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Note: please submit a contact form through our website to submit an application for Maggie.

Introducing Maggie aka Shiloh #22-11

Shhhh - We are quietly and calmly introducing sweet Maggie because anything loud or fast is just too much for this fearful little girl. Maggie is a Shih-Tzu and came with the group from Ohio. She is anywhere from 4 to 10 years old, with the surrendering owner saying 4 and our vet guessing closer to 10. We believe she has spent all of her life in confinement and unsocialized . Maggie has a lot of fear. Her response is flight and she will head to her crate if something scares her. Maggie’s foster mom has spent weeks working on trust and she is seeing progress.

Maggie allows handling, loves the other dogs and eats well. Maggie is truly a “puppy mill” dog. She is not housetrained and may never gain that skill. Maggie has been spayed and had a dental. She will need eye drops for life.

Maggie will require a quiet and gentle home where she can gain trust and feel safe. We would prefer a home without children. You will need a fenced yard due to her flight response to anything that frightens her. We are hoping to get her a haircut in the near future.

Maggie's adoption fee is $250.


NOTE: If you are interested in learning more about Cleo and how to apply to adopt her, please go to our Contact page to inquire further with our adoption coordinators.

Meet Cleopatra “Cleo” #22-27

Cleo is a 4 year old fawn puggle. Cleo is a retired breeder and came to GMPR about a month ago. Cleo has been learning what life is like in a home and not in a cage. She has made a lot of progress and will make someone a wonderful pet.

Cleo has been treated for ear infections, vaccinated and has an appointment for her spay and dental on July 5. She has been good with the vet and allows all handling.

Cleo can be an Xpen climber and does not tolerate being crated. She's better with other dogs than she is alone, so her foster mom highly recommends that she go to someone with other friendly dogs. She can bark incessantly when left alone but does better when left with the other pugs. She will need continued work on her housebreaking but has been doing well in her foster home. She is good with cats and dogs.

Cleo has developed into a sweet girl with a lot of potential. Her adoption fee is $350.


NOTE: to inquire on applying for Tess, please go to our Contact form.

Meet Tess #22-30. Tess is a 6 year old black brindle Boston Terrier. She is a retired breeder and has been in foster care for several weeks. Tess arrived with typical puppy mill characteristics. She was wary of people, great around other dogs, definitely not housetrained.

Here is what her foster mom has to say about Tess. “ Tess is the sweetest little dog ever, a survivor of puppy mills. She has made tremendous progress in a few weeks with me. She is very timid but willing to try very hard and has made a lot of progress with housebreaking. She has been spayed and up-to-date on vaccines. Her Ideal Home would continue to challenge her socialization skills and bring her out of her shell and become the social butterfly she truly wants to be. She has shown a playful side and truly enjoys her meal times.”

Tess will need a dog savvy, and ideally a puppy mill survivor savvy home. She has shown that she has the potential to be a wonderful pet if allowed to develop at her own pace. She will do best with another dog in the house.

Tess’ adoption fee is $300


NOTE: If you are interested in learning more about Aaron and how to apply to adopt him, please go to our Contact page to inquire further with our adoption coordinators

Introducing Aaron #22-42

This gorgeous boy is Aaron, a 1 ½ year old puggle and part of the Manchester 16. Aaron is young and appears healthy. He is almost 19 lbs, has long legs and is very athletic, jumping up and down on furniture and scaling the X pen. He learned to go up and down the stairs very quickly. He is very affectionate with his foster family. He is open to correction and food motivated. Aaron reacts to loud noises, people coming and going-it startles him. He could do well with an active family with older children, going for walks, etc. Aaron is not completely housetrained. He has recently been neutered and this may help with this process. Aaron would do best with an experienced family with someone home most of the time to continue his training.

Aaron’s adoption fee is $400.

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