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Meet Beau, Pug #66-18

Beau is an 8 yr old neutered male who was surrendered to GMPR when he became aggressive towards the other dog in the house. Beau appears to be a healthy well cared for boy. He is up-to-date with his vaccinations and will be vetted on 11/8/18. He has also tended to be a bit aggressive towards the other dogs in his foster home, so we are looking for a home with no other dogs for him. Beau’s foster home reports that he is wonderful in the car, outgoing and sociable. He is playful and eats every meal like it's his last!! Beau is possessive of chews, toys and food. He is good with children, he was around young kids and they loved him. As far as we know he's never been exposed to cats. We do think he needs an experienced owner that won't let him get away with being so reactive/aggressive when around things that he values. Beau is quite active and loves to go for walks. He walks well on leash.

Beau is fostered in Alton Bay, New Hampshire and his adoption fee is $150.


Meet Chase, Pug #63-18

Chase is a 3 year old (11-24-15) male, fawn pug. Chase was surrendered because his owner could no longer keep him, due to Landlord issues. Chase is a Snuggle Pug. He loves to be around people and is good with children. Chase loves to go for long walks and has high energy. Chase is housebroken, but does need a bit more work on territorial marking. Potential adopters should be OK with him being on furniture, sleeping with his human on the bed, and being able to provide him lots of walks due to his energy. Chase always wants to be on an open lap and loves to give lots of licks and kisses. Chase came in with some skin issues that are resolving in foster care. A high quality grain free diet and omega supplements will be necessary to keep his coat healthy.

Chase is fostered in Campton, NH and his adoption fee is $350.


Meet Norman, Pug #61-18

Norman is a 6 year old fawn male pug. He was surrendered in love because the household dynamic changed. With long working hours and busy school schedules, he was being crated 10 hours a day. Needless to say, he is crate trained. Norman is housebroken if on a frequent schedule. He is vision impaired and does require eye drops. He also has severe dry skin that we are treating.

Norman will do well in a family setting with a stay at home person or someone who is retired. He requires lots of attention, but also likes his quiet time. He loves kids and get along with other dogs. Norman needs to be neutered and vetted prior to adoption.

Norman is fostered in Saratoga Springs, NY and his adoption fee is $250.


Meet Rocky Pug #60-18

Rocky is a 9 year old brindle male. Surrendered in love, because of a family situation. Rocky had presented symptoms of separation anxiety when he first arrived at GMPR. Now that he has settled in his foster home, his anxiety has virtually disappeared. We believe his anxiety has gone away due to how quiet his foster home is so a calm, dog savvy home is a must. Rocky is endearing, lovable, and very smart. He likes to sleep with his human. He is housebroken and crate trained. He does bark when he first meets new people, but settles down and is good with older children. His activity level may be too much for toddlers.

Rocky is fostered in Chatham, NY and his adoption fee is $150.


Meet Ruby Sunshine, pug #44-18

Ruby is an 8-9 yr old spayed, female pug. She is a sweetheart who wants to be with her human constantly, sleep with them and follow them from room to room - she is definitely a “velcro” pug!! Ruby does have a history of bladder stones which were removed surgically. Because she did have some slight urinary incontinence following surgery she was put on Propalin (Proin) daily which seems to be helping with this issue but she is not completely housebroken and still has accidents. Ruby needs a home with no cats and because she can be quite possessive of her human, we are looking to place her in a home with no other dogs.

Ruby is fostered in Rexford, New York and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Coco, Pug #46-18

Coco is a 9 year old female pug rescued from the Scotia, NY Animal Shelter. Coco is all that a typical Pug should be. She is an Alpha, Dominant Female, and will do best with a very submissive dog or two. She does tend to be the Activity Monitor and likes to control and keep the home calm. She is actually doing well in our pack of Reactive dogs, but we do keep a close eye on their activities. Coco is housebroken, very happy and playful. She loves to snuggle and most definitely would like to sleep in your bed. She is good with Children. I don't know about cats, as I don't have any. Coco recently had an extensive dental, and is up to date on shots, etc. No eye, or orthopedic issues at this time, however, Coco had a lesion tested that came back as Mast Cell. We will update when we know more.

Pugs don't come much cuter than Coco! She is a sassy girl who owns the room when she enters! She woos and chortles and tells you all about herself. Coco loves people and is good with children. Other dogs she is not too fond of. She is an Alpha Girl and wants to control the activity. She is currently being fostered in a home with 4 other dogs and is doing pretty well. She went to a pug meet up and really did quite well, unless pressured by younger male dogs. She is a Lady and will not tolerate being mounted. Coco is what I call Leash Aggressive. If she is on leash and meets up with other dogs, she instantly goes into attack mode. I believe that taking her to a Basic Manners/Obedience Class will help with this tremendously. She has shown that she can be re-directed with tasty treats. Coco is an adorable, sweet, pug, that wants to be with her humans all the time and really doesn't want to share them with other dogs. She does have some separation anxiety, so a Stay at Home Person would be ideal. Coco needs a home with a Dog Savvy Family willing to work on her behavior. Because of her Leash Reactivity, I don't think she will do well in an Apartment or Condo. As smart as she is, with the proper training, she is going to be absolutely perfect. Coco is now cancer free, and very healthy. She truly is a Love Pug!

Coco is fostered in Rutland, VT and her adoption fee is $150.


Meet Snuggles, Pug 17-078

Snuggles is a 4 year old female pug/husky mix. Snuggles is an owner surrender who was adopted last year. Their chug decided that she did not like Snuggles and there have been some spats. Snuggles is larger than a pug and very fit and active, she would make a wonderful hiking/walking partner. Her foster dad has been working with her on getting along with other dogs and children. She is best friends with a couple of her foster fur siblings and she loves her foster dad's grandchildren.

An ideal home for Snuggles is with an active family that is dog savvy. She will need some structure in her daily routines to keep the husky side of her at bay.

Snuggles is fostered in Ogdensburg, NY and her adoption fee is $300.

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