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NOTE: If you are interested in adopting Tank, please submit a contact form to find out how to apply for him.

Meet Tank, Pug #22-02

Tank was surrendered to GMPR due to his owner’s passing. Tank is a black male, 10 ˝ years old. Although he had excellent care his entire life, he does have some arthritis associated with his age. His eyes and ears are in good shape and he has had a dental. Regarding bathroom manners, Tank is great if you let him out several times a day. If not, he will pee or poop on wee wee pads. We believe he was housetrained at some point but his owner’s declining health did not allow for outdoor walks.

Tank has mild anxiety. He is a resource guarder, but not in a nasty way. He gives plenty of warning before he snarls. He manages fine with his multi-dog foster home. Tank loves to be with his person and would like to sleep in their bed.

Tank is fostered in Mendon, Vermont and his adoption fee is $200.


Busy, busy Buzzby (#22-09) joined us from a puppy mill in Ohio. Buzzby is a sweet 5 year old black and white Boston Terrier. Shy at first, he has come around quickly in his foster home. He has adjusted beautifully and shows his silly personality more and more each day. Buzzby loves his foster siblings but wishes they were a bit younger for more active play. He has no food aggression and he has learned all about treats. Buzzby is 80% housebroken and continues to mark in the house, so a belly band is recommended to continue his housetraining. He is scheduled to be neutered in late May so it will be some time before he is ready for his forever home. If you love Boston’s, Buzzby will wiggle his way into your heart.

Buzzby is fostered in Bennington, VT and his adoption fee is $300.


Thank you to everyone who has applied for Zeus. We have more than enough applications to make a decision when he is able to be placed in a new home, which won’t be for several more weeks.

We have an update just in from his surgeon. The unfallen testicle that the vet thought was removed was actually a lymph node. This means he still has the missing testicle in him. The vet said there should be no ability of reproduction but there are other long term concerns of not having located and removed the offending part.

The plan at the moment is when the dental is done they will do an ultrasound. From there the doctor will determine if they will go back in or refer Zeus to a specialist to do a laparoscopic procedure.

He is settling in better in his foster home but he remains anxious and nervous. He is a sweet happy little pug.

Meet Zeus, Pug #22-07

Zeus is a 2 year old black male pug that was released from a puppy mill. Zeus has been updated on his vaccinations and neutered. The neuter was complicated and he ended up with 3 incisions to locate his testicle that hadn't dropped. They are sending it for testing as well because it wasn't normal. We are awaiting the results of the tests. He has a dental scheduled for May 11 so he will not be ready for his new home for a few weeks yet. Potty training has been awesome! He's already going towards the door and scratches at it to go out. He does wear a bellyband when his foster mom is gone for longer periods of time. Zeus is living comfortably with foster siblings.

Zeus is fostered in Pattersonville, NY and his adoption fee is $400.


Meet Hannah, #22-08

Hannah the Havanese is a 6 year old puppy mill survivor and is a classic example of all that entails. Little Hannah is fearful and anxious around people. She has THE BEST foster mom and is making slow progress in developing trust. As her foster mom writes “she doesn’t like being reached for or picked up. It has taken her weeks to sometimes not bolt when I walk toward her and she has only come towards me when she thinks I can’t see her.”

There is good news … Hannah gets along with other dogs. She has no food aggression. Once she is picked up, she allows gentle handing. Hannah is 80% housetrained and will use a pee pad.

Again, from her foster mom …. Hannah will require a very patient and gentle person who is willing to work with her for, I suspect, months before she will truly blossom. I think she would like having other dogs around since she doesn’t seem to trust humans. I strongly discourage placing her with children as she is easily startled and already highly anxious. When I do get Hannah into my lap, she will allow me to brush her, but she is always looking for an out. She has begun playing with toys on her own, which has been nice to see. She will even do it in front of us now. She prefers wet food, and will only eat dry food that’s been well mixed with wet. She is scheduled for a dental, so that may be due to discomfort. She has chased and barked at our cats a few times, so unless someone has a very dog tolerant cat, I wouldn’t place her with a cat owner. She will bark at strange sounds. Her health seems good for a dog with a puppy mill background. She needed treatment for yeast infections in her ears, and she was on an antibiotic for diarrhea, but now that she’s been treated, she seems good. She will be spayed on April 25 and get a dental in May, at which time she should be fully vetted.

Hannah is fostered in Rexford, NY and her adoption fee is $300


Dashing Doodle Bug #22-16

Doodle Bug is a 2 year old very large male Chug. And when we say dashing, he is a very fast runner, full of two year old energy. He came to us as a surrender when his family had to move and were limited to two of their five dogs. He has been good with other dogs and cats and especially enjoyed the companionship of his pug buddy Bogie. Doodle is anxious and cautious with new people. He will take some time to settle into a new situation. He is not completely housetrained and marks in the house so a bellyband will be helpful.

Doodle Bug is scheduled for a neuter on May 3 and will be ready for his new home.

Doodle Bug is fostered in Mendon, VT and his adoption fee is $400


NOTE: We are not accepting new applications for Dahli.

Meet Dahli #22-13

We are receiving mixed reviews on Dahli, a 6 year old female pug. Her surrendering owner says she was reactive and aggressive to her other dogs, even nipping at her young son. Her foster mom says Dahli has met neighboring dogs with no issues, but she is not sharing her home with them. We are recommending Dahli be the only dog in the family. She is fine with cats and really enjoys playing with toys. Dahli can be a bit of a barker, and does not like loud noises.

In her foster home, Dahli is affectionate, loves to play fetch and enjoys snuggling on the couch. She appears to be housebroken.

Dahli is fostered in Huntington, VT and her adoption fee is $300.


Thank you to everyone who has applied for Rona. We have more than enough applications to find her a wonderful home. Rona has been diagnosed with Brachycephalic Syndrome and she will be undergoing extensive surgery to correct her breathing passages. This was unexpected and will delay her placement in her forever home.

NOTE: We are not accepting new applications for Rona.

Say hello to Rona #22-14

Rona is a female fawn pug who will be 2 years old in August. She is a petite girl that didn’t work out in her former home for reasons unknown. Rona has been good with dogs and cats in her foster home. She does not ask to go outside and typical pug does not like rainy or cold weather, she is about 90% house trained.

Her foster family writes … This is a young dog with medium energy. She is smart and a little on the nervous side. She loves her people and wants to be touching you if she can. She is “under foot” a lot so I would not recommend an older person. She gets along fine with other dogs and seems a little interested in playing. Her dream home is a younger family that understands the quirks of a pug and loves them for it. She is good with all animals and children.

Rona is scheduled for spay on May 3. She is fostered in Essex, VT and her adoption fee is $400.

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