!

Levi, Pug #22-65, came to GMPR by way of a Good Samaritan who found him living on the streets.

Levi is full of energy and very, very hungry. After his time of food insecurity, he has anxiety issues around food. We expect this behavior to continue until he realizes he's not going to go hungry or be abandoned ever again. His coat is thin, he has some small hot spots and he needs to put some weight on. Poor little guy had it hard on his own for an undetermined length of time. Due to his weight we believe it may have been considerable, we estimate his age to be between 3-5 years old. We expect that time and good nutrition will fill his coat in, and loving care will help him to feel more secure. Levi is full of energy and athletic, for a pug, so don't expect step over gates to keep him from what he wants. He shows signs of having some obedience training and is highly food motivated. He loves the one on one attention and offers no objections to handling, cleaning, etc. Levi does very well with people and pugs, and has shown minimal interest in the cats in the home. He's full of testosterone and a definite marker, but we're working on it and he seems like a very smart boy. He's learning about house breaking, but you should wonder what he's up to if he goes wandering into another room. We will not be placing Levi in a home with small children because he does get so excited over food, he may try to grab from them and inadvertently hurt them. He has been around older children and did very well. His initial vet appointment isn't until the end of November, he will still need to be neutered. We plan to let him spend time in a home setting with a loving foster family and become more secure before deciding on his placement as his personality may change as he adapts to a full belly.

Levi’s adoption fee is $350, we will share more updates on Levi as they become available.


GMPR welcomes Maybel (aka Miss May), Pug #22-66, to the family!

This 7 year old calendar girl is just the loveliest little white pug you could ever meet with a sparkling personality!

Maybel was surrendered by her previous owners because they believed they did not have time for her any longer. She gets along beautifully with other dogs (big and small). She had zero anxiety transitioning into a new home/family. Maybel would do well in a home with children of any age, or without children. Her previous owner relayed she’s fine with cats but this has not been tested in her foster home. She will give a sweet little muffled howl as she excitedly greets you in the morning or when her humans return home. If you howl, she will “sing” along with you! She is not completely housebroken, but with a steady routine we believe she could be. She does not mind sleeping in a crate at night, or (if you allow), on the living room sofa or in bed with you. She is a cuddler and loves to be by your side. Maybel must never be allowed off-leash when outdoors, as her previous owners described her as an “escape artist”, so her next home must be vigilant and mindful of exits to the house and a fence would be preferred. Maybel needs to be evaluated for a major allergy issue which is causing her skin to be terribly itchy and raw. She is on a prescription diet in order to prevent bladder stones, this may be a lifelong requirement. Her eyes will be evaluated for a previous issue as well. She is a confident, spunky, energetic little pooch, but also knows how and when it’s time to settle down and snuggle with her people (or other dogs)!

Maybel’s adoption fee is $300.


Please welcome Goldie, #22-68, to the GMPR Family! Goldie is a 3 year old Blue Frenchie puppy mill survivor.

Goldie is a bit shy, understandably so given that she just got sprung from the mill. She is very curious and tends to follow the pack as far as learning the ropes. She engages in play time with her foster pack and learned the doggy door right away. We have every hope that housebreaking will go smoothly given that she’s already picked up on this concept. She accepts petting and attention, but picking her up is a work in progress. Her preference is definitely of the canine persuasion at this time. But she has come a long way in her short time with GMPR. We believe she’ll get there as she continues to learn that human touch is friendly and to be welcomed. She loves to play and definitely seeks the guidance of the other dogs in the home, so we’re looking for a home with another dog companion. She has not been kid/cat tested, but given her calm manner we expect she would do just fine. Her foster mom has relayed she is simply a great dog! She really wants to be part of the pack and loves her play time. When its downtime, she likes being comfortable on a blanket on the couch and does seem to be very comfortable in her bed in the crate as well, she keeps it breezy.

We will continue to monitor her progress and post updates as she flourishes into her new self. Goldie’s spay has been scheduled for a date after the holidays, stay tuned for more updates.

Goldie is only being offered to those with an approved application on file, her adoption fee is $400.

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