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Rescued Pug Stories

On June 28 2016, our pug Dude turned 14 years old. We adopted him from GMPR in June 2010. He has brought so many smiles to my daughter and I. He was a great comfort to me when my daughter went away to college as the house seemed so empty. He is a true friend and companion. I have sent some pictures and although he has aged he continues to thrive. We love him to the moon and back!!! Thank you to the GMPR because without you my daughter and I would never have found this little man. - Heidi and Siobhan Sheehan

If you would like to send GMPR an update on a pug you adopted from us, please email GMPR's Website Manager, Amy Rothenberger at pugmama7@yahoo.com with your pictures and stories. We would love to hear from you.

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GMPR is currently looking for donations for a few of our pugs that have recently come to the rescue with patella issues that require surgery or positive for heartworm. Please consider donating to help these pugs. Thank you for your support.

If you make donations to GMPR via Paypal and would like a Charitable tax receipt for your records at the end of the year, please send an E-mail to Phil Douglas, Treasurer, with your name and mailing address and he will E-mail you a receipt for the sum of the donations made for the current fiscal year. Reminder : mark your donation in Paypal as a charitable gift.

Lost Dogs


Mary Reilly in West Topsham, VT notified GMPR that their fawn pug, Gordon, has gone missing when he escaped from the family's fenced in yard. He was last seen on Route 25 right off of 302. They believe someone may have picked him up. They have contacted all of the vet/rescue/animal control/town clerk offices in Washington and Orange counties. He is tan with a black "mask" and ears, with a little white on his front paws. His nose has a white "heart" on it! If you have any information, please contact us immediately.
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