On Friday, June 3, GMPR received a message from a family member asking if we could take in 7 pugs from one home. His brother had lost his home and had moved in along with his mother and all of their dogs. Without blinking, we said “of course”. Did it matter that we had no idea where we would put them … absolutely not.

Jessica was monitoring the messages and immediately kicked this rescue operation into high gear. We knew these pugs were medically compromised from their surrender forms. Most of these pugs are blind or have vision problems. Having recently taken in several dogs from Puppy Mill surrenders we were short on fosters. No problem, Judy and Jessica with Amy’s help put out an SOS and boy, did folks come through. By Saturday afternoon, Judy and Patti were picking up the pugs in Manchester, NH and meeting up with fosters to place all 7 pugs in new homes.

THAT’S NOT THE END OF THE STORY!! Judy saw there were more pugs in the home and GMPR reached back out to the homeowner Saturday evening. On Sunday, Judy and Phil drove back to Manchester and picked up 4 more pugs and pug mixes. We now had THE MANCHESTER 11 and the vetting began.

Let’s face it, 11 pugs being vetted in the best of circumstances is going to strain anyone’s budget. 11 pugs with no prior vetting, with none being neutered or spayed and the majority needing serious eye intervention is a huge challenge. It takes a big challenge like this for GMPR to reach out to our supporters asking for help. Yet here we are … in less than a month we have rescued 20 deserving dogs. With today’s vetting costs that means we will be spending about $20,000 in a short period of time.

We are attacking this on multiple fronts. We are asking for direct monetary contributions to GMPR towards the care of the Manchester 11. The best way to make a donation is through our Paypal ( and Venmo via @greenmtnpugrescue. We will also be hosting an online auction with the goal of kicking it off in mid July. We will be asking for contributions towards the auction on a separate post.

If you have been wanting to help with the rescue of pugs, now is the time and this is the way. We are beyond grateful to those who are already sustaining donors. Your commitment helped to make this rescue possible. And it goes without saying, we have an amazing team. Everyone did exceptional work to bring these deserving pugs into Rescue; from communication and coordination to transportation and fostering. I could not be more proud of GMPR.

NOTE: These pugs WILL NOT be available for adoption for several weeks. Follow our Social Media pages for updates when they are ready to move to their Forever Homes.

Details of what we know so far on each dog:
  • Raspberry, 14 years old, blind, deaf, emaciated
  • Vera, 7 years old, eye damage
  • Corky, 3 years old, blind
  • Sweet Tart, 6 years old, vision impaired
  • Shasta (Snooki), 3 years old, vision impaired
  • Two Shoes (Mr. Magoo), 1 year old, blind
  • Kiki, 1 year old, eye damage
  • Midnight, 1 year old Chug
  • Aaron, 1 year old Chug
  • Pretzel, 1 year old Chug
  • Pearl, 2 years old, blind, emaciated


Our 2023 GMPR calendars are now available through our online store! Our Calendars features GMPR alumni and current fosters or hospice dogs in our care. The cover of this years calendar is the famous Rosebud Hannipug! Everyone that submitted photos will see at least one of their photos included in the monthly collages.


I know we are a little late in the game but in lieu of our pug social, we created COVID pug shirts! We also have new GMPR hats and "Opt-to-Adopt" T-shirts. Get yours today using our new GMPR Store!


Wish you could adopt or foster, but cannot at this time??

You can still help out in various other ways. Right now we’re seeking volunteers to assist in performing home visits. We make every effort to ensure our rescues live their best life after coming into our organization. One of the most important steps is a home visit. Home visits help us to determine the best placement of our rescues by matching the perfect family with the perfect rescue.

Our volunteer base is just too small within our coverage areas to handle all of our applications and we have been forced to turn some folks away. We’re reaching out in hopes to build our volunteer base so we never have to turn away an applicant due to our inability to perform the necessary home visit…

What do you need to do???

It’s simple, let us know you’re willing to help out by completing a volunteer application. We’ll setup a time of your convenience to meet with you and discuss the home visit process, and then you’re good to go and will be included in our volunteer listing..

When we receive an application, we send that application out to our list of volunteers. If the applicant resides in an area local for you to perform the home visit, let us know… Simple as that..

You love pugs and you’re reading this post, so you’re already a supporter of GMPR.

The true display of one's character is how they treat those who cannot speak or do for themselves. You're all heroes in my book and we thank you all for your continued support!! We can’t do this without you!

Want to help GMPR win money? It’s easy - all you have to do is walk your dog! Download the Woof Trax app and track every walk with your furry friend. Each walk gets us closer to receiving a monetary donation from Woof Trax. Follow the directions below to get started.

1. Head to the App Store and download the free Woof Trax app.
2. Create your profile in the app. Make sure to select Green Mountain Pug Rescue as the organization that you are walking for.
3. Register for active challenges under the “challenge” section of the app. The “Walk and Win Challenge” is currently underway. You can win a Woof Trax t-shirt and a monetary donation for GMPR! Don’t forget to check the challenge tab frequently to register for new challenges.
4. Start walking! Make sure to hit the “start walking” button everytime you hit the pavement or trails with your pack.

Thank you for your support and have fun walking!

2023 GMPR Calendars now available! Click on the GMPR Store to order now!

2021 Pug Social Photos

Our 2021 Pug Social theme was 9/11 Remembrance and it was the perfect day for it! If you missed this event or attended and want to see the photos taken by our photograhers, CLICK HERE.

We hope to see you next year. To learn more about our next year's social, CLICK HERE.


If you make donations to GMPR via Paypal and would like a Charitable tax receipt for your records at the end of the year, please send an E-mail to Phil Douglas, Treasurer, with your name and mailing address and he will E-mail you a receipt for the sum of the donations made for the current fiscal year. Reminder : mark your donation in Paypal as a charitable gift.

Pet-Friendly Housing

According to a study conducted by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), the number one reason for pet relinquishment is moving. If this is the case for your present situation, we want to provide some additional resources to maybe help you stick with your pet. Check out the pet-friendly apartments in Burlington, Montpelier, Manchester, Concord, and Portland.

Order your Pet Food at and Green Mountain Pug Rescue will get a $20 donation!

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